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Her husband...a strangerCaptive for seven years, Lord Guy of Hartford has lived for the moment when he would see his adored wife once more. But as he enters his keep, his own men do not recognize him, and Elizabeth's guilt is plain for all to see. Could she have betrayed him?Elizabeth hardly knows her husband in this remote, battle-scarred stranger. Yet the passionate desiHer husband...a strangerCaptive for seven years, Lord Guy of Hartford has lived for the moment when he would see his adored wife once more. But as he enters his keep, his own men do not recognize him, and Elizabeth's guilt is plain for all to see. Could she have betrayed him?Elizabeth hardly knows her husband in this remote, battle-scarred stranger. Yet the passionate desire between them cannot be denied. Can she find her way back into his arms--and to the love they once shared?...

Title : Bedded By Her Lord
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ISBN : 9780373294749
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 290 Pages
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Bedded By Her Lord Reviews

  • Bakudis
    2019-06-02 10:15

    AOW damn! why i must read this, the title is good so i guess the story too but NO. Its was dissapointing. YEAH first and maybe the last Denise Lynn book i read. The plot is so vague. So many uncertain thing and unresolved problem in this book.Hero go to war and thought dead by most of people especially his wife, but after seven years became slave in the other land he came back alive.The day Guy go home, he found his wife Elizabeth give birth to another man child, OUCH! shit, it hurt you know. So his wife commit aldutery, so what? she thought he was dead and i think seven years its enough time to be mourn.Even Gay not fault her and the baby of course, its because his gallant knight or what? i don't know but still he feel raw and betrayed and he doesn't want go mad to his wife and the baby. Guy doesn't know want to do. He changed of course after all the years became slave more hard and firm. But Elizabeth always think she's a whore full with sins, and this replay again again and again. i know.. i know.. you're a sinner so don't say it again Okey?So what's the matter with this story? pufffhhh :(First there a visitors came to Hartford to tell news about his husband death, they stay for weeks in their house. At night she organize a party (or according to her "small celebration) a wake honour the memory of Guy's life. WHAT? you decide to party after hear about your hubby dead, upps sory if i don't get it. Leader from the groups decide to became Lord of Hartford, promise to protect Hartford,your people and your self so jump and trust that??? Elizabeth betrothed and bedded the man, and turn out she being duped by the man, so she feel shame.She tell lies to Guy about the truth situation, she not attend the party, she wasn't drunk, she sob alone in alcove. and then i thought the heroine rape by another man, so i guess it's not her fault. because of this word:"It would be easy to cry rape, but she did not want anyone,especially Guy, to think Lysette was a product of such a violent union. Elizabeth clasped her hands together, tightlytwisting her fingers to keep from crying and stared up at the sky. ‘Nay. No force was used.’Nothing explain how she can sex with the man, so i get my own conclusionsits seem, maybe she sleep with other man cos she feel lonely and sad and not if i'm not wrong she even call him Guy at the fatefull night, or because she feel complacent and owe the man for dream promise to protected Hartford.Yet she admit again and again to herself about her guilty, shame and lies. she even admit to herself about became so easy to tell lies. Guilty i get it but about lies she think? Lies about what? just so opaque not clear. That she almost give Hartford to the man, how she stupidly way put Hartford in state of danger or WHAT?I read, reaaaaddddd... to know about this full story but noooo i can't get the answer. The lies still hang in there, how about the secret Guy keep, what secret i don't see any secret in there.Just man with wound in and out his body, different from gentle lord before the war and slavery, of course he changed. what you accepted? JEEEZZZ Elizabeth must you so insensitivity.

