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The six Waynes, with no parents to guide them, are six violent individualists ranging in age from nine to twenty-four. Head of the household is Lucille, red-headed, forceful, determined to make this family a going concern.As a year’s experiment, Lucille parcels everyone out, while she herself takes a job as companion to an old lady. Eleven-year-old Simon and nine-year-oldThe six Waynes, with no parents to guide them, are six violent individualists ranging in age from nine to twenty-four. Head of the household is Lucille, red-headed, forceful, determined to make this family a going concern.As a year’s experiment, Lucille parcels everyone out, while she herself takes a job as companion to an old lady. Eleven-year-old Simon and nine-year-old Dominic go to an aunt and uncle. Ten-year-old Julie is popped into convent school. Nicholas is finishing off his army service and gentle, whimsical Roselle is making a muddle of being a secretary.Suddenly news from Lucille throws all the other Waynes into an uproar and precipitates a sensational family reunion. Converging on Lucille by bus, foot and bike, they proceed to shatter one of her dreams and help her to start another.Young and unexpected loves paves some of the way; an Italian Fuller Brush man and a retired school matron add a bit; and the indomitable small-fry clean up what’s left....

Title : The Lark Shall Sing
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The Lark Shall Sing Reviews

  • Judy Goodnight
    2019-05-13 22:28

    My mother introduced me to Elizabeth Cadell when I was first making the switch from children's books to adult books. Lo, these many years later, I still love to read EC's books. These are, in general, gentle romances, some with mysteries, about English gentlemen and gentlewomen.The Lark Shall Sing is one of my favorites. The Wayne family has always lived at Wood Mount House. After their father's death, oldest daughter Lucille looks after her ineffectual mother and the other children: Nicholas, Roselle, then after a large gap in years, the younger siblings - Simon, Julia & Dominic. After the mother's death, Lucille tries to keep the family together for a year but lack of funds brings them to the point where the family is split up & the house is let for a year. Nicholas is in the army finishing up his 2 year commitment, Roselle is working in London, the boys are living with an aunt & uncle, Julia is at a boarding school, and Lucille is a companion to an elderly lady but has recently become engaged. The year is up and their tenants have left and our story begins.Lucille returns to Wood Mount to put the house up for sale. She decides that this is the only option open to them and sends off letters to her siblings asking what items they wish to keep. This sparks off a mass exodus as all the brothers & sisters make their way home to protest her decision. The Wayne family members are just a delightful bunch of well-drawn characters. Along with a supporting cast of characters ranging from an ex-headmistress of a school to an Italian waiter, a lovable dog to a matinee idol, you can't help but enjoy this family and the way in which they settle their lives.

  • CLM
    2019-04-21 22:28

    A great reread! If you can find this at your library, check it out - that might stop some librarian from discarding it - and don't forget to read it. Here is a link to my review:

  • Emma Rose Ribbons
    2019-04-30 03:34

    A delightful novel, I'm happy I picked this as my first Cadell and I'm so happy she's being reprinted or at least available on Kindle now. She was really hard to track for years and it was frustrating because I kept seeing her name pop up next to some of my favourite authors. The Lark Shall Sing reminded me of Rosamunde Pilcher - it's about the family you have and the family you make, about roots and places that you call home. It's also a romance and a very funny study of an eccentric group of people who each have their own personality and come together after years of solitude. It made me long for those weekends I had as a child when I would take refuge in one of my grandparents' bedrooms with a book, waiting for someone to find me and listening to the clatter of dishes after lunch as the grown-ups were cleaning up, I would have the lulling laugh and chatter of my family in the background and would be upstairs in my quiet world but with the comfort that the presence of people gives you. I like those books that conjure up a feeling and The Lark Shall Sing is one of them.

  • Peggy
    2019-04-24 01:37

    This was my first Elizabeth Cadell, but it won't be my last. I love these old-fashioned British novels, especially when they're about quirky families like this one. It reminded me somewhat of both Margery Sharp and I Capture the Castle (although a bit more twee).

  • Rebekah
    2019-05-18 21:48

    Charming and humorous story of a 1950's English family in the country trying to stay a family in their beloved home. The oldest sister and head of the family (upon the loss of their parents) almost ruins her life and the lives of her 5 siblings by trying to sell the house and marrying a man totally wrong for her. Luckily, the rest of the family refuses to be bossed and split up. With the help of some "benefactors" along the way, who themselves need a family, everyone finds their hearts desire. Each of the brothers and sisters, and our heroine, Lucille, are very well drawn, interesting and likable. This gentle story has a few laugh out loud moments and some touching ones. Followed by two sequels, in which, I trust, all of the boys and girls find their destinies.

