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Three couple in crisis. Multiple friendships under pressure.On-off-on lovers Daniel and Tina return to their childhood town near Snowdonia. After twenty five years together, they marry in typically chaotic fashion, witnessed by old friends Victoria and Linda who become entangled in the drama, their own lives changing beyond recognition. But as all their marriages begin toThree couple in crisis. Multiple friendships under pressure.On-off-on lovers Daniel and Tina return to their childhood town near Snowdonia. After twenty five years together, they marry in typically chaotic fashion, witnessed by old friends Victoria and Linda who become entangled in the drama, their own lives changing beyond recognition. But as all their marriages begin to splinter, and damaged Victoria begins an affair with Daniel, the secret illness that Tina has been hiding emerges. Victoria’s crazed and violent ex-husband attempts to kill Daniel and nearly succeeds, in a fire that devastates the community. On the eve of their first wedding anniversary, Tina returns to face her husband- but is it to say goodbye forever, or to stay?This publication is written in British English. Spellings and grammatical conventions are conversant with the UK....

Title : white horizon
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  • Jo Barton
    2019-06-21 05:28

    The story opens with a wedding but as the possibilities of love and happy ever afters start to falter, three couples are faced with the realities of life in more ways than one. Tina, Daniel, Linda and Victoria are old friends, but time has changed the focus of their lives until one fateful year when their stories collide and coalesce and life for all of them will never be the same again. Set against the majestic background of Snowdonia, the skilful absorption of the beautiful Welsh countryside into the narrative sits comfortably alongside the close examination of personal relationships. What I loved most about the story is the way in which the author gets right into the heart and soul of what makes people tick. Totally unpretentious, these characters could be people you went to school with and the situations they find themselves in are done in such a considerate way, that I genuinely began to care what happened to them all.This story grabbed my attention from the very beginning and held me in its grip until I had read on, in the space of a couple of afternoons, to its timely conclusion. If you like well constructed stories within a contemporary setting, then I am sure you will love this author’s work as much as I do.

  • Elizabeth Jasper
    2019-06-16 22:39

    I reviewed this book for the Awesome Indies website, where only the best Indie books with the highest quality of writing and production are accepted.What a great read! From the very first sentence, the reader is intrigued by the events taking place. Who could not wonder why Victoria was not remotely interested in what appears to be the local wedding of the year? By the end of the third paragraph, by means of subtle signals, I was hooked - needing to know who were these rakish individuals getting married because of a drunken pact made years before, and why was Max not the pillar of society everyone imagined?The mixture of characters who have known each other for decades, but who find their lives once again entwined because of this unlikely wedding is a potent one, giving rise to painful truths, even more painful lies and a growing self-awareness amongst these old friends who, though they thought they were all grown up, find they still have quite a way to go.Smooth, wonderfully descriptive writing combined with perfect pacing make it very difficult to set this book aside. Dialogue is great - witty, realistic, appropriate for the ages of the characters and always engaging.Dealing with themes of love, desire, loss, disappointment and futility, but with healthy doses of optimism as the adults in this story find their way towards the rest of their lives, with the help of one another and, most interestingly, their children, this deep and thought provoking romance will raise questions in the reader's mind and revive feelings, memories and emotions that may have been long forgotten.

