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Enrique de Beaujolais es enviado a África con una misión secreta. La caravana del valiente oficial recorre el desierto del Sahara, viéndose envuelta en dramáticas aventuras hasta desembocar en un interesante desenlace....

Title : Beau Sabreur
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ISBN : 8426119670
Format Type : Paperback
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Beau Sabreur Reviews

  • Heather
    2019-05-18 04:08

    This is an amazingly delightful and witty book; a wonderful discovery that my Grandfather led me to. The first half was enjoyable ... all the delight of a swashbuckling romance with a noble hero ... the second half turned everything in the first half on its head, with multiple surprises I never saw coming. The dialogue had me laughing out loud ... Wren has a cleverness about him that I liken to Wodehouse, but for him the stakes are higher, and the climax is more satisfying. A truly lovely book that I will enjoy reading again in a few years. Thanks, Grandfather! I had no idea I would enjoy it so much! If only I could find a copy of the silent film made around the same time the book was written, I would love to see that.

  • Andy
    2019-05-02 07:24

    It ends the story jus about over 1/2 way & then changes persons & perspectives & goes back to a prior event......Upto then it was about a fellah who joins the French Army & works his way through being a cavalry officer, to spy, to envoy in the North African theatre of the French Empire. The writing borders on a farce or what was once called a screwball comedy if it was a film & its alright in that respect as a change of pace for me but in truth Im probably revealed at the get-out clause of the change as above..... This is NOT Beau Geste part 2 in any shape or form, even Doug Mc Clure would have avoided this script......

  • Joseph
    2019-04-28 10:07

    This book should be, along with Beau Geste and Beau Ideal, required reading for all boys in every school in the world. This book in particular focuses on duty and morals. Sometimes the two can conflict, other times they go hand in hand. It strains the importance of the two for being essential elements of being a good soldier, or Beau Sabreur which translates into literally "good swordsman," hence the name.

  • Utah.J.
    2019-05-06 10:09

    well i liked this book a lot it was great i recommend reading beau geste first that is another great book.

  • Wendy
    2019-05-15 03:07

    This is a book I couldn't put down. I was reading it while traveling in Germany and spent hours in my hotel just finishing the book, which is so unlike me when I'm traveling. It was spellbinding for me and I absolutely loved it.

  • K.
    2019-04-29 10:28

    Reread Dec 2012. And as a footnote to the brief review below, my 10 (now 13) did read all of these books and LOVED them as have all the young men I've recommended them to. --Cracking great story. Not as suitable for young boys as Beau Geste (only because there's a bit of smooching in one part and I can't see my 10yo getting in to that ((nor do I wish it:)))Fabulous fun. P.C. Wren was a funny guy. Love the humor.

  • Allan
    2019-05-07 09:30

    I believe I enjoyed this one more than the first, perhaps because no movies have been made of it and it was new to me as a result. The absolute idolatry of the British upper class in this one grew tiresome and it certainly falls into the unpolitically correct bin filled with Buchan, Haggard, and more of that ilk. (I've always wanted to meet an ilk.) Still they have their charms and this one does as well. Onward to the third volume in the series now. Excelsior!

  • Tom Rosales
    2019-05-02 06:03

    I remember seeing the movie Beau Geste when i was a child and decided to read the book. After reading beau Geste I picked up other books by Wren and have enjoyed them all.