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They say "third time's the charm", and for sixteen-year-old Brooke Day, they had better be right. She’s been here before, twice in fact, and an evil demon-witch wants her dead a third time.When Brooke is forced to leave Boston for the small town of Deadwich, she thinks her life is over. Before long, her new friends start acting strange—downright evil. But worse than that,They say "third time's the charm", and for sixteen-year-old Brooke Day, they had better be right. She’s been here before, twice in fact, and an evil demon-witch wants her dead a third time.When Brooke is forced to leave Boston for the small town of Deadwich, she thinks her life is over. Before long, her new friends start acting strange—downright evil. But worse than that, nightmares she’s had her whole life become reality.Enter Marcus Knight; popular, hot, and the only person Brooke can trust. Not to mention, they’ve shared the same nightmares.With the discovery of an ancient Celtic amulet, Brooke and Marcus unravel the secrets of her past, which reveals the key to her future.As the equinox approaches:Darkness and light merge for the first time in a century.Soul-mates reunite.Magic awakens....

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The Gathering Darkness Reviews

  • Jessa Russo
    2019-05-22 03:24

    I REALLY loved this book. I received the final draft to proofread, and half of me is worried that I was too engulfed in the book to catch mistakes. It was so good! I had the pleasure of reading this without having ANY idea what it was about - hadn't even read the blurb. This made for a very mysterious ride, and kept me guessing throughout. I haven't read many books about witchcraft or witches, but I loved - LOVED! - the take on witchcraft in THE GATHERING DARKNESS. Brooke was a girl with a past - not a bad past per se, and not one we really get a feel for, but I didn't mind not knowing all of her history. Lisa Collicut managed to make me feel for the character and connect with her, without bogging the book down with back story. I really liked Brooke - she was awkward in moments that would make teenaged girls awkward, and strong when it really counted. She seemed very realistic to me. Marcus - *swoon* - was a dark and brooding love interest, but not in a bad way. He was never rude to Brooke, or stand-offish like so many of our favorite YA bad-boys tend to be. I loved him instantly. I DEFINITELY recommend this book. You will not be sorry.

  • Farrah
    2019-05-09 03:19

    This review also appears on my blog at http://www.thegoldenruleof666.blogspo...This book was wonderful, absolutely fantastic! I adored it!I went into this book thinking "oh, this seems like it will be a nice story." And, wow, did A Gathering Darkness exceed my expectations and blow me away.I'm very fond on the idea of reincarnated soul mates. It just speaks to the romantic in me. There have been a few books I've read that follow that idea, but The Gathering Darkness is probably the best of them all.Brooke and Marcus were wonderful protagonists. Both are likable. It was easy to get attached to them both. Brooke is everything a heroine should be: smart, determined, brave. I was rooting for her the whole time. Marcus is positively swoon-worthy. He is so sweet and hot and caring and intense and basically perfect. Their relationship is beautiful. Their love is deep and pure and perfect. I could feel the centuries worth of love that exists in their relationship. Their relationship is the kind that everyone wishes for. I love how all the other characters are done. Since each character has...let's say a history, each felt deep and startlingly real. They were all well drawn out and dynamic. And, let me tell you, the surprises in each character's past blew me away. I really have to applaud Ms. Collicutt for her brilliant job of creating a lovely cast of characters.The story line of The Gathering Darkness was marvelously done. It was well-paced and revealed secrets slowly. There are quite a few surprises in store that had me gasping in shock. The ending was perfect. It left me smiling and fully intending to reread thing book several times.The Gathering Darkness is a fantastic book. I can't put into words how much I adored it. If you love a paranormal romance, read The Gathering Darkness.5/5Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

