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Zayne is a Spirit Master, (meaning she can enslave spirits to her command.) and when she is captured and locked away in an underground prison fighting for her life, the only help she can get is from the other side. What she wasn't expecting was a cursed spirit who has a major addiction to Chinese food to come and rescue her, especially given the problems that seemed to folZayne is a Spirit Master, (meaning she can enslave spirits to her command.) and when she is captured and locked away in an underground prison fighting for her life, the only help she can get is from the other side. What she wasn't expecting was a cursed spirit who has a major addiction to Chinese food to come and rescue her, especially given the problems that seemed to follow him.Now bound to the spirit permanently unless a curse has been broken, Zayne looks for the witch that cursed him and vows to do anything it takes to break it....

Title : The Spirit Master
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ISBN : 9781481080064
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The Spirit Master Reviews

  • Kobra Nevermore
    2019-03-29 03:31

    Fun to write, sometimes damn near impossible but all the same i enjoyed writing this, it wasn't as dark as i thought it would end up being and i think it will probably appeal more to teens than adults but who knows

  • Heather
    2019-03-20 03:13

    I understand that this is a self-published book but basic formatting still annoys me. When someone is talking I like having "" instead of ''. That's a personal issue with me but fair warning. I try my best to look past this.The author just tells the reader things instead of showing us.Ex: "...caught once more by the Sweepers (Merciless police that capture people like Zayne for no other reason than the thrill of brutality)."Why couldn't they have left us wondering what the Sweepers were, then later showed us? I expect people to use () to explain things in reviews and something informal. I don't want () explanations in the actual book. It comes across as unprofessional.There are some definite grammar issues:(view spoiler)[EX: "...its shit fucked up the stuff they they try to get spirits to come to the world." (hide spoiler)]What? I hope no one talks that way. I think she just wanted to string cuss words together. Just in the first chapter I saw a lot of grammar issues that could be easily fixed. A whole lot. It's honestly distracting. Especially because I'm such a grammar freak. Come on, please capitalize your sentences if they are talking! Please use the correct form of 'to' or 'too'. I'm 3% into the book and I already want to quit, even if I'm interested in the story. The story is unrealistic. She was starved (view spoiler)[given water daily and a "centimetre" cube of cheese weekly? (hide spoiler)] For nine weeks? I'm pretty sure she couldn't survive that. I think it is technically possible to survive on water only for month or so but 3 or 4? No. She would be dead. I think the author was too focused on it being "gory" than realistic. I know it's paranormal, has spirits and magic and whatnot but really.6% in and I'm still wondering to myself why I'm still reading this. We've got all sorts of mixed information. In one restaurant he was a spirit and other people thought Zayne was talking to himself, suddenly in a hotel a page or so later he's got a corporeal form and talking to hotel receptionists? There wasn't even a point where we are told he could A)be seen by humans or B)that he even changed himself to do so. How the hell do spirits get money anyway? Perhaps that's why I'm still reading.If you want relatively graphic descriptions of torture, this is for you I suppose. Not my cup of tea. The more I read, the less I like Zayne. She comes off as rude and self-centered. Penteluck (I won't comment on that name, but it makes sense when explained I guess) saves her life, heals her, breaks her out of prison, feeds her, gives her money, gives her a place to stay and "she has enough shit on her plate" to help him with his problem. Lovely. So then he accidentally brings up something that he possibly couldn't have known would upset her and she flips out wanting his submission (he relates her to a common slag so it's even better and she does relatively seem to be) She's just getting better and better.If you want relatively graphic descriptions of people trying to kill themselves(knowing they are 12 mind you) I'm sure you'll like this. I don't mind horror, don't get me wrong. Just I'm more of a zombie killing horror fan than a suicide/torture horror person.

  • Tayla
    2019-04-03 08:08

    The Spirit Master is a paranormal fantasy.Basic outline: Zayne is a Spirit master, she can bitch spirits about and she is the main character in the story, she starts off in an underground cell that she is left to die in when a spirit named Penteluck that is untouched by her mastering ability saves her.What she least expects is to be bound to the spirit due to a curse placed upon him by a witch, so Zayne not wanting to be hindered by the spirit makes a plan to find the hag and break the curse. Obviously problems arise and barriers make her little mission a big adventure and so on.MY THOUGHTS:Yeah okay so I downloaded it for free because it was on amazon so what can I expect? Well actually this book is good. It is a bit... Vague with description in places and then very in depth in other parts, it seems the author was trying to hard to create an image sometimes but the overall story and concept is rather interesting.The characters again are a little swept under the carpet with what they look like but i found myself picturing them as i would like which i actually preferred as it gave me freedom to imagine rather than have it flung at me. they were all likable, in particularly the little girl Amilie who isn't as innocent as she makes out herself to be, likewise with the wolf.There was a part in the book i didn't like, it was the chapter that goes to a western country, i felt it was an unnecessary addition to the story. I understand that there had to be an object collected but I don't see why it had to involve travelling to a different genre for a chapter, but then again i don't like westerns!I absolutely love the cover, it fits the book perfectlyreally enjoyed the read, and have lent my kindle to a friend for her to read it.