  • Lynn
    2019-06-15 04:20

    This story was angsty and a twist in the usual genre of the cheating spouse..... from the moment he steps back into camp after being gone for many years... he was a hero.SPOILERSWalking back into the castle he finds his wife giving birth, while he had been away being held captive as a slave in a foreign country. He puts everythinga side as he aides her in the birth as well as helps in immeidately having the child baptized as his, giving her protection, he cared for the child the entire three weeks that his wife was incapacitated. He was quite the hero...although he did come back with a issue with bloodlust and rage (never directed at a those in his protection). She however irritated she lied to him for I felt stupid reasons, and I just could never like her after that... the cheating was only a cheat as in he was alive (not dead as she was told by the villian in this story) but she lied alot about stupid things... he was a wonderful of my very favorites a 5 * hero, but she to my sadness was at best a one and half star heroine.

  • Tilda
    2019-05-24 05:09

    3,5 stars.

  • Toni
    2019-06-10 10:26

    Guy of Hartford was abducted while on patrol for the king and spent seven years as a gladiator in an unnamed enemy kingdom. Now free, he returns to his estate to find himself not only unrecognized by his own men but in time to help deliver his wife's illegitimate daughter. Though Guy recognizes the child as his, his wife and his people give conflicting stories of its conception, one of the many problems Guy must now face. A more serious one is his continued bloodlust, learned during his years of bondage, an overpowering surge of temper which only violence and bloodshed can assuage. As he tries to overcome this, reconcile himself to his wife, and once more accept a peacetime life, the true father of the child reappears, demanding his daughter, his wife, and his lands. Elizabeth and the child are kidnapped. Guy discovers the other men who were his fellow gladiators have also lost their wives. The price to get them back...that they all return to their former master, as his slaves...This is a well-written story, and an interesting one but it does raise some questions which are never answered. It appears Guy is suffering from what would now be called PTSD and though not much delving into what went on during his slavery is done, the little mentioned would definitely be the cause. His quick acceptance of his wife's child is surprising and doubtful, as well as the way he vaccilates back and forth in justifying her "infidelity," then refuting it. There are so many seemingy contradictory actions. A man is dismissed merely because he says one sentence without thinking. (That foreshadows his turning against Guy later on, of course.) The reason for Elizabeth's adultery is never truly explained. Obviously there was some trickery involved, but why? Instigated by whom? Also why would a ruler make a journey deep inside enemy territory merely to retrieve some men he'd already freed and try to force them back into slavery? Were the gladiator games that important? Was his own bloodlust so overpowering he'd risk a war to retrieve them? The king's reaction to this breach of peace is pretty mild, too.If you can gloss over those problems, you'll find this a well-written piece.This novel was a gift to the reviewer and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review.

  • Alice M. Black
    2019-05-27 08:29

    después de haber leído esta historia, siendo que tenia un gran potencial, pero que se desaprovecho, no emocionándome en lo más mínimo, incluso aburriéndome a ratos, especialmente con la llegada de Guy a su castillo, después de varios años de cautiverio, fue muy raro y decepcionante, que aceptara de primera un bebe que no era suyo, y todo lo demás...y toda la trama, que pudo haber sido dramática, se perdió ...El final y todo, no sorprende, a pesar de que pudo ser más...

  • Vmontgzz
    2019-06-12 10:31

    Lei Esclavo y Señor de Denise Lynn, esta bien para pasar el rato, nunca habia leido nada parecido a el lo tuvieron de esclavo gladiador al fin gano su libertad y volvio a casa para encontrarse con que no lo reconocian de entrada y luego que despues de 7 años de ausencia la primera vez que ve a su esposa es dando a luz.

  • Frances
    2019-05-28 04:23


  • Samantha
    2019-06-09 06:11

    This book was okay but not one of her better stories, was disappointed with it.

  • Julie
    2019-05-25 08:19

    If you are looking for trashy romance central, you've found it. I picked this book up mainly for the title of the book. It really helped on three consecutive sleepless nights. light reading.

  • NorthernLightsGirl
    2019-06-15 04:26

    I did not like this one..... I could not get past the fact that Guy came home after 7 years to his wife in labor.

  • Lona Laughman
    2019-05-27 10:27

    Not one of my favorites but, it passed the time for the dryer to finish