  • Annabelle Marie Veronica
    2019-05-18 05:26

    *****FINAL RATING: 4.60 STARS*****CATCHALLI received this as an ARC a little while ago, and it may have sat in my TBR stack indefinitely if not for the recommendation of one of my wonderful friends. I'm so glad she pointed it out to me, because I absolutely loved it! I don't read many books about witches and witchcraft, mostly because there just aren't that many out there. But this one…well, this one was wonderful. The characters came to life, the plot was full of both action and romance, all wrapped up in gorgeous writing.THE HEROINEBROOKEOkay, so the name Brooke is not my favorite, but I still loved her. She's very real without being overly dramatic or ridiculous. I also like the way she goes about things. When her friends turn on her, she's hurt and confused—but she doesn't crawl into a corner and feel sorry for herself. No, she's proactive. And I absolutely admire that about her. I also think that although, yes, she does complain, she doesn't do it too much and it only serves to make her more real.THE LOVE INTERESTMARCUSMarcus is absolutely wonderful. He's introduced as this very dark and brooding character, but we quickly see that that's not all he is at all. Actually, he's absolutely marvelously sweet. He cares deeply for Brooke and also his brother, but he'll still do what needs to be done. Marcus also isn't afraid of what other people think of him. He's confident, but not annoyingly overconfident, and he never abandons Brooke or fails to make her smile. Basically, I adore him.THE PLOTWitchcraft and reincarnation. Together, these two topics have made something truly unique and fabulous. Reincarnation is fairly common to see in books, but witchcraft is not. However, in this book it was done so spectacularly that I wish it was in more.Brooke, Marcus, and their friends are all reincarnated, but none of them know it yet. Turns out that Marcus and Brooke have fallen in love in past lives and it's always ended badly due to the interference of someone who wishes them harm.And the reincarnation was handled so well. It was believable. There were just enough flashbacks without them taking over the whole story. I could see the connection of the characters to their former selves. They were alike and not alike, just as you'd expect.I really liked the way the magic was handled, too. It's there, but at the same time, it isn't. I can't say more without getting spoilery, but it really is fabulous. There's a witch who wishes them harm, and she's more powerful than them in many ways. But not in the important ones.I also think that despite the fantastical elements, it's very realistic. Brooke goes through some really difficult things. Her friends seem to have abandoned her. She doesn't know where to turn to, and she's terrified. But she does have Marcus.It is surprisingly full of action. I didn't expect that but I like it. It kept me very full of anticipation. There's really not a boring moment at all, and everything that happens is super important. It was a very quick read for me, and I loved every single moment of it.Okay, actually, I don't want to, but I do think I should mention it: there is one scene that really, really, disturbed me. It's near the end, and it only lasted for one longish paragraph, but it was just…really disturbing. I understand why it was added, but there are totally other ways to get the same point across. Okay. I get it, but I don't like it.Still, overall, this was spectacular. Wonderful.THE ROMANCEI love romance. You guys know that. And this romance was so so so…sweet. Wonderful. Perfect. I have seen reincarnation used a crutch for instalove before, and I'm happy to say that that was not the case here. No, Lisa took the time to develop the romance between Marcus and Brooke. They're definitely attracted to each other at first sight, but she doesn't call it love. And as they get to know each other better, then it does transmute into love. And the entire process is rife with chemistry and sparks flying without being too flashy.THE WRITINGI most definitely love Lisa' writing! It's told from first person, from Brooke's point of view, and I really like that, especially the firsthand look we get at the reincarnation and how she comes to accept that. We really get an intimate view into Brooke's mind, and somehow it really makes her easier to connect to. I also really like the way she writes the differences between the characters, like when they're under enchantment versus being themselves, and the dialogue and how everything changes.THE ENDINGThe ending was perfection. It's been so long since I've read a book with a straight ending and not a cliffhanger, and I loved it. Everything wrapped up so perfectly and prettily that I practically sighed with happiness. I love a good happy ending. And of course, no, it wasn't all happiness. There's definitely sacrifice. But at the same time, the sacrifice was so that there could be happiness. And they realize that, and they don't let it bring them down.WRAPUPSo, I absolutely loved this one. However, it is nice that it's a standalone! While I'd love to see more, knowing that the author didn't try to drag this out is really, really awesome. I'll definitely keep an eye out for Lisa's books in the future. As to would I recommend this? Um, yes! If you like romance, definitely grab yourself a copy of this one. Same goes for if you like magic. In general, I actually do think that most people will enjoy this book, so go! Buy a copy!FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!

  • Conny
    2019-05-05 02:27

    Best book I've read this year !!!

  • Carla *Jen7waters*
    2019-05-01 08:31

    Jesus Christ. Where do I start.You know, if I had read this book 2-3 years ago I probably wouldn’t be so harsh on it, but at this point in my life when I’m so, so, so tired of YA clichés, especially in paranormal romance, I cannot forgive The Gathering Darkness since it is literally a compilation of all of them, happening in the story one after the other. I mean, there's insta-love, love triangle (with brothers involved!!! UGH), tragic past lives, the heroine is the new girl in town&school, the love interest is the hot mysterious guy, every time they touch they get the feeling, they have vivid dreams about each other and their past lives, and so on. As if the clichés weren't enough, this heroine really, really got on my nerves because she likes one brother, but it's the other one who's always all over her like a puppy you left for an hour alone at home to go to the store, and she doesn't want his attention or constant moves, BUT DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING!! She just lets him act like he owns her---WTF, DO SOMETHING!! This annoyed me so much I almost gave up right there, and that would have been the smart move because what I read next just annoyed me even more.So, yes, this is a "did not finish" for me, because for the sake of my sanity I REALLY CAN'T. (Copy provided by the publisher, via NetGalley.)

