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A simplified version of the classic tale of a talking wooden puppet whose nose grew longer whenever he told a lie....

Title : Pinocchio and His Puppet Show Adventure
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ISBN : 9780394826264
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 42 Pages
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Pinocchio and His Puppet Show Adventure Reviews

  • Eman Saud
    2019-06-19 04:19

    قصة طفولية ممتعة. استمعت إليها صوتيا. للطفل الخشبي الذي يطول أنفه عندما يكذب. حتى يكتشف أن الحقيقة تعيد إليه أنفه وأن لا يبدد المال على أمور غير مهمة. كما اكتشف أنه لم يغرق عندما سقط في الماء لأنه مصنوع من الخشب ولكن فرحته تتبدل إلى مفاجأة. وكما في القصص الخيالية النهايات دائما سعيدة.

  • Dharia Scarab
    2019-06-13 05:15

    My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community. They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause. If your local I encourage you to check them out. For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place. And if not, you can always help start one., I go out on the weekends andshop thrift store and bulk book lots to rescue books and donate them. Sometimes I'll find a book I remember reading when I was young and will read it again before passing it on.I don't rate these books using my normal scale, instead I give most of them three stars. This isn't a Criticism of the book, simply my way of rating them as good for children.

  • Krista Basilio
    2019-06-24 06:03

    Geppetto works on a wooden marionette boy he names Pinocchio for his "wooden-head". Before falling asleep, Geppetto makes a wish on a falling star that Pinocchio could become a real boy. Long after Geppetto had fallen asleep, the Evening Star begins to glow, and comes through the window. Then, the gorgeous Blue Fairy appears to grant Geppetto's wish and brings Pinocchio to life, though he is still a puppet. The fairy tells Pinocchio that if he wants to become a real boy of flesh and blood he must prove himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish and able to tell right from wrong by listening to his conscience. Pinocchio does not understand what a conscience is, and Jiminy appears to explain it to him. The Blue Fairy asks if Jiminy would serve as Pinocchio's conscience, a task he accepts.When Geppetto is awaken by some brief ruckus, he discovers that his wish has come true and is filled with joy, and the next day he sends Pinocchio to school. However, Pinocchio is led to the conniving con artists Foulfellow and Gideon, who convinces him to join a puppet show led by Stromboli, a bossy puppeteer. Pinocchio becomes Stromboli's star attraction, but when Pinocchio offers to come back in the morning, Stromboli locks Pinocchio in a birdcage to stop him from leaving. Jiminy goes into the caravan to wish Pinocchio "good-luck", thus realizing than Pinocchio had been duped into servitude. When Jiminy is unable to break the padlock, the Blue Fairy comes to discover that Pinocchio played hooky and as Pinocchio lies, his nose grows into a tree-branch with a bird's nest. The Blue Fairy explains the consequences of lying to Pinocchio, that lies can "grow and grow, until it's as plain as the nose on his face". At the pleas of Jiminy, the Blue Fairy frees Pinocchio from the cage, but warns him that it's the last time she can help him.During Pinocchio's captivity, Honest John and Gideon meet the Coachman at the Red Lobster Inn to talk business. The Coachman explains that he is seeking foolish boys to dupe into going to Pleasure Island. Honest John worries that the police will intervene and the Coachman says that there's no risk, and implies that the boys do not ever come back as humans. Pinocchio is determined to behave, but on his way back to Geppetto's house, Pinocchio is once again led astray by Honest John and Gideon, who convince him to go to Pleasure Island. On his way he befriends Lampwick, a misbehaved and destructive boy. Then Jiminy discovers the island has a curse that transforms boys who "make jackasses of themselves" into real donkeys, who are then sold to work in the salt mines and circuses as part of an evil racket run by The Coachman. While playing pool with each other, Lampwick is soon transformed into a donkey, but Pinocchio and Jiminy manage to escape in time before the curse hits Pinocchio, although he is left with a donkey's ears and tail.Upon returning home, they find the workshop empty and soon learn from a letter by the Blue Fairy that Geppetto, while venturing out to sea to rescue Pinocchio from Pleasure Island, had been swallowed by a giant whale named Monstro. Determined to rescue his father, Pinocchio jumps into the bottom of the ocean, with Jiminy accompanying him. However, Pinocchio is soon found and eaten by Monstro, where he is reunited with Geppetto and his pets inside the whale. Pinocchio devises an escape plan by burning wood in order to make Monstro sneeze. The plan works, but the enraged whale gives chase. Pinocchio sacrifices his life to save his father. As Geppetto, Jiminy and the pets mourn Pinocchio's battered wooden-body, the Blue Fairy decides that Pinocchio has proven himself unselfish and thus fulfills her promise to turn him into a real boy, bringing him back to life, much to the delight of Geppetto and Jiminy.

  • Amanda
    2019-06-04 06:00

    This book is a written version of Walt Disney’s famous movie, Pinocchio. This book includes the same main characters as the Disney movie; Pinocchio, Geppetto, and Jiminy Cricket. As in the movie, Pinocchio learns that being dishonest is not a good thing as each time he tells a lie his nose grows larger and larger, and causes even more trouble for poor Pinocchio. Eventually, Pinocchio gets himself kidnapped by a mean puppet master. Despite his puppet son’s deviant behavior Geppetto rescues Pinocchio. Then, as Pinocchio tells Geppetto the truth about what had happened that day, Pinocchio’s nose shrinks down to its original size. This story would be good to include in an elementary school classroom because it teaches children the value of honesty through a character and a story that most children already know and can identify with. The fact that this book is based on a popular Disney

  • Erika Gregory
    2019-06-18 05:15

    I always loved reading Disney stories as a child, and would love to use them within my own classroom one day. Pinocchio has an amazing meaning. Pinocchio's nose grows as he lies and wants nothing more than to be a "real boy". I think using this with children would be incredibly beneficial. You could teach them that lying is bad and how others may look different than us, but we should treat everyone the same and with kindness. Everyone has feelings and treating them differently hurts them. This would be good for a bullying lesson and show students the significance of feelings.

  • Robert
    2019-06-21 04:14

    Unlike other small board books, this one actually tells the story of Pinocchio. Sure, it's only a handful of pages, but it has a progression to it. A young child would be able to gain from this, unlike the Lion King one that was in this series.Cute, but nothing outstanding.

  • Adrienne
    2019-06-17 23:05

    I've had this book since I was a little kid, and it was fun to read it with my own kids today. Cute story and illustrations.

  • Theresa
    2019-06-01 05:14

    Pinocchio and His Puppet Show AdventureWalt Disney Companybeautiful pictures from a retelling

  • Asha Seth
    2019-06-14 23:24

    Review to follow!

  • Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland
    2019-06-01 04:29

    A great children's book

  • Lori
    2019-06-12 07:10

    Dusting books. Sitting down and reading a lot of my kids young books! This adaptation of the book is perfect for beginner readers. As always, cute characters, a lesson to be learned.