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-05-31 04:29

    4.5 starsDaniel and Tina decide to cement their on-off relationship of twenty-five years with a marriage ceremony in the town they grew up in, near Snowdonia in North Wales. They start their married life living in the hotel Daniel is renovating but things between the newly weds begin to crumble after just a few months. Tina is keeping an overwhelming secret and doing her best to deal with it in the only way she feels she can. By pushing Daniel away, partly to prove she can cope on her own because she never has had to. Daniel has always been there for her. Their old school friends, who haven’t seen each other for years, Victoria and Linda and their respective husbands, Max and Mike, are drawn into the resulting fall out which will affect not only those involved but their families as well.Linda and Victoria are experiencing their own marital problems and all three couples find themselves in difficult circumstances and with friendships at breaking point. Their lives can never again be the same and each of them will face a future they couldn’t have imagined. The terrible culmination of Victoria and Max’s relationship breakdown is horrifying and dramatic, resulting in destruction and death which devastates everyone in the community.The dynamics between the couples and their interwoven stories are written so well it’s impossible not to have a vivid picture of them, and be drawn in as they are ever more deeply involved in the developing story. Jan Ruth just seems to be able to get right inside the characters and make them totally real and believable, with well-developed and credible personalities. Their problems and emotions are handled sensitively and with honesty during the major life changes that affect them all. Serious issues, including spousal abuse and debilitating illness, are dealt with tactfully.A really good mix of characters, Daniel stood out for me and Victoria, who was the most damaged by her awful experiences. Great writing and precise attention to details – such an enjoyable read. The scenic descriptions are beautiful and bring the area to life adding an extra element to the story. Mainly, though, this is about how the strength of love and forgiveness, having friends and family win out in the end. http://betweenthelinesbookblog.wordpr...

  • carol
    2019-06-15 05:35

    This is a very good contemporary story about human relationships, intrigue and romance all set in a beautiful part of Snowdonia in North Wales. The place and people come to life in Jan Ruth's descriptive, very accomplished and realistic story. Her characters are well developed, plausible, as if real people, that the reader can't help but develop both affinities and aversions to, as I did. Her story begins at the wedding of Daniel to Tina with those dreaded events that gives it that black comedy feel. Along with Daniel and Tina, Victoria and Max, Linda and Mike are the three main couples each with serious problems within their own relationships. It sets the stage for facing the future, for change, for desire, romance and infidelities, for career changes, for health concerns and priorities, for new and old relationships, for their families and that ripple effect of cause and effect that go on to affect others so much, based on each person's actions and decisions. The underlying understanding of human nature, its strengths, weaknesses and aspirations all shine through in this well rounded story. The novel has been edited and the standard of English is very good.How things turn out, whether you think it right or wrong and the emotions you will surely develop for these characters in this well paced story; which has those cliff hanger events built in as all good stories should have, well, you will have to read for yourself. No spoilers from me. I loved it and am happy to recommend it with a deserved 5 stars

  • Eleri
    2019-06-11 02:48

    Wow. Just finished. I've laughed and cried, and cried a bit more, happy tears and sad ones. Daniel is amazing. Ms Ruth's best hero yet? Wow, yes, he warrants another wow. Strong and capable, warm hearted and sensitive. Loving and sexy. Looking for Mr perfect, here he is. Human though and open to confusion, hurt and reacting to it, just like the rest of us. Daniel is the main character, but the other characters are vivid and captivating too. Victoria is stunning, been through hell and turning her life round, Linda's story is the in the background too and is lovely. My favourite character other than Daniel was Tina. Scared here to give too much away. Every last character has their place in the book though and by the end most of them have found their way into your heart too :-) Fabulous. I loved it. So worth the wait. I know the area, and had wedding pictures taken at the lake featured, so for me that's an extra bonus, but people that don't know the area like I do will surely be drawn in. It really is this lovely round here.So now begins the wait for the next one . . . (I may just read it again though)

  • Alex Martin
    2019-06-07 01:28

    Please, please can I order a Daniel to take home. Doesn't need gift wrapping, I'll take him warts and all. Not that he had any. Just charm, chaos, integrity and a massive loving heart. Not a cardboard cutout hero but a real, believable man. He was joined by an able cast of characters, each with their own involving stories. Jan Ruth intertwines them all with great skill, humour and compassion. Luckily for me, I know she has two other books already written and I can't wait to wrap myself up in them, if they are half as good as White Horizon. A recommended read for grown-ups in the real world, we see here true to life characters struggling with challenges and problems we can all identity with. I was in love with all of them by the end, but Daniel will remain forever in my heart. Highly recommended reading.