  • Jamie
    2019-05-10 07:19

    I went into this book after reading the blurb and hoping it would be what I wanted 'Beautiful Creatures' to be when I read that blurb. After way too many pages and countless yawns and even a few flings across the room i did in fact finish reading B.C. and was utterly disappointed that I had actually paid for it. This was years before I found goodreads and discovered a whole bloggerverse full of lovely people who could help me find books more to my liking. I've noticed B.C. has good ratings and plenty of rave reviews, I don't get it, personally. But enough of my sidetracking! I only meant to bring up that other book to say that undoubtedly, especially with the movie coming out and therefore new exposure for the novel, there will be comparisons. If we're going to compare I will say this: for all the 'Beautiful Creatures' readers who slogged through 600+ pages of boring, for those smarter people who dnf'd, for those who just said "eh" with a shrug when they finished - The Gathering Darkness is here for you. You obviously need it. You deserve it, pick it up, let it transport you to Deadwich. You will not regret it.The Gathering Darkness is actually quite easily judged by it's cover. Really pretty and somewhat cheesy. I happen to enjoy some cheese. If you can't say the same I wouldn't recommend it to you. Of course, this all should be obvious to you by this point; I mean, a book about witches...set in a town called 'Deadwich' didn't see the cheese coming? It's also a bit cliched. New girl in a small town, instant connection with the quiet dark haired boy, immediate unexplainable popularity, etc. Nothing groundbreaking here.So why did I like it if it seems to be so interchangeable with oh so many other paranormal romances in the YA section? Excellent question, my dear! I enjoyed the rare 'bad girl' image our heroine. Brooke, comes into the story with. It's actually quite funny and a bit unbelievable. Brooke is one of those teens that could actually exist and probably does somewhere but I wouldn't know her because if I still hung out with youngsters I'd probably be on some kind of pedo-bear watchlist.Anyway back to Brooke, she's kind of a wuss. She's scared of the dark, insecure to the point of dysfunction, short-sighted and jealous. Some people might think that makes a crappy main character, I say what 16 year old does that not describe? You remember being a teen right? Maybe the afraid of the dark thing is a stretch but it all makes sense for our girl. Marcus and Evan Knight, the hot twins who are crushing and being crushed on by all females in the story, are fun too. It's hilarious how dissimilar they are. Evan is a womanizer, outgoing, talkative, boisterous and at times, just a jackass. Basically the picture of a whole lot of boys. On the other end of the spectrum is our tall dark and handsome hero Marcus. He's quiet and rarely dates, he's nice to everyone and open-minded.To say there is a love triangle would just not be accurate but there is something kind of along those lines going on.The chick squad is comprised of Sammy (Brookes cousin), Megan(the jealous bitch), Robyn (the nice hot girl) and...hmmm. I feel like I'm forgetting someone. Oh well, I'll come back to it if I remember.Sammy gets Brooke a job working at the Ravenwyck with her. It's a big old creepy hotel run by even creepier Maggie. A little old lady that scares the crap out of Brooke, though, noone else seems to be bothered by her. The twins are also working at the inn. Some creepy stuff goes down and Brooke and Marcus grow closer. It's very sweet and innocent.The plot goes off on a couple different paths and keeps things progressing quickly. It's heavily focused on the romance but not enough to make you sick. It's balanced nicely with all the little scares and creeps and unearthing of old secrets.What it boils down to is a sweet little read when you're in the mood for some lighthearted paranormal romance where the teens actually act like teens.I'd call it a solid 4 star. Minus one half for the "rare smiles" of Marcus and another half star goes bye bye for the simple fact that I've read a different reincarnation book recently that blew my mindhole.*I received a copy of the ebook from netgalley in exchange for an honest review* Though, I'd already had the book and started reading it before I was approved on NG.

  • Anne Tilney
    2019-04-26 04:30

    When it comes to young adult fiction, there are certain clichés that are typically found. The love triangle, the instant love, the star crossed lovers, down to the brooding love interest and the Mary Sue main character with the personality of stale moldy toast or better yet of a cockroach. And YA paranormal romances are infamous for incorporating all of these things. Together they create an abomination-and these said abominations saturate the market. They thrived best during the paranormal boom but for a while dystopian novels were the hot new thing but now they are wearing out their welcome. The Gathering Darkness used some of the clichés that were mentioned above but unlike many other novels, an attempt was made to turn the clichés and use them in a way that makes sense and even be good. Whether this was a success or an epic fail will be discussed later. The reason why The Gathering Darkness was given 3 stars rather than 4 or even 5 stars is largely in part by the way I felt about the characters. In my humble opinion, the main characters themselves were meh. I didn’t hate them like Bella Swan from Twilight or Lucinda Price from Fallen. On the other hand, I really didn’t love them either. They just didn’t have enough of a presence to stand out and be memorable. I forgot the name of the main character Brooke, which is never a good thing. There were some cheesy aspects to it such as the “Day” and “Knight” along with the star crossed lovers to name a few. Yet despite these things, there was a great deal of brilliance in The Gathering Darkness. There were creepy moments that were described beautifully and it never seemed forced or over the top. When it comes to paranormal romances, there isn’t any fight scenes. (Women can’t defend themselves-no- fighting is something that men do because why should they mess up their hair and *gasp* break a nail. Instead women are meant to be damsels in distress and their whole life must revolve around men and they must be demur and submissive and do whatever the big strong men tell them to do. Or the fight scenes themselves are nonexistent) But The Gathering Darkness does have action sequences which pleasantly surprised me. A while back in the review I talked about how The Gathering Darkness used some clichés and whether this was a success or an epic fail. The answer to that question is yes. The backstory about the reincarnated love was explained clearly and it was to the point. There wasn’t an obnoxious info-dump that made you head spin or you have to wait until book 3 for it to be finally explained.The villain was deliciously vile. She was cruel and powerful, but she commanded attention. Many of the pitfalls for YA fiction is that the villains are poorly developed and clichéd. Since I have a soft spot for villains, it brought back pleasant memories of a time when stories had villains you love to hate evil (not to mention the villain songs that were to die for). As I was reading, I couldn’t help but to imagine the old woman for Within Temptation’s Faster music video. To be honest, The Gathering Darkness grabbed my attention and it was quite the page-turner. The suspense and the twists and turns were well delivered and wonderful. Despite the issues that I had with the main characters, overall, I’d say that I enjoyed reading The Gathering Darkness. I would be looking forward to reading more from Lisa Collicutt and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good paranormal romance.

