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Jason and Rachel were not born in Lyrian. They did not grow up in Lyrian. But after all of the battles and losses, the triumphs and adventures, and most of all, the friendships forged in this fantastical world, Lyrian has become home to them in a way they never could have imagined.And so, armed now with the prophecy of a dying oracle, they have gone on their separate questJason and Rachel were not born in Lyrian. They did not grow up in Lyrian. But after all of the battles and losses, the triumphs and adventures, and most of all, the friendships forged in this fantastical world, Lyrian has become home to them in a way they never could have imagined.And so, armed now with the prophecy of a dying oracle, they have gone on their separate quests—each surrounded by brave and powerful allies—knowing that the chance for success is slim. But Jason and Rachel are ready at last to become the heroes Lyrian needs, no matter the cost....

Title : Chasing the Prophecy
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Chasing the Prophecy Reviews

  • Lindsey Rey
    2019-05-31 04:36

    Is there going to be a sequel series? BECAUSE I NEED A SEQUEL SERIES. I loved this so so so incredibly much and I'm not ready to let go of the awesomeness that is drinlings and displacers and the seedmen and THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD. OMG.

  • Blythe
    2019-06-06 06:51

    Words fail me. With The Candy Shop War, I smiled and laughed and loved the originality of it all. With Fablehaven, all I could do was rave about it and love it and read...and read and read. I thought Keys to the Demon Prison, my new favorite book, was impossible to outdo. I was amazed to doubt this conclusion when I read A World Without Heroes.With Seeds of Rebellion, each page upped my heartbeat to a new level and kept me awake long after I should have been in deep slumber. Now, Brandon Mull has managed to top them all. This third book? I didn't put it down from the moment it was in my hands. The characters evoked in me such emotion, I have trouble believing they weren't real. Part of me thinks Brandon Mull couldn't possibly have gotten this from his own head, that maybe he tracked down Rachel and she told him the whole story. But then how would he know Nedwin's thoughts? Or the oracle's words to the others? Or Lyrian's past, the events that happened before Jason and Rachel ever went there?All I can conclude is that Brandon Mull is an extraordinarily gifted author that weaves true magic with his words.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-06-07 09:39

    Chasing the Prophecy (Beyonders, #3), Brandon MullJason and Rachel were not born in Lyrian. They did not grow up in Lyrian. But after all of the battles and losses, the triumphs and adventures, and most of all, the friendships forged in this fantastical world, Lyrian has become home to them in a way they never could have imagined. And so, armed now with the prophecy of a dying oracle, they have gone on their separate quests—each surrounded by brave and powerful allies—knowing that the chance for success is slim. But Jason and Rachel are ready at last to become the heroes Lyrian needs, no matter the cost.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و نهم ماه ژوئن سال 2016 میلادیعنوان: سه گانه ماورایی ها (دیگرسو) - کتاب 3 - در پی پیشگویی؛ نویسنده: براندون مول؛ مترجم: فرناز حائری؛ تهران، بهنام، 1395، در 522 ص؛ شابک: 9786007132241؛ موضوع: داستانهای خیالی برای کودکان از براندون مول نویسنده انگلیسی - قرن 21 مکتاب «در پی پیشگویی» نوشته‌ ی «براندون مول» سومین کتاب از سه‌ گانه مجموعه دیگر سو (ماورایی ها) است. نقل بخشی از متن: «جیسون و راشل در آنجا بزرگ‌ نشده‌ اند. ولی پس از نبردها و از دست دادن‌ها، پیروزی‌ها و ماجراهاشان و از همه مهم‌تر دوستی‌هایی که در این سرزمین خارق‌ العاده پیوند خورده است، لیریان حکم وطنشان را دارد. حال با دانستن آنچه پیشگو پیش از مرگش با آن‌ها در میان گذاشته هر یک جداگانه با همراهی متحدان دلیر و قدرتمندشان عازم سفر شده‌ اند. آن‌ها می‌دانند که احتمال موفقیت اندک است، ولی جیسون و راشل باید همان قهرمانانی شوند که لیریان به آن‌ها نیاز دارد، و بهای آن هرچه باشد، باید به آن تن دهند. آیا بخت با آن‌ها یار خواهد بود و لیریان را نجات خواهند داد؟ آیا مالدور خواهد توانست با پیشنهادهایش اتحاد گروه را خدشه‌ دار کند؟ آیا چیزی در پیشگویی از قلم نیفتاده است؟ آیا جیسون و راشل لیریان را ترک خواهند کرد؟ پیروزی از آنچه کسی خواهد بود؟» پایان نقل. ا. شربیانی