  • Georgia Rose
    2019-06-12 05:42

    I was drawn to this book by the beautiful front cover and was so glad I’d chosen it. The main characters for me were Daniel, Tina, Victoria and Linda and this book tells the story of their tangled lives and of the family and friends around them. Besides the main characters, which are well fleshed out, there are many others that Ruth skilfully handles, threading their lives in amongst the main storyline. I really grew to care for the characters and what was going to happen to them in the wonderful setting Ruth had created for them. I won’t give any spoilers but this is a tender and unexpected love story, warm and emotional with sadness and light in just the right measure and I didn’t want to put it down.

  • Patrick Fox
    2019-05-30 03:56

    White Horizon is not the sort of book I would normally read, and, to be fair, I am not part of the target readership for the book. My usual reading consists of thrillers and crime fiction, but this year I have been trying other genres, which is how I came to read this book. And I am glad I did. There are as many twists and turns in this tale, as in the average thriller. The cast of characters are well-drawn and believable, and you are quickly drawn in to their lives. The locations are beautifully described. Jan Ruth is an author to watch, and I would recommend White Horizon to other male readers.

  • Seb
    2019-06-13 01:43

    ‘White Horizon’, one in a series of novels by Jan Ruth set in Snowdonia, is an expertly observed portrait of life in North Wales. I like the way the author captures the rhythm of life in the country, the wry humour of its people and their characteristic voices in the telling of tales and in their conversation. This story of three couples, their hopes and fears during changes in their lives, is handled masterfully and will draw you in. Jan Ruth is an accomplished storyteller, as is made clear on every page. Highly recommended.

  • Maggie
    2019-06-06 22:31

    I enjoyed this, the fist of Jan Ruth's books I've read. The tale of three intertwined couples is fast paced and takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster set in beautiful Snowdonia. Ruth writes about real people who find a place in the reader's heart.

  • Lynsey Brennan
    2019-06-24 22:35

    This was the second of Jan Ruth's novels I have read, and having thoroughly enjoyed the first (Wild Water), I was looking forward to reading another of her publications. Although I would describe Jan Ruth's novels as 'women's fiction' it is certainly not 'chick-lit' and she deals with some quite gritty and serious issues within her writing. White Horizon focuses on the relationships of three couples - Dan and Tina, Linda and Mike and Victoria and Max. The story begins at the wedding of Dan and Tina although it quickly becomes clear that things aren't quite as rosy as they seem. With the other couples being guests at the wedding, the old school friends catch up having not really kept in touch since high-school. Early on in the story it becomes apparent that these relationships will break down, mix and change with some quite tragic consequences.Jan Ruth is a very skilled writer and was able to interwine the three relationships with great ease and fluidity. However, with so many characters involved from the start I did find myself having to write down who everyone was and how they were linked. The characters are very real and develop in personality as the story progresses. At times, I felt the detailed characterisation took away from the fullness of the plot. However, ultimately this is a novel based on the lives of characters and for the fans of 'soap-opera style character drama' this is a must read!

  • Rosie Amber
    2019-05-31 22:28

    "The essentials of life; having someone to love, having something to do and something to look forward to," advice that Daniel Woods would probably agree with on his wedding day but words which he wouldn't actually understand until circumstances force his eyes wide open.White Horizon is a contemporary family relationships/ romance set in and around Snowdonia and Manchester. Dan and Tina are about to get married, a regular Bonnie & Clyde in their youth, they are finally tying the knot.With money behind him from a lucky inheritance and hard work Dan has bought Crafnant Hall and is turning it into a hotel. He's worked really hard on getting it all set up and is looking forward to running it with Tina alongside.Fellow guests at the wedding include old school friends Linda and Victoria, as Dan and Tina begin their married life Linda and Victoria both take a look at their own marriages and don't like what they see. With Dan and Tina's turbulent relationship everyone is in for a bumpy ride as Dan finds that he's surrounded by needy people who all want a part of him.Racing through life at the speed of the Porsche he drives Dan finds that there are some people you can't live with nor can you live life without them. Another good book in a familiar setting from Jan Ruth.