  • ♥ Sarah
    2019-05-22 09:36

    4- 4.5 stars The Gathering Darkness has it all: witches, fairies, reincarnated souls, a heart melting romance, and bone chilling spooky evil. The main characters, Brooke and Marcus have been sharing the same nightmares since Brooke moved to the town of Deadwich. And when Brooke and Marcus see each other for the first time at school, they can’t keep their eyes off each other. It’s more than attraction, it’s almost like they’re drawn together by invisible magnets. But Marcus isn’t the only one in his family eyeing Brooke. Marcus’ twin brother, Ethan charms his way into the picture. And then things get very complicated. The thing is that Ethan’s involvement may be much more sinister than a simple love-triangle. With dark secrets, histories and mysteries being uncovered, this book kept me at the edge of my seat. I was literally hooked after the first couple chapters. Even though the paranormal element of witches, fairies, and reincarnated souls may seem unoriginal, the author truly made it work. It all felt fresh and original and unique. I was very happy I gave this book a chance. The only thing that irked me a little was the little twist at the end. I think it was unnecessary; it seemed kind of thrown in there for shock value. It didn’t do anything to damage Marcus & Brooke’s relationship. It just hurt Marcus’ – or Kalan’s character. Hmph. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this book. I think it was a great PNR stand-alone.

  • Cornelia Barnes
    2019-04-23 05:35

    Brooke and Marcus, or Clair and any name, in any lifetime, through centuries, these two struggle to overcome the curse of past lives, and the spells of evil witches to finally have a complete life together. Very well written. I spect it will be a hit in my high school library.

  • Nanette
    2019-05-01 02:38

    Just started, already hooked!

  • Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom)
    2019-05-01 06:38

    My review can also be found on Reading Lark: starsWitches and Fairies and Reincarnation...oh my! Lisa Collicutt cleverly blended all these supernatural phenomena into a story that I couldn't help but fall into. It was equal parts creepy, equal parts romantic and equal parts sometimes-a-bit-too-far-fetched-mystery.Brooke Day has been brought by her parents to live with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin in creepy Deadwich, Massachusetts, in an attempt to set her back on the straight and narrow after getting caught drinking (underage) with her boyfriend (of which, she didn't actually partake but no one believes her). It was apparently the last straw for her parents. As it turns out, the thought of living in Deadwich terrifies Brooke. She has spent some time in creepy Deadwich in the past and the town basically just creeps her out and plagues her with creepy nightmares whenever she stays there. No amount of pleading with her parents changes their minds so she accepts her fate and tries to the make the best of it. Once settled, she learns she will be working after school at the creepiest place on earth...the Ravenwyck Inn...much to her horror. However, tempering the high-creep-factor is Marcus...the boy she is drawn to at first sight (don't roll your eyes...there's a perfectly good explanation!)My using the word creepy a lot is purely intentional. There is a lot of awesome creepiness in this story...everything from Ravenwyck's foreboding facade with its sky-high dormers topped with metal ravens, to the creepy interior, to creepy Maggie who runs the Inn, to creepy pictures that came alive, to frightening nightmares, to once-friendly friends who change into sinister enemies. Definitely creepy...the author succeeded in this regard!I quite liked Brooke as the protagonist, but will admit I had some trouble connecting with her at first. Through her trials and tribulations, I found her to be someone I wanted to root for. Having said that, she still made some decisions that left me shaking my head...she reacted in ways that I wished she hadn't...and maybe she was a little slow on the uptake sometimes...but she's 16/17...and I've read about enough heroines who were not perfect to cut her some slack.Marcus is the boy she has a supernatural connection with that escalates as the story unfolds. Yes, there is insta-love happening, but there was a supernatural explanation for it, which I could buy into. Marcus, of course, is handsome and popular. His protectiveness of Brooke was swoon-worthy...and their chemistry was delicious and sweet. His brother Evan, who also was into Brooke, seemed a little flat to me, but at the same time, I was a bit disappointed he wasn't more a part of the story than he was...perhaps with more air-time, he might have become more dimensional for me.I quite liked some of Brooke's new friends and was glad that she had some that stuck in her corner when some of them turned away from her and became downright hostile (all of which is explained as the story pushes forward).What can I say about Maggie without divulging too much? You will love to hate her? She's downright creepy? Yes...that's good enough!I felt the story really pulled me in despite some of it feeling a bit contrived and predictable. Some explanations were a little too forced...forced like when you can't find the right puzzle piece so you force something close into the open space because it's convenient. But at the same time, the story itself was highly imaginative and I have to give kudos to the author for blending it all together and still making it all relatively plausible for a paranormal/fantasy story. I did like the fact that The Gathering Darkness seemed to be a stand-alone novel...there was resolution and I was satisfied with how it ended. I'd like to thank Netgalley and Curiosity Quills Press for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for my honest review. And it might be worth mentioning that despite the cartoonish-cover, I think this book would be more suitable for older teens due to a not-overly-graphic but intimate scene that is witnessed. Overall, The Gathering Darkness was an enjoyable read!