  • Elevetha
    2019-06-07 08:45

    That was it? *sigh* It went a little something like this:Jason: *watches baboons fight*Rachel: He's sooo weird. I like him.Everyone: Hey, let's split up.Jason/Rachel: *awkward hug*Book: *informs me over and over that what they're attempting is impossible*Characters: *inform me that it's not impossible but incredibly improbable and that most of them will die by the end*Characters: *run around*Plot: *drags on*Me: *bored*And then the end....Characters: Most of us are dead.*FIVE YEARS LATER*Jason: Corrine is hot. Corrine: *looking fine*Rachel: I'm going back home.Jason: Bye!Corrine: I've never said much of anything, I just looked pretty for most of this entire book, I cannot even be bothered to say goodbye.Jason: *writes a paltry excuse of a letter to his parents*Rachel: *takes it back home* The end.Me: WHAT?!

  • Marcie
    2019-05-31 11:35

    A nice ending to the trilogy - although I'd rank Book 2 (Seeds of Rebellion) best of the three. It may just be me, but the balance of straight exposition to the usual witty dialogue and action seemed off, making parts of the book seem stilted. However, still a good read that kept me reading late into the night to see how the impossible quests resolved.I find it interesting to read a book written by someone with the same spiritual background - I often find reflections or discussions of spiritual ideas, like:"...Faith isn't knowledge...Faith is a tool. Faith keeps us going until we get the knowledge. Faith keeps us striving until we reach the consequences of our most important decisions.""What if we have faith in something that's wrong?""Then we're heading for disappointment. But even misplaced faith can help us gain knowledge. We try to be smart about where we put our faith. And we adjust as we learn more...""So i just need to forget about my doubts?""That choice is yours to make. If you mean to press forward, you must overcome your concerns. For anything worth accomplishing, we can always find reasons to doubt, just as we can also find reasons to proceed. I have weighed my alternatives. In these circumstances...I have chosen to side with faith and hope over doubt and despair."

  • Kristalia
    2019-06-22 10:39

    These books are great. Stunning even. I loved the world and ideas od beyonders and the other races. I also thought the ending was done very well, and the certain scenes near the last chapter made me cry way to much to stay coherent.Of course, i knew some of those scenes were coming, but many at once? unexpected.Characters are great. Everyone had roles they had to complete in order for this war to succeed. It was a bit slower than the second book but I still enjoyed it and sacrificed sleep to do it.I loved everyone and i was still happy with the fact that some of the characters had their own POVs. But i kind of miss there wasn't one for Ferrin. although he is the most honest person to exist so there is no need? What i do mind is that at the end, I have no idea what happened to (view spoiler)[displacers, now that their master is gone (hide spoiler)]. Overall great books. SO great.BE warned: there are casualties in this book. Sudden and unexpected. Be prepared.► REVIEW(S) RELATED TO THIS BOOK:◈A World Without Heroes (Beyonders, #1)◈Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders, #2)◈Chasing the Prophecy (Beyonders, #3)

  • Sami
    2019-06-07 09:40

    I'm still kind of on a high after the end of the book and so my emotions are a bit out of whack. I'll start by saying I love Brandon Mull. I have loved everything of his that I have read. Fablehaven definitely is in my top 3 favorite series. Initially my response to this book probably wouldn't be to give it a full 5 stars because it is full of disappointments. Although I expected there to be some it is still often hard to take. I definitely got emotional at the end. But as a whole I think the series is great. And I know that this conclusion was a good one and ultimately I am satisfied with the conclusion. So 5 stars it is. I do believe it is deserved. It is hard to part with the story. I now feel like there is this gaping void that I just don't know how to fill. It's always so great getting to the next book in the series but the end is always hard to deal with no matter how good the book is. IE: Harry Potter. I think most Harry Potter fans know the feeling I'm talking about :) Now I can't wait to see what Brandon Mull has next for us!