  • Debbie Bennett
    2019-06-03 23:33

    Dan and Tina, Linda and Mike, Victoria and Max. Three couples who haven't really kept in touch in all those years since school meet up at Dan and Tina's wedding and it's a catalyst for all of them. Different people, different lives and yet all are searching for happiness in their own way. For Dan, it's all about investing his inheritance - making a new life for himself and his new wife. But Tina has secrets of her own and when she won't confide in her husband, he turns to other arms for comfort. Victoria's husband is the jealous type and if he can't have his wife, the he's out to make sure nobody can. And meanwhile Linda's wondering just where she's gone wrong as she watches her friends moving on without her.The author dips in and out of each of their lives, showing us slices of reality - what makes them tick. Women readers will all be looking out for the gorgeously hunky, newly-rich and sexy Daniel. Male readers will probably be longing for uptight Victoria... But each of the characters has their faults and their virtues and that's what makes them real people with real lives. This isn't chick lit and it isn't literary fiction. Something in between? Does it even matter?Addictive stuff. My work didn't get done because I was too busy reading this!

  • Elizabeth Lloyd
    2019-06-18 04:33

    This novel begins with the wedding of Daniel and Tina after they have been together in a tempestuous relationship for 25 years. It is witnessed by the whole local community including old school-friends Linda and Victoria whose own marriages are disintegrating. From the moment that Daniel walks into the church in old torn jeans, covered in plaster, it looks as if this marriage is also on the rocks but is it just the curse of the hotel which Daniel has just taken over?Cefn Cyfarwydd, Daniel’s hotel, is in a beautiful setting by a lake and he has restored it sympathetically. Jan Ruth’s description made me long to book in for the weekend and the food sounded delicious too! But Tina hates being buried “in the middle of nowhere” and she has health worries which she is hiding from Daniel. Linda’s husband has left her for a young Polish girl and Victoria’s respectable husband, Max, is a sadistic bully, behind closed doors.The stage is set for life changing decisions by all the main characters, complicated by Daniel’s extended dysfunctional family, who provide humour and tragedy within the storyline. It would seem as though there can be no fairy-tale ending but the denouement is eminently satisfying. Another page-turner by Jan Ruth about passionate, real people.

  • Bodicia
    2019-06-14 02:40

    The scene is set by the lovely Victoria who has an abusive husband Max. I felt a lot of compassion for her in the beginning but then as the book went on my feelings towards this character began to change as her true colours came to the forefront. There are a lot of emotions in this book; lives are entangled and decisions made which threaten the happiness of all. The heroine for me was Tina who showed them all what true love really is.I found myself quite emotionally involved, particularly with Tina and Daniel whose situation I couldn’t help feeling a lot of compassion for. Daniel gets caught up in trying to get the hotel off the ground and along the way fails to notice what is really happening with his wife, mistakenly thinking she doesn’t want him anymore and getting swept up in looking after the vulnerable Victoria whose dangerous husband is determined she will not leave the marital bed as he seeks to finally control her once and for all.This book is filled with characters who shine and slot in to place beautifully and it has an absorbing plot. A difficult book to put down. Jan Ruth’s books are going to find a permanent place on my bookshelf; a wonderful storyteller!

  • Natasza Waters
    2019-06-18 22:58

    Usually a story line has a beginning, a middle and an end. White Horizon has a middle and an evolution. Dropping into the every day lives of a large character cast is difficult, but Jan was able to introduce her characters quickly. Daniel the good-hearted but flawed hero, his wife and long time love Tina, who I didn't care for at all, and his rebound love interest Victoria, a woman who grew wings and left an abusive husband, were the main characters. I personally love dialogue written by authors from the U.K. I find it quick and edgy. There is plenty of inner voice going on in this story with all the characters POV's, but it wasn't repetitive and kept the story moving along. There's no real climactic point in this story, but instead the reshaping of hearts and minds battling struggles that many face in life. I hope Jan gives a go at writing action one day. She did a good job crafting the scene for the fire and when Victoria leaves Max. Any place named "Snowdonia" is worth a read. One of the best arcs in this novel is the beautiful descriptions given of North Wales and the hotel where the story is centered. Nice Read Jan...Natasza

