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Before we could read, before we could sit in a classroom, we learned by trial and error. Feedback - a kinder word for criticism - is an organic component to life. is the natural teaching process. It's how the creator set it up. It's how the world actually works. Here, at last, is a simple process for getting the most from all the feedback the world offers us....

Title : Feedback How to Give It How to Get It: A Writers Guide to Spinning Gold
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ISBN : 9781467969574
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 48 Pages
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Feedback How to Give It How to Get It: A Writers Guide to Spinning Gold Reviews

  • Lora Edwards
    2019-05-29 00:05

    This book was very informational. It was very soothing to see the words of the author reflected back as my own thoughts about how I take criticism. I loved the system developed that help to take the emotion out of it. A must read for authors and reviewers.

  • Jason Richards
    2019-06-23 00:15

    I received this book in exchange for a fair, honest review. Feedback is a story about how to receive and offer criticism. The book focuses on criticism from a creator's perspective but the advice is general enough that it could easily apply to any type of criticism in all walks of life. The book suggests a model the author has developed for herself in regards to criticism in her work and uses examples from her own life to develop each step for the reader. It's an informative book that offers a healthy perspective on something that we all face in one form or another. My only issue is that the model feels general enough to give a person a good starting point for a variety of criticism it is also vague enough to still require quite a bit of self-reflection and understanding on the part of the reader to use the model effectively. But as a starting off point for criticism it is a bery well made book that offers a healthy, positive perspective on what can be a very difficult issue.

  • Mark McKay
    2019-06-18 23:11

    A practical and useful guideThe art of receiving and giving feedback, or criticism, is discussed in this short yet pragmatic book, in a four step process. Without giving too much away, when you receive criticism it’s about remaining objective and then taking whatever action is necessary from a much clearer perspective. This helps you build the positives and not reinforce the negatives. When it comes to the art of giving criticism, motivation and a positive outcome play their part. Giving criticism in the right way is just as important as receiving it.This book is both motivational and practical. It is a timely reminder of what it means to receive criticism, and to give it. And also to remember that failure is simply another step on the road to success.

  • Samuel
    2019-06-07 07:23

    I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. I usually have a hard time entertaining any book that smells even faintly motivational, so perhaps this book isn't one I'd be drawn to normally. Even so, I found a lot to admire here. Everything was fit for purpose: from the structure to the language and overall tone. The almost aphoristic style was particularly effective in keeping things clear and concise. I broadly agree with most of what is said, and while I can't really comment on the usefulness of the book in the context of clients, directors and producers, I think a lot of it could be applied to fiction writing and many other walks of life besides.

  • Jo Sparkes
    2019-06-21 01:28