  • Susie
    2019-05-18 05:17

    This review can be found on my website: http://susreviews.blogspot.comSynopsis: 16 year old Brooke Day has been packed her off by her parents to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin in the coastal Massachusetts town of Deadwich. Brooke likes her relatives but doesn't like living there because whenever she goes to bed, she has horrible nightmares where she's surrounded in darkness.At her new high school, Brooke quickly garners the attention of popular twins Evan and Marcus Knight, but while Evan is charismatic and more friendly, she is immediately drawn to Marcus. In the midst of her nightmares, she hears his voice calling out and soothing her fears, but in the daytime, it is Evan who showers her with attention.She, her cousin Sammy and the twins all work at the Ravenwyck Inn, a creepy house owned by an even creepier old woman, Maggie, who scares Brooke. Brooke can sense the evil coming off of Maggie, but no one else seems to.Brooke's nightmares continue until she gets lost on an island during a party and falls into an abandoned well. When Marcus rescues her, she finds an amulet which makes her nightmares ease up. But while her dreams are now safe, her daytime life gets harder as suddenly her cousin and new friends turn evil under Maggie's influence and Marcus is the only one she can trust. Brooke's and Marcus's past lives are catching up with them and they have to try and stay alive while the witches they've wronged and fought against before try to get revenge.My Thoughts: First, I want to say that after reading 4 of Curiosity Quills Press's books, I find that I really enjoy them. Looking forward to see what else they publish! Now on to The Gathering Darkness...seeing as it's October and Halloween is approaching, reading something spooky is just what I needed. This book isn't a ghost story, per se, but with the gothic Ravenwyck Inn, stormy weather, nightmares and witches, it was perfect for this time of year. Add that to the overcast, gloomy weather in Washington, DC right now and the stage was perfectly set.Collicutt writes in a way that just sucks you in to the world of Deadwich. I could easily imagine Brooke's world, the scary Ravenwyck Inn and the dreamy Marcus. She described a teenager's insecurities and angst that go along with first love well, and while I was a bit surprised at how quickly they declared their love, it didn't seem rushed or false.Then there was the ending. Talk about action packed! I couldn't put the book down, despite my eyelids getting heavy. I just had to find out how it ended. Bravo to Collicutt for keeping it fast paced and for keeping the surprises coming. Never saw them coming! Love that!I had 2 minor complaints with the book. First is the symbolism. Deadwich. Dead witch. And Day and Knight. A bit too obvious for me. But again, not enough to put me off from the book. Second is a continuity issue at the end of the book that the editor should have picked up. They call Marcus's Uncle Edmond to pick them up on Skull Island and then when he finds them, he mentioned that when they didn't show up at his house, he went to Skull Island to find them. Again, these were not huge issues, and they didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book.This was provided to me by Curiosity Quills Press and Netgalley for review.

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-04-28 09:26

    4.5 Stars! I knew I wanted to read this one after reading the synopsis and I had a feeling it was going to be a bit mysterious and maybe even a but creepy but I had no idea just how creepy it was going to be!I made the mistake of starting this right before bed. I thought I would just open it up and read the first chapter real quick and get it started.Yeah, not a good idea. Not only was it dark outside but then I couldn't just read one chapter, not after that creeptastic scene at the Inn! Seriously, maybe I am a big chicken or something but that scene was pretty fantastic and made me want to look over my shoulder to make sure no one was watching me while I was reading, which they were by the way. But thankfully it wasn't some blood sucking witch beast but just my husband smirking at me as he watched the expression on my face turn from calm and serene to slightly horrified. I am sure it wasn't pretty.And then of course I got to see the two hotties, Evan and Marcus that entered the scene and I couldn't just stop reading there! I mean in two chapters, I got a huge creep factor and then hotties. Who cares if it is late and I have to get up early in the morning? I sure didn't, at least not until the next morning when I had to drag my sorry self half asleep out of bed, but, it was worth it!I loved this story. Not only did it have witches (which is by far my fav) but this was a sweet love story as well. One about reincarnation. In fact it just might be my favorite reincarnation story I have read yet.There were so many twists and turns in this one that I sometimes felt like I was on a roller coaster or at the very least on a merry-go-round as my mind was left spinning with all the new discoveries there were chapter after chapter.I can't believe this was a debt novel for Ms. Collicutt. It was so well crafted and played out. The characters were all likeable (and some very unlikeable) and fabulous and the storyline was very well developed and kept me turning the pages. One minute I was swooning at the incredible love story and sweet emotions between Brooke and Marcus and the next completely creeped out by the darkness and evil doings of the witches.It is obvious from this novel that Collicutt is a very talented writer and one that I will be keeping an eye on for sure.