  • Bossguy9
    2019-05-29 09:34

    This was a good book. Nothing more, nothing less. If you're one of those people (like me) who needs at least a bit of action in their books, you will not enjoy this book fully. The beginning of this book starts slow, and it doesn't get much better until you're about halfway through it. That is a long period of time. If you read the Fablehaven series, and did not appreciate Kendra being more important then Seth, you will feel a tad bit disappointed with Rachel and Jason. She does a lot of important things. She has magical powers that can destroy armies, and what does Jason have? His smarts. My biggest complaint with this book is the absolute stagnant-like slowness in the beginning. There are other complaints, such as: Brandon Mull doesn't truly finish this story. In essence he does, but you don't feel satisfied after the ending. The falling action comes, and stops right before that big moment that you want to see happen, to be assured that everything turns out all right. This could be a good thing. I always feel like that after a good series, but it leaves much to be desired. I feel if he just added two more sentences to the story, then I would have been satisfied.Overall I give this a 6/10This is a good book, like I said at the start,but I was expecting more.

  • Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands)
    2019-06-13 06:54

    {December 15th, 2014} MINI-REVIEW2.5 stars.“Wow! I can hardly believe I finished Beyonders."This was my exact thoughts upon finishing yikes.I'm not exactly too impressed with this overall series. I thought the ending would help cement something better and positive but it didn't unfortunately. It feels like it got to a point, then climax--erm, my apologises anti-climax before it just halted and said 'welp that's the end of this story, see you in the next one!' kind of feeling.Besides the large cast we're introduced to and expanded upon in the first and second books, they get cut down so fast that you have to struggle to remember who's who. Some are memorable, others not so much. Sure there were a few that made me go "NOOOOOO" but other than that, it just felt flat and undeserving for most parts.But at the end there's a hint for something more but I don't know nor will I comment on it other than this (view spoiler)[Jason's daughter, if there is a series centered around her, I might read it but it is very iffy at the moment and will only if I'm given or borrowed it from someone like this trilogy (hide spoiler)].But I think Mull was trying to do too much with this series that his characters suffered for it, becoming 2D or 1D rather than the beautifully complex 3D they had the potential to become. It's unfortunate. Only 3 really did show growth out of the cast of 20 or something (I lost count), but they had that aspect to them all along so idk anymore. x:

  • hpboy13
    2019-06-20 11:35

    Wow. Just wow. Brandon Mull is a god of fantasy – one of my top three favorite authors – and this book does not disappoint. It is a great conclusion to a phenomenal series.As usual, Mull’s imagination knows no bounds. He fills his world with such creations, I simply don’t know how he comes up with them. Among the more impressive things in this book was the Maumet and the way it was destroyed.But as well as a fantastically developed world, this book also had fantastic characters, and especially the two leads – Jason and Rachel. Jason is the one we’d aspire to be, Rachel is the one we relate to. Jason is one of the most heroic, brave, and selfless characters I’ve ever read about. Yet he never seems to be on a higher level than the reader – he’s fond of sleeping, he’s riddled with doubts, he thinks about impressing the pretty girl… he’s human, in short. And he never gets that “I am THE hero and must save everyone and everything” complex. When Rachel tells him in one of the earlier scenes, “you’re inspiring,” and so forth, I couldn’t help agreeing.Rachel is probably the one that most of us would end up acting like – she’s pessimistic, always questioning and untrusting, and she does contemplate giving up. Yet she’s also very resourceful and caring. The scene, early on where she gets everyone together for a group picture before they depart on separate quests, made me tear up quite a bit. It was just such a beautifully human moment – trying to preserve, however flimsily, a moment when everyone is together and happy. While I was blinking back tears in the end as well, it was this scene that affected me the most.My one minor complaint, (view spoiler)[ is how Rachel counteracted Maldor’s command to set her on fire with seeming ease. I get that she’s a very proficient magical adept, but seeing her overpower the omni-powerful wizard who’s conquered a continent, and especially using a spell for the first time, was a touch implausible.(hide spoiler)] But since my issue is just with that one line, it’s just nitpicking. Moving on.Thank you, Brandon Mull, THANK YOU for not having (view spoiler)[ Jason and Rachel end up together. Thank you for showing that a teenage boy and girl can be very close friends and spend a lot of time together without any romantic feelings involved. (hide spoiler)] I admit, I was leery of this happening, because it happens in every damn book ever, and I applaud Mr. Mull for pleasantly surprising me.Maldor is a very convincing villain. He does not suffer from Evil Overlord Syndrome – at no point did I feel that he was a melodramatic shmuck who couldn’t possibly have conquered all of Lyrian. His downfall came through almost no fault of his own – in fact, major props to the author for all the creative ways he managed to have the heroes defeat Maldor without making Maldor weak. Maldor is one of the most compelling and intelligent villains I’ve had the pleasure of reading about.Other highlights include Ferrin’s last scene with Tark, and the two surprises (and very emotional ending) regarding Nedwin. I did not see either surprise coming, and the second one is absolute GENIUS. I mean, damn, what a fakeout!I loved all the snappy dialogue – the jokes and sarcastic retorts. Not only did it make me laugh, it made the whole thing seem more real. Again, I refer to the original parting scene between Rachel and Jason (truly is the best one in the book), when Rachel pleads with him to be serious as they part, and Jason keeps joking as his way of coping. I just wanted to hug them both so hard in that moment.Also, Brandon Mull does not pull his punches – characters die. Lots of them. Sometimes brutally. And he doesn’t pull a Paolini – his important characters are not immune, and some do die. Admittedly, the body count mostly comes from minor characters and a majority of the main ones survive (also, having the seedmen is almost cheating – Mull can write his deaths and kept the characters around too!). But it’s clear that they are fighting a war at a terrible cost.As a wrap-up, I bow down to Brandon Mull. Both this series and Fablehaven are some of the best books I’ve read, and this was both a fantastic book and a very satisfying conclusion. Now all I can do is release a contented sigh, and hope to find a book half as compelling as this series was.