  • ReadAlong With Sue
    2019-06-13 23:29

    I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I didn't know what to expect as I've not read one of Jan Ruth's publications before. I started this book on an evening where I could sit by myself with no distractions, I do that each time I start a new book. As I said, I didn't know what to expect, but this lived up to more, much more to my expectations than I thought. I was drawn to the cover, excellent cover, then to what the story was going to be about. Thing is, that's just the tip of the iceberg, the story get's larger, more intriguing and draws you in, before you know it, several hours have gone past. The author gave me this book as a gift in exchange for a fair review, I can give this author MORE, much more than a fair review, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will certainly not say NO to any of her books. Thank you Jan. Its given me many hours of pleasure.The characters in the book opened up so well, the story that developed was clinching, and when things turned a little, you wondered which way things would go. Enthralling.

  • Joanne
    2019-06-11 02:33

    This is the first novel by Jan Ruth that I've read, and I wasn't disappointed. I loved the way the narrative followed three couples whose lives were intertwined, and the author didn't shy away from difficult topics, or gloss over the complications that arise in difficult relationships. At first, the writing seems deceptively simple and straightforward, but before long I was so immersed in the lives of the characters I found myself thinking about them when away from the book, and I finished far more quickly than I usually manage! Jan Ruth handled all the disparate parts of the story well, never once allowing the reader to lose a thread, and satisfyingly bringing all the parts together at the end. The characters were well drawn and totally believable, and writing this review a couple of weeks after finishing the book I can still bring them to mind with ease. I'll definitely be downloading more of Jan's books in the future.

  • Bernadette Robinson
    2019-05-26 04:57

    The story centres mostly on Daniel and Tina who have known each other since being at School together. As we meet them we are thrown into their Wedding and given some insight into their relataionship and family. Before long though things happen and the relationship between Daniel and Tina takes a turn for the worse.We are introduced to two other couples who are friends of theirs and before long the relationships of all six are being interwoven and at times it's hard to know where one couple ends and another one begins. At times I do admit to getting a little muddled with who was with who but that's not a fault of the story at all, more to do with the way I spent my time reading it. I'd recommend reading it and giving it your attention to get the best out of it.With a beautiful Welsh backdrop again, Jan Ruth delivers a compelling read that begs for your attention, I just wish I'd been able to give it my full attention.

  • Ruby Barnes
    2019-06-03 03:31

    I really enjoyed White Horizon. The characters are so real I can instantly retrieve them from my memory, even now several weeks after having finished reading. Daniel's touches of humour, his natural confidence and haphazard approach to life are a breath of fresh Welsh mountain air. Tina embodies a misguided self-sacrificing mentality that can be so destructive. Victoria - exquisite in her vulnerability but self-serving. It can be a challenge to distinguish between the players in a tangled web plot like White Horison but, from the first time each character is introduced, they come to life as unqiue individuals.The settings are beautiful and the pace is perfect. It had me picking up my kindle at every opportunity to find out where Jan Ruth was taking me next. If you like literary fiction with a dollop of romance and thrills then I highly recommend this one.

  • Jeannette Christer
    2019-06-04 22:32

    I couldn't put this down. It is a real page turner. I love Jan Ruth's books as they are gritty and real and she knows how to write. The characters are so real that you can't help thinking about how they are going to end up after all the heartache. The realism and family dramas are so believable that the reader can't help but be drawn into their lives. The backgrounds and settings are all described with accuracy and the friendships which are challenged between the pages of this story are recognisable to the reader as someone, somewhere, that you've known yourself.I'm going to download the next one now and look forward to another great read. Thoroughly recommended and deserves the five stars!