  • Pam
    2019-05-16 03:36

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review. Brooke is sent Deadwich from Boston cause she can't seem to stay out of trouble. Sent to live with her uncle and aunt she is feeling like her life us over. She soon begins to make some new friends including her cousin. She also has an immediate connection with a boy name Marcus. One problem with Marcus is his brother seems to think Brooke and he are a couple. Soon all her new friends begin to turn against her except Marcus. As they grow closer danger seems to be getting closer as well. Someone doesn't want them together or Brooke to live. As they begin to unravel the mystery they discover many things about their past and the witch hunting them. Brooke is a good character. She has done wrong and been in trouble but after being down for a short while she tries to move on with her life. Even when her new friends turn on her she still moves on. Marcus is a great male character. He seem broody and dark but in truth this guy is a sweetheart. I love him and the things he does to show Brooke he cares. The book did start a little slow at first but once it took off i was hooked. I did not want to put it down. It has witches and even some fairies in it that make it a tad different and great. The romance is so sweet and true you can't help to fall in love as the characters do. I love the plot and how smoothly it flows. Very easy to read and I really didn't want it to end. it has plenty of action so if that is something you love you will get that as well. As the characters past lives start to unravel it really makes you know more and feel more for each of the characters even the bad ones. If you are looking for a magical, true love story with lots of goodness to enchant you pick this book up.

  • Ionia
    2019-04-29 07:25

    The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt is one of the best YA paranormal romances I have read so far. The author has a unique way of dealing with witchcraft in this story and I am pleased to report that it didn't feel like a repeat of other books that deal with the same subject. I liked the main character, Brook. She was intelligent and I thought the fact that she expressed fear instead of coming off as an untouchable character, gave her the depth I needed to see in order to care what happened to her throughout the rest of the story. The way the author chose to give her main female lead choices in male companionship added just the right element of uncertainty to make it more interesting. Rather than the expected teenage melodrama, I felt the romance in this book was much more mature and well crafted than one usually sees in a teen novel. Ravenwyck Inn was described wonderfully and I really got a sense that the place was creepy and not somewhere you would want to be caught alone in. I love it when a book has such good imagery that it sends a small shiver up your spine. I liked the fictional town Deadwich (great name) and could really see how a girl that age would have struggled to adjust to her new surroundings. The only thing I would have changed about this book, is that I would have liked to have seen a little more history on the main character. She obviously has a past, but it is barely touched upon. Overall, I found this to be an engaging and exciting read with plenty of unexpected elements throughout. If you are looking for a very well written and at times intense YA novel, this book is the one to pick up. This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher.

  • Lina (From the Verge)
    2019-04-25 09:18

    What a nice reading treat. Witches+Magic and twisted fate *raises fist in the air, while screaming: 'Yes!'* = perfect mixture.This book will take you into a very interesting place: Deadwitch. A small town close to Salem where Brooke, our main female character is forced to move for a year to live with her aunt, in order to have some time off from her crazy life in Boston. She is sixteen and will soon realize everything is not what is seem. We've got an eerie Inn that can be the setting for a horror movie: it has its own graveyard. Haunted dreams, ever-present ravens, possessed friends, magical objects and a very very awful dreaded evil witch! All nicely packed into a sweet romance. This was perfect for Halloween!This book reminded me a bit of Cate Tiernan's Wicca series. A story about magic, love, sorrows and the issues with external forces. Specially Brooke's discovery of magic and her role in the bigger picture of her relationships and interactions with the people around her. Moreover, that her move to Deadwitch was not as unplanned as she thought.I also enjoyed that this story was a standalone one (not that I would mind to read the future adventures of Brooke and Marcus), but it is very well tied and neatly told. I am very grateful for the publishers for approving my NetGalley request, and the author, Lisa Collicutt, for writing this story. I will encourage you to read this book if you enjoy YA stories of magic, romance and adventure. Don't be fooled by the cover (which I have to admit reminded me of the little 'Goosebumps' paperbacks, perhaps it was the font of the title, who knows), inside you will find an amazing sweet plot.