  • Brandon
    2019-06-19 07:45

    I had mixed feelings about this book. First off, it was a decent ending to a good fantasy series. Mull doesn't truly disappoint with his books (with the possible exception of Candy Shop War book 1). On the other hand, I didn't feel like this series lived up to its potential. My biggest disappointment was actually Maldor's story. What a character with potential! And yet in this book, he took almost a two dimensional role, being exceptionally cocky throughout without the brilliance he showed in the previous two books. (view spoiler)[And the end of his story is the worst. We scarcely get to see any of his power in a limited conflict with Rachel and then he is left to die off screen with the explosion of Felrook. How unsatisfying!(hide spoiler)] The sacrifices added to the urgency and importance of the quest, but (view spoiler)[the number of people who died left very few characters left to enjoy it (hide spoiler)]. And finally, the ending left a lot to be desired without a sequel series. The good news is that Mull sets up such a series and it seems likely that it will come to fruition some day. Who knows? Maybe Maldor will get his proper story. (view spoiler)[He never officially died after all. A writer as gifted as Mull could find someway to write him out of the certain doom he faced. (hide spoiler)] Don't pass on this book or series just because of the mixed reviews. My complaints are only based on what I know Mull is capable of. Had this series come from another author, it could have been nearly perfect.

  • Abbey
    2019-06-07 07:55

    I was waiting only a month or so for this book to come out. I'm a new fan of Brandon Mull's works, and I've already read all of them over a course of about three months. I actually just happened upon the Beyonders one day in my school library and a friend online told me about Fablehaven, and now I have finished both series plus both Candy Shop War books.(view spoiler)[The book was very good up until the end. I disliked Corinne throughout the series, and kept hoping for her to die somehow, but that didn't happen. I also wanted Rachel and Jason to end up together, but that didn't happen. I also wanted Ferrin to live but... *goes off to cry in a corner*I believe the book could have ended in a completely better way. Time passing in the epilogue and then Rachel just returning home doesn't sound like Brendan put much thought into it. Maybe he was crunched for time or maybe if I think about it some more, I'll realize that it was probably the only way.Okay, keep the awful epilogue. If I could change one thing about the book, I would keep Ferrin from going down in the mine of orantium below Felrook. That's it. That's all I ask! Why would you do that to my favorite character, Brandon?! Whyyyy?!? (hide spoiler)]

  • Wannabe Hobbit
    2019-06-04 05:36

    A friend recommended these books to me sometime after the second book came out. I was reluctant to read them at first because I had never read an unfinished series before. I thought the first book was great. The second book made me more excited than anything I had ever read. My younger brothers took turns borrowing the books when I finished them. We had many many animated discussions about the characters, what an amazing movie the second book would make, the increadible species Brandon Mull created. I thought I would die before the third book arrived. When my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas my answer was, "Beyonders 3." They preordered it for me so I got it the day it came out. With other activities and annoying things such as eating and sleeping getting in the way, I read just about every spare minute. Now it seems unreal that I am done. Done. I don't know what to think. It will be a while before my emotions recover. My only words as I handed the book off to my younger brother were, "Good luck surviving." That book was amazing. I can't think of any better word to describe it. That was amazing.