  • Christoph Fischer
    2019-05-28 06:46

    “White Horizon” by Jan Ruth is a gripping relationship drama set in the beautiful Welsh Mountains of Snowdonia. Three couples face their own respective issues as one couple marries only to fall out soon after.Each character is drawn deeply and with secrets, affairs and some terrible issues to deal with, the book has a lot going on within the space of just one year. Ruth deals with all issues sensitively and shows the turmoil her characters are going through well.I loved the title, which implies hope and faith in a better tomorrow. Love and friendship are strong despite the adversities. The descriptions are beautiful, the characters feel real and you’ll enjoy spending a full year’s circle with them. If you like a deep and honest drama this is for you.

  • Shani Struthers
    2019-06-06 04:35

    I've read a few books lately that I haven't really got on with so I needed a sure fire hit. Having read two of Jan Ruth's books already, I thought this would be a safe bet. Well it was but more than that it was hard to put down! Perhaps my favourite so far, I loved the two main characters Dan and Tina but to be honest, all of the supporting cast were great (with the exception of bad guy, Max!) As I've come to expect from Ruth, the plot is tight, the Welsh location evocative and the people down to earth and therefore easy to relate to. It's a story of all-too human emotions, what can go wrong in life, dreams and expectations shattered but then rebuilt in often surprising ways. It's great to have found an author I know I can rely on.

  • Carol W
    2019-05-26 22:41

    The novel takes place over a year in the life of these main characters and right from the outset I really cared for these characters, even when I was really not sure of some of the choices they made. Oh my goodness, this novel, was gritty, gripping and a real page turner.It was realistic and not sensationalised. I really enjoyed the author's writing style and ability to draw me right into these relationships. I shall be reading more of Jan Ruth's novels. One of my Top reads for this year! 5 out of 5 for meReview copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Penelope
    2019-06-13 05:46

    Friends drawn together decades later, at the marriage of school pals. The stories of each couple are woven together into a well told story; each showing their own weaknesses and realisations of what each of their needs now are. For Victoria, Daniel was just a stepping stone. One that often happens after a marriage of abuse and manipulation. Tina too shortsighted to see the goodness in the man she has just married.The characters are strong and believable. Beautiful scenes brought to life by great descriptive prose.

  • Peggy
    2019-06-02 02:44

    An amazing story line that is so well written and lessons to be learned as well as all the twist and turns that you will read right here in this book! Jan Ruth was a new-to-me author and I am very pleased with reading her book! Them emotions run high as Ruth takes you in and out of the lives of the characters. You get the sense as you play the role as if it's happening to you right then and there! With so many issues that lay in some of the relationships, I can't tell you that you won't scream and yell at the book...Believe me you will!

  • Bibliophile Book Reviews
    2019-06-15 05:38

    An amazing story line that is so well written and lessons to be learned as well as all the twist and turns that you will read right here in this book! Jan Ruth was a new-to-me author and I am very pleased with reading her book! Them emotions run high as Ruth takes you in and out of the lives of the characters. You get the sense as you play the role as if it's happening to you right then and there! With so many issues that lay in some of the relationships, I can't tell you that you won't scream and yell at the book...Believe me you will!

  • Ey
    2019-06-03 05:29

    White Horizon has more drama than any soap opera. I loved it. There is so much life in each character you become invested in what happens to them. I read their stories wishing I had a remote to fast forward to see what would be the next thing to happen to them because the suspense was so unbearable. Jan is a thorough descriptive writer who causes you to live right along with the characters. (C) Ey Wade 2012 all rights reserved and all rights granted to the author of reviewed book.

  • Ian
    2019-06-23 02:35

    A rewarding read here from Jan Ruth. This story set in and around Wales is very descriptive of not only the characters but of the locations as well.The roller coaster ride that is the life of Daniel and Tina is the base of this story.The story was gradually unravelled quite expertly by the author and having got to THE END I was left hoping there might be a `part two' to follow at some point in the future.

  • Deborah
    2019-06-18 22:36

    Beautiful descriptions, fantastic characters and a believable plot that holds your attention from page one to the end. This book kept me reading until I had finished it in one sitting. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the relationships between all of the main characters. Definately recommended reading for those who like a romance that isn't overly slushy.