  • Kelly Sierra
    2019-05-13 06:34

    The Gathering Darkness is a fun ride. Founded on the concept of reincarnation, it is a story of two soul mates running from a jealous jilted lover. At first the story is slow in unfolding. The characters Brooke Day, Samantha (her cousin), Marcus Knight, Evan Knight, Maggie and Jenny are a few of the main characters. Brooke is sent to her cousin’s house after an issue that occurs back home. She feels this is a torturous trip, especially since every time Brooke visits Deadwich she has night terrors and a creepy feeling around the Ravenwyck Inn (owned by Maggie).After adjusting to a new school and meeting the key characters, Brooke discovers that there is something in Deadwich connecting her to the Knight Brothers, specifically Marcus. As they get close to one another stranger connections are revealed and even stranger stories are being thrown at them. So even though there is a slow beginning, the story quickens it pace. At some points I felt much like Brooke, she couldn’t trust anyone but Marcus because everyone was suspect. Not until the end of the book do you realize how interwoven everyone is in this story.My biggest surprise was the twist at the end. Considering the players and who they were during the beginning of the story it was difficult to see that connection. However, when all was revealed at the end I was more like “WTF, no way!” Definitely a fun and mysterious novel in the ever popular paranormal romance YA genre.Thanks!

  • Lisa
    2019-05-12 02:23

    Loved loved loved this book, It had all the my favourite things, Witches, magic and soul mates what more could I ask for, oh yeah a super hot swoon worthy guy.Marcus is going straight into my top ten book boyfriends, what I loved about him was he was a decent, sweet guy, most of my top ten list is made up of the "Bad boys" but Marcus was just *Sigh* perfectBrooke was easy to relate to she felt so real awkward like a typical teenage girl who as moved to new place and school, but she was strong too and brave despite her fear of what was going on she didn't run away, she faced them head on.the author manages to give us just the right amount of information when we need it, I never felt like I got an overload of information which would have been easy to do, even when reliving past lives the the pace kept up we found out with Brooke what we needed to know when we needed to know it and it never felt dragged out.Brooke and Marcus have lived the same life twice before and each time have died/been killed in Brooke sixteenth year, this time they are determined to live, with Brooke new friends suddenly acting very strange she as no-one but Marcus to turn to, her rock, her light.I cant say enough good things about this book, I just feel like gushing about it but, you don't want to read that, what you should read is this book, if you love magic and witches and demons and transcending love, you will love this book

  • Heather Wood
    2019-05-16 10:31

    This was a sweet love story with plenty of suspense. I enjoyed the mysteries surrounding the witches of Deadwich and had to leave the lights on while reading some of the scarier scenes.With Halloween around the corner, I was looking forward to reading a creepy book. This was where The Gathering Darkness really delivered. Brooke's nightmares along with the portions on Skull Island and the Inn were very nerve-wracking. The author has a talent for writing vivid descriptions that force you to keep reading.As far as characters, I found it hard to root for Brooke. At times, she came across as being whiny and it sort of irked me. That being said, it was nice to see a female lead that's not your typical Mary Sue. Brooke felt like a realistic teenager with all of the awkwardness that comes along with that age.Marcus was definitely a swoon worthy male hero. He was handsome and introverted which made him mysterious. He was very sweet in the way he cared about Brooke and wanted to protect her. The only other small criticism I would make is that some parts would've benefited from more showing instead of telling. It didn't take away from the story though and I was still drawn into the book enough that I finished the novel in a couple of sittings.A wonderful debut that makes me look forward to future works from the author.Rating: 4/5 Stars Thanks to the publisher for a copy of this novel for review!

  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    2019-05-22 04:21

    The Gathering Darkness is one of those novels that really surprised me. I didn't think this story with Brooke and Marcus was going to blow me away! Yep, kind of thought it was going to be a okay read, but man, I was wrong, it's a fantastic one. Lisa Collicutt has created an awesome world with witches, wonderful charters, and swoon-worthy romance. And Collicutt gave me Brooke and Marcus's wonderful story all in one novel. No waiting for sequel. Brooke is sent to the country to stay with her Uncle and Aunt in the small town of Deadwich for her junior year. Her parents hope this will cure her big city, bad girl ways. Brooke has always hated Deadwich. There’s something about it that scares her, let alone the nightmares she has when she’s in Deadwich. But her bad girl ways has her trapped here now, so she just has to deal. And one way of dealing is six-foot tall, gorgeous, Marcus Knight. Brooke soon discovers there’s something stronger than physical attraction that pulls her to be with Marcus. And when Marcus has the same feelings for Brooke, nothing will keep them from each other. Not everyone wants these two to be together, and they will do whatever it takes to keep Brooke and Marcus apart.The Gathering Darkness is an enthralling surprise, and has a storyline that's packed with mystery, suspense, magic, and a beautiful romance. I recommend The Gathering Darkness as a fantastic read!

  • Sophia
    2019-04-26 07:33

    This book is filled with cliche twists: there is a new girl at a new school. Two boys like her BUT she knows what she wants, so it's not really a love triangle. Insta! love BUT they are reincarnated souls. This was very cliched for me and I have no idea if that's a good thing or a bad thing. There was a whole lot of destiny and fate...blahblah....witch wants them dead and has no motive.....yada yada.Brooke is OK. She's not horrible but I don't love her. I do want her to succeed but it's no big concern of mine. What bothered me most about her was that she was annoyed about getting attention of a boy, yet she never said anything. If I was getting unwanted attention or some guy tried to act like he owned me, you can be I would have something to say. Something that involves a lot of mean no-really-cursing-but-still-insulting-and-slightly-confusing combinations.The writing was mediocre. The symbolism was too obvious, like Knight and Day. Deadwich. Yeah. And the whole book is a cliche. There's a small town, she lives with her uncle and aunt, her two love interests are brothers but one is outgoing and one is mysterious, impending There was nothing original about this vanilla book and that really disappointed me. Yes, I sort of enjoyed the read but it completely fell flat in the end.