  • Zahra Rhm
    2019-06-23 07:36

    از این کتاب بیشتر از دو کتاب قبلی خوشم اومد. پایانی جالب برای مجموعه بود. تلخ و شیرین. پیروزی بهایی داره.داستان پر بود از فداکاری و وفاداری نسبت به هدف و برای دوستان. شخصیت های داستان در راه آزادی و نابودی ظلم کشته می شدند. خودشون رو فدای دوستان شون و هدف بالاتر می کردند. مریدی که برای برملا کردن خیانت، جون خودش رو داد. با وجود این که دلش می خواست برای آخرین بار پادشاهی که بهش وفاداره رو ببینه. توبه کرده ای که (تقریبا) همه تا آخرین لحظه بهش مشکوک بودن و فکر می کردن خیانت می کنه و مجبور شد با فدا کردن خودش صداقت و وفاداریشو ثابت کنه. دلاوری که برای هدفش از جون همسرش هم گذشت و نخواست با دشمن معامله کنه. شمشیرزنی که زندگی خودش رو مدیون جیسون میدونست و حاضر شد به جای اون با تریور دوئل کنه و .. مرگ تک تک شون تاثیرگذار بود

  • Darlalala
    2019-06-19 05:56

    What? That's it? Sigh. I hope the next series would still include Jason and Rachel. Although I have a feeling that the main character's gonna ba (view spoiler)[Jason's daughter. I wonder who's gonna be the mom? Rachel or Corrine? I hope it's Rachel. (hide spoiler)].Anyway, this book is sloooooooow. So many inner thoughts especially in Rachel's chapters.Before reading:This must be good. I hope Jason could fight with swords better

  • Hannah Jayne
    2019-05-26 10:57

    i am emotional

  • Charlotte
    2019-06-02 08:46

    Really? That is how you are going to leave it? There is going to be another book or another series... right?Those were pretty much my exact thoughts upon finishing this book (well, I may have cleaned them up a little bit).When I picked up the first Beyonders book in Barnes & Noble shortly after it came out I ended up staying at Barnes & Noble until I had finished it. A completely unintentional read. I liked it. A lot.I have been waiting for this third book for what seems like ages. And I was not disappointed. Jason and Rachel are leading the rebels to overthrow Maldor. Everyone's favorite displacer is back along with the snarkiest seed person and all the other characters I became attached to in the previous 2 books.Did you get that Brandon? I am attached to them. All of them.As with the other 2 books this one is well written and thought out. Jason in particular is incredibly believable as a regular kid who somehow manages to make a place for himself in this new world.In as much as there can be believabilty in a a fantasy series Brandon Mull achieves it.And quite cleverly the book wraps up the story line that was started in A World without Heroes but keeps open the opportunity for more stories.If you haven't read this series you should.For a slightly extended review - with some spoilers check out

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-05-30 12:33

    Not too long ago I read several epic fantasies which I found excellent back to back. This is a great thing...except that then you end up comparing everything you read to those books.This is the third in what I find to be a very...mediocre series of books. The first time I tried to read the first book I pretty much decided not to follow it up. Still I kept running across those who liked them so I thought I'd give them another chance.This is third and climatic volume of the trilogy. It like the others sets out pretty much from where we left off in the last book. It also has the same habit of wandering around in it's storytelling setting up events and then interrupting itself to give you the details of a side issue in the middle of said events.The story here is very much a standard fantasy story and you will have seen it's like before (unless of course you're just learning to read and this is one of the first books you've picked up). That in itself isn't bad as most if not all ideas have been used over and over. Mostly it's how the ideas are used.Here they make a pretty good story told in a pretty good way. It is enjoyable in places, it's slow in places. Try it for yourself. See what you think.3 stars.