  • Peter
    2019-04-16 04:06

    this is the 2nd book ive read by this author, im not really a fantasy reader but this one was free on kindle so why not.The spirit master first follows a woman called zayne who summons a spirit to save her from an experimental laboritary, she later finds out he is trapped to her until she can free him from a witches curse.However as the plot continues the POV also changes to another character who i think became a more dominant character through the story. The story hops through from slums of london to western cowboys and also to a place built from someone's imagination.My overall thoughts...The book is self published so i wasn't expecting it to be spectacular, however it was really enjoyable and the end finishes how it starts...dark and gripping, i think the author is selling herself short by giving this away for free. I hope there will be a follow on to this.

  • Totalmenace
    2019-04-04 01:05

    real cool cover and a good book too. Is the second book by this author i read and loved. This book is easy reading and worth 5 star. I would like to read more by her.

  • Mel
    2019-04-16 01:25

    After a long time I finally got round to reading this book. In all honesty after reading Demons Fib I was expecting something childish and somewhat wacky.So when I read the opening I was a little disappointed to see such a serious situation on what was to be the main character. However likewise to her other book the author does well to pull in and capture the readers interest, in this book this quality comes and goes. I think that's mostly because of how strange the story is andthe author lacks the experience to write to such depth as the book seems to cry for.Our supposedly main character is a woman named Zayne, she is what they call a 'Spirit Master' and she can get spirits to do her bidding only if they are bonded to her through a ritual. She begins the story in a prison which I pictured as a experimentation lab, as that was what was seemingly the reason she was in there. After being saved by a spirit named Penteluk? and forming a bond she doesn't quite realize he has baggage of his own, until he tells her the bond is unable to be removed.Anyway the main plot is to find three things to help break the bond between them and kill the witch who placed it upon the spirit.What I couldn't decide whether I liked or didn't like was the hopping into different genre of book, Fantasy to western didn't really do it for me. Also Zayne as a character was not likable, she seemed to throw herself around to easily and shunned the characters who tried to help her. I wonder if the author herself intended for the character to be disliked as it is noted in the pages and Zayne is indeed called a slut.However the part that I did enjoy was when Zayne and Penteluck were left outside of a dream like place where it is (view spoiler)[ Zayne's daughter that becomes the main character, and alongside a wolf she manages to break the curse(hide spoiler)]This part of the book is where i believe the author does best, it is clearly within her comfort zone for writing.The ending to this story suggests future books to follow and follows the same dark theme as the opening.Overall I did enjoy the read, but I feel like perhaps the author shied away from an adult book, keeping the content teen worthy, and though the book had a set plot the characters lacked the zest they had in her other novel. If there is a future book to this, I would not rush to pick it up if Zayne were to be the main character.

  • Amber
    2019-04-15 05:17

    A peculiar read that left me somewhat mind boggled Honestly this book is fantastic, and a little bad at the same time. How can that be? So much of the book was great, haunting and intense but then it does a weird story flip somewhere three quarters of the way through where it is no longer Zayne who is our main character but Amilie. I think that's where I started to think less of the book. Mostly because it became less and less realistic and much more dream like. Admittedly the setting for this part is truly great and the author has a strong imagination but it is one that many people (like myself) will struggle to follow and for that reason I wouldn't recommend to anyone who lacks a wild imagination.I have read this authors other novel The Demons Fib and that too was wild and creative but it had more going for it than this book which has one purpose and that is to break a witches curse.

  • Jennifer Nelson
    2019-04-09 03:19

    A good story line. There were parts that made it very hard to stop reading. The ending leaves you wondering if there will be a sequel but at the same time it leaves you somewhat satisfied with how it ended.

  • Angela
    2019-04-13 07:06

    Definitely not my cup of tea. I can handle weird characters and outrageous themes and happenings when it works out but it just never worked out well with this book which is a shame as I've been looking forward to reading it.

  • June
    2019-03-28 04:29

    Marmite book. (You will love it or you will hate it) I found it bazaar and a bit held back in ways of romance but fantastic story