  • Kristy Sartain- Whispering Pretty Stories Reviews
    2019-05-01 05:36

    I received this ebook as an ARC from netgalley.comI want a Marcus. All to myself. Now that that's out of the way, I will continue. I adored the plotline and concept of this book. In full disclosure, I am a huge fan of books with witches in them and this one ticked lots of boxes for me. Girl who doesn't know she's a witch? Check.Strong, silent, hot guy who doesn't care? Check.Evil witch set to destroy girl who doesn't know she's a witch? Check.Oblivious parents? Check.Random family member who knew all along? Check.Possession of friends by evil witch? Bonus Check.Creepy haunted evil hotel? Bonus check.Characters with past lives they knew nothing about? Bonus check.The only criticism I have about this book is that I felt the major plot lines took waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to develop. There were so many revelations in one spot so far deep in the book, I feel like some of them got buried and weren't given enough thought. Sprinkling some of them throughout would have made the final chapters much more intriguing and would have made the reader more engaged. Instead, we're hit with numerous many things at once. I will recommend this book to students who enjoy paranormal and/or horror books.

  • B. McMichael
    2019-05-18 03:25

    Brooke doesn't want to be in Deadwich, but that doesn't mean she can leave. Her parents have shipped her off, but that just might be fate playing more of a role than anything. In Deadwich she has to confront the nightmares she always had had there and soon finds she is not the only one with nightmares. The introverted twin Marcus Knight might just be the answer to her dreams in more way than one- if she can live long enough to find out.This was a complete book- there were no cliff hangers, nothing that was left untold that distracted from the story. Loose ends were finished and you left the last page feeling like a complete story had been told. Very nice job and refreshing when everyone now is building on cliffhangers.It was a good read about witches with a bit of suspense and mystery, but nothing too scary to turn me away.

  • Nadine Reid
    2019-05-13 07:38

    I was hooked the moment I started reading this book. I give this 5 stars. Love the plot, characters are realistic, the main protagonists Brooke and Marcus are likeable I became fond of them, really like the paranormal factor, and the list goes on. Romance is not my favourite genre. I'm not into cheesy romance where you can predict the outcome before reading the book. This left me guessing and wanting more. This was so much more than romance. Really like how the equinox ties into this story. A great read for the young teen and young at heart. It's a must read!

  • Christina Arnoldin
    2019-05-13 09:12

    Thought provoking, captivating and sometimes frightening, this book is very well written and without any monotonous elements that you often see in other novels….. A page turner that will keep you reading until late into the night.

  • Dawna Raver
    2019-05-24 04:13

    The Gathering Darkness is a well crafted story with a sweet ending. It has everything you want: a little romance, a creep story, a nice plot twist, and a satisfying ending. It's a witchy good time! I'm looking forward to more from this talented author.

  • Christine
    2019-05-18 05:31

    I read this book on a cloudy, cold day while snuggled in bed. It was the perfect atmosphere for this read. Just a fun, slightly creepy story to get lost in. The romance is very young adult and I liked it. Made me feel 16 again.

  • Karen Boncela
    2019-05-04 08:16

    Young Adult Books of a Paranormal Persuasion are not usually my Genre. I met the Author Lisa on Twitter and was intrigued by her Story.I found her book to be delightful.I felt like I knew each character rather quickly and each Chapter flowed into the next with ease.Good Job Lisa!

  • Rosalie
    2019-05-22 10:26

    I honestly was never a fan of romance novels and fantasy novels. My past readings consisted of murder mystery. "The Gathering Darkness" was the first fantasy romance novel that I absolutely loved. It was truly so good that it brought out the romantic side of me that never existed.

  • Melanie Adkins
    2019-05-21 03:38

    Brooke is sixteen and her latest adventure gets her sent from the city for a YEAR! Her parents feel she'd be better off with family in the small town of Deadwich. Brooke would rather be confined to her room for a year. She has strange dreams and weird feelings about Deadwich. The only good thing about this year in the country is her cousin. They are best friends, so it should be tolerable. Brooke never dreams she'd meet a guy. Then things get really strange. Lisa Collicutt did a fantastic job with this. I enjoyed the characters and the plot was well done. Ms Collicutt sends you in several different directions so you won't figure out what the real story is until the end. I was fascinated by the depth of this book. It really dug deep into the area of reincarnation and teen love. I think the teen in your life will thank you for this book. I found only one issue. It seemed to drag in spots but then quickly recovered. I gave this one 4 out of 5 cheers because of the spots that seemed to move slowly. ~Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review~