  • Andrew Marr
    2019-06-17 10:48

    After being mildly disappointed with the first two volumes of the series, the finale more than makes up for it. Finally, the world of Lyiria really feels thick and real and alive. Maybe it has to do with the two Beyonders feeling more and home there. With the oracle as a guide the plot is totally focused. At the same time, the oracle is scant on details and is declared to be only a remote hope, but the only hope for a good outcome, so there is room for much suspense and several powerful surprises. In his own quiet way, Jason blossoms as the de facto leader through his personal qualities even though he never acts like the leader. This finale makes the whole series well worth the time & effort to read it.

  • Elaney
    2019-06-21 06:47

    It was an excellent conclusion to the trilogy.(view spoiler)[my most prominent complaint would be that too many people died. I mean, did Ferrin have to die? What about Nia? Io? Drake? Tark? Nedwin? Ferrin definitely wasn't necessary. After the war ended, the epilogue is when Rachel leaves for the Beyond. I would have liked to see how Lyrian recovered after the war and how Jason and Rachel spent their rest of their time when they didn't need to be running around on quests to save Lyrian. (hide spoiler)] The quests were smart and everyone was on them for a specific reason. I also liked that throughout the book chapters were narrated by people other than Jason and Rachel. This was, in my opinion, the best book in the trilogy.

  • Laramort
    2019-06-24 07:42

    This was a good book but it was slower than the last two. I think its because of Rachel's side of the story which dealt with a lot of her inner turmoil, which wasn't exactly page turning. I don't think the series is completely over. I think he'll write another trilogy in the future but from Jason's daughter's point of view. I think the hint is there in the text and I think there are some loose ends he needs to tie up with Ebera.The part when Nedwin eats the worms at the end was awesome. It totally freaked me out and gave me bad dreams, but it really was great.

  • Lazybee
    2019-06-08 12:51

    The book was amazing. The parts were Rachel features was annoying. Other than that book was great.

  • Cj W
    2019-06-10 10:50

    Brandon Mull has delivered a heart wrenching finale to the Beyonders series, with 'Chasing The Prophecy'. The feels, is what I'll really say about that. Rachel and Jason face many struggles in the fight against Maldor, and these struggles, both physical and emotional, shape them for the final battle against Maldor, in hopes that standing with Galloran to save Lyria, was not in vain. Absolutely a series worth buying for your household collection folks, with a strong start, and eventful middle and a satisfying and just as strong finish. - CJ

  • Cori Reed
    2019-06-10 12:32

    3.5 Stars!

  • Ben
    2019-06-07 07:43

    I enjoyed this series. Great ending.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-18 10:33

    Okay... I'm a little bit torn between 3 stars and 4. But I ended up giving it 4 stars because overall, I really did like this book. And that's what 4 stars means "really liked it". BUT... There were parts of this book that just seemed to go on and on. I actually had two pages stuck together at one point. Thought my brain had misinterpreted a word or two, but I kept reading. It still made sense. A little odd, but not much had changed. After a page of reading I turned back to see what I had messed up... I skipped 2 pages and it hadn't really made a difference. Lots and lots and LOTS of internal turmoil. Which isn't my favorite thing to read. It just never feels like it moves the story forward. And there were entire chapters of one character reviewing their thoughts and feelings. Don't get me wrong, I want to know what the characters are thinking and feeling. But it was too much for me. This book is over 500 pages. It probably could have been scaled back... a lot. I'm just sayin... My only other problem with the book was the ending. I didn't hate it, but I'm not in love with it either. I think I need more time to process it and think about it some more.Overall, it was another really great adventure by Brandon Mull!

  • Amy
    2019-06-14 09:50

    This was a great ending to an excellent series. I have been blown away by the fantastic world Brandon mull has created. It has thoroughly sucked me in further with each book. The only thing I didn't like as much with this book was that Rachel and Jason had to split up for separate quests which left the reader skipping back and forth. I usually like the flow of one continuous story but it still read well. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves Harry potter type fantasies. It was so well written with the most exciting journeys and adventures and captivating characters and people!

  • Chad
    2019-06-23 09:34

    Funny. Great story. An epic adventure that kept my interest all the way through. Author, Brandon Mull, is great at storytelling and must be a Beyonder himself for doing such great research of Lyrian.

  • Hadessephy
    2019-06-13 12:59

    I already miss these characters and places! This is hands down just great story telling. A not to be missed series. Can Brandon Mull just move onto my house and tell me stories all night long?

  • Laura
    2019-05-26 11:49

    The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is because I felt the ending was too quick. The first 400+ pages build the suspense, then it ended too quickly! A great ending to an amazing series!