  • Carolyn
    2019-04-22 03:43

    One of my favorite older books to lift my spirits. I reread it at least once a year. It is a delightful story of an orphaned family of six siblings trying to keep together and maintain their plantation style home in England. They band together against the oldest sister to save the day. Humorous. The sequel is "Six Impossible Things" which I also reread often. You may have to find it at a used bookstore.

  • Susan Raymond
    2019-05-04 21:24

    Sweet,humorous, sophisticatedThis book tells the story of the Wayne family who live in Greenhurst in the Hampshire country side. Everyone in the large family of siblings dispersed after the death of their mother who left no money to care for the large home. When eldest sister Lucille decides it is time to sell it, everyone converges on the family home and hilarity ensues. Well drawn characters, humor, love, and family ties drive the plot of this well written book. I look forward to the publication of the sequel for Kindle.

  • Mina
    2019-04-23 03:47

    My most favorite nonChristian author.I read her books almost every year...have to put everyone on hold and still haven't found everyone of them. Very simple stories, this one very favorite, family stories, good conflicts, no bad language or inuendos, just simple clean fun to read. 1st in 3 of series.

  • Miki
    2019-04-21 22:39

    This book was funny - and the end was really different. Without spoiling anything, I can say the last scene was about - instead of the happy ever after ending for the lovers - the jilted fiance riding off into the sunset. Strange, but interesting.

  • Benita
    2019-05-07 21:34

    This book was recommended to me by a friend. This is the second book I've read by this author and I loved it as much as I loved the first one. I found myself smiling as I met each character. The book was delightful and I look forward to the sequel.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-10 03:36

    More like 3.5 stars. Some of the humor was a bit flip and the end was oddly abrupt, but other than that this was a delightful and entertaining story with uniquely drawn characters and a lovely setting,

  • Anne Boesiger
    2019-05-16 22:31

    LovedThis was an uttering charming book. The plot was gentle and absorbing. The humor was well placed and now I'm ready for book two.

  • Rachel
    2019-05-10 00:40

    Wonderful book about family, life, and growing up. My mom read it to us aloud on a car trip when I was young. Plenty of laughs. One of my very favorite books.

  • Sharon Stine
    2019-05-04 04:32

    Great old fashion Brit family saga. Loved opening chapters perfectly introduced this quirky family with so much humor

  • Janga
    2019-05-09 04:51

    I love the Waynes! This trilogy is my favorite Cadell reread.

  • Terry
    2019-05-04 23:24

    One of my favorite stories!

  • Peggy
    2019-05-01 02:32

    Delightful, light read. Will read more by this author.

  • Susan
    2019-05-05 21:26

    I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Cadell's books years ago when our library still carried them. It was a great pleasure to find them newly issued in paperback so I could have my own and re-read them whenever I want to. I also have #3 of the Waynes stories, but am holding off on that until #2 comes. This one is delightful. Lucille, the oldest daughter of a large family now orphaned, has taken care of them all for many years. But monetary problems and her impending marriage induce her to decide to sell their home (Wood Mount), since they are all away at school or jobs. However, when she writes to inform them of her decision, asking them to tell her which of their 'things' they would like to have from the attic, they all panic. Roselle throws up her job in London, Nicholas beggars himself to buy a motorcycle to come home, Julia runs away from school and tries to bicycle home to save her precious books. Even the youngest boys leave school and try to get home via train. In the process, they pick up a couple strangers and bring them home too. As everyone (including the strangers) settles happily into home life, Lucille, is faced by total mutiny. She is at a loss, and calls on her husband-to-be for help, but he is helpless, too. A lighthearted story of family life, with a little romance thrown in.

  • Wayne Bancroft
    2019-05-20 03:41

    Delightful book. It is labeled as a romance but it isn't. It's a story about a family and how they come together after being separated. The writing id excellent and provides a glimpse at life and attitudes during the period of time the books deals with. I enjoyed it immensely!

  • Virginia
    2019-04-23 20:42

    Lovely, cozy, engaging.

  • Mary Jo
    2019-05-03 22:38

    Somehow I missed this author when I was growing up. It was a very fun trip back to the books of my early teens. I will have to find ways to read more books in this series.

  • Anne Libera
    2019-05-05 21:52

    Charming, old fashioned, sweet British romance. Exactly the kind of comfort reading that I loved when I was an early teen. Fun to revisit that feeling.