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YOU'VE NEVER MET A HEROINE LIKE LADY ANNE PECKWORTH.The sheltered daughter of a duke, she has always been a perfect lady, even when jilted. Twice. Now, however, she's angry, and she's angry at the single most reckless, most irresponsible, most irresistible man she's ever known ...YOU'VE NEVER MET A HERO LIKE RACE DE VERE.Far below Anne's station in life, he has invaded herYOU'VE NEVER MET A HEROINE LIKE LADY ANNE PECKWORTH.The sheltered daughter of a duke, she has always been a perfect lady, even when jilted. Twice. Now, however, she's angry, and she's angry at the single most reckless, most irresponsible, most irresistible man she's ever known ...YOU'VE NEVER MET A HERO LIKE RACE DE VERE.Far below Anne's station in life, he has invaded her orderly world like a pirate, tempting her to the edge and beyond. He leads her into impropriety, into wickedness, and then into the most dangerous step of all --- the adventure that could win or lose her everything in one hazardous night ......

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Hazard Reviews

  • Elis Madison
    2019-04-26 22:22

    Anne Peckworth has been jilted. Again. Well, maybe not officially jilted, but still… Two men have courted her, hinted that they meant to declare themselves soon, only to dash off and turn up again married to totally unsuitable women. Anne forced herself to be a good sport about it. She was born with a "bad" foot (we're never quite clear what's wrong with it). She limps, and, to be comfortable, she has to wear special, fugly shoes.As a result, Anne's never felt like "a catch," and Con's jilt only makes matters worse. She might be content to leave off the marriage mart and focus on researching the family history, but: A) she doesn't want to be the fifth wheel around the family estate when her brother Uffham marries, and B) her younger sister is pining to marry a young war hero who has returned home wounded and struggling. Marianne can't marry until Anne does, and Percy's care in his own family home is not ideal, so there's obviously some urgency for Anne to get her butt down the aisle.Enter Race de Vere. He's nobody, a low-born toady attached to Uffham's coattails, and in a previous book, a secretary of sorts to one of the Rogues. He's kind, he's also a history geek, and he's hot, but he's also two kinds of trouble. With two Rogues jilting Anne, they all feel a bit responsible to make sure she's OK. So they sent Race. I guess, in theory, he's just supposed to make sure she's OK, but in reality he sees this little backwards mouse, hiding behind her limp, and he thinks she's better than that. So he teaches her the incomprehensible game Hazard (hence the title), and plays a little "tickle the uvula" while he's at it. They part ways, and for the next 200 pages, she transforms herself into a hussy, and he drops in and out. Not much really happens, except they obsess over the "tongue-lashing" they gave each other, and the fact that he's "beneath her" (not in the good way). Frankly, it gets tedious. When they finally connect again, he looks at her "wrong" (or something), and the next thing you know, she's halfway to bigamy—and on her way to Gretna. Race magically connects a lot of dots and gives chase. When he catches up, he's all And she's allThe strangely familiar highwayman who promptly abducts them, makes them strip, and locks them overnight in an attic, is all…And I'm all Three stars—but only because it picks up towards the end.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-05-03 22:29

    I let some days go by since I've finished this and now I can't remember half of what I wanted to say. I had been looking forward to Lady Anne's book because she got such a raw deal in two of the George books and handled it with grace and equanimity. I also liked Race from the George stories so was looking forward to seeing him with Anne. And yeah, you'll probably need to read the prior three stories to appreciate this book.Unfortunately, while still a Beverley novel and not sucking, there were two things that annoyed me down to three stars (enough that I still remember them). First is that Race was both obstinate in the "I'm not worthy" and takes action to make decisions for both of them "for their own good". I could have handled one of those in moderation, but having the first permeate the story and the second nearly ruin it was rather frustrating. Second, Anne behaves completely irrationally in response to falling for Race and it felt completely manipulated. (view spoiler)[She ends up doing to two other guys what had been done to her by the Georges—withdrawing expectation for an engagement after setting them up. It felt like Beverley was doing this purely for symmetry and she had to manipulate Anne's otherwise steady character to do so. Clumsy. (hide spoiler)]Anyway, this was a solid three stars throughout, but never really went higher.A note about Steamy: Uh. There were explicit sex scenes. One or two. I forget. Middle of my range, at any rate. And apparently completely forgettable.

  • Elle
    2019-05-18 22:26

    YOU'VE NEVER MET A HEROINE LIKE LADY ANNE PECKWORTH.The sheltered daughter of a duke, she has always been a perfect lady, even when jilted. Twice. Now, however, she's angry, and she's angry at the single most reckless, most irresponsible, most irresistible man she's ever known ....YOU'VE NEVER MET A HERO LIKE RACE DE VEREFar below Anne's station in life, he has invaded her orderly world like a pirate, tempting her to the edge and beyond. He leads her into impropriety, into wickedness, and then into the most dangerous step of all -- the adventure that could win or lose her everything in one hazardous night....EHHHHH..... This is not up to the authors usual standards... I've read most of the Company of Rouges series and this is by far my least favorite... Anne and Race seem perfectly fine too bad they have little to no interaction... I only made it to about page 300, and I doubt i'll finish it... they meet at Anne's sisters home where she is visiting, her sister is late in her pregnancy and she goes into labor, Anne being unmarried is unable to attend the birth and is stuck worrying late into the night w/ her drunken brother, brother in-law, and her brother's friend Race. They pass the time playing a game of dice and while her family members get drunker and drunker Anne and Race get closer and closer. When the baby is born and her brother in-law distracted (and her brother passed out in a near by arm chair) Anne and Race have a nice little make out session. He leaves the next day and Anne runs off to London to find herself a husband, they meet in London but because she is daughter to a duke and therefore out of his reach he pushes her away... and from there on there's practically no interaction between the two.The rest of the story (as far as I've read) is him thinking about her and her comparing her huge amount of suitors to Race... she wants him she doesn't want him she just keeps changing her mind... she accepts two different proposals secretly wish the other man was Race breakes it off with the first "Race wanna-be" who is boring to accept the second "Race wanna-be" and they run off to elope... and Race (I assume) will chase after her and they'll get married have some babies and live happily ever after.... but 200+ pages of him wanting her and her wanting him and never acting on it, of them never speaking and rarely even being in the same town at the same time was soooo boring! I gave up and didn't finish might have been a good book if the characters interacted with each other!

  • Ilze
    2019-04-29 23:16

    Lots of fun, a real romp, a lovely book. The mousey and lame Lady Anne Peckworth, who was jilted by 2 of the Rogues characters in other books, finally breaks out of her shell, decides to grab her life and live it, and goes looking for a mate. The book's core is her inner transformation as she observes the people and couples around her and changes in her views of love and marriage. Race is the perfect mate for her (besides being scrumptious in general), but because he is of a much lower social standing, neither one of them thinks it would work out and for a large part of the book they try to avoid their true feelings. But love wins in the end, when Anne finally figures out what she really needs and goes after it. Some brilliantly-written sections - the first section with the dinner, the craps game amd the birth of Anne's sister's baby, the theatre performance with Mrs Hardcastle, the big love scene - and some hilarious ones, like the fight between Race and Tris and the scene where Race has to sober up Frances' husband so he can see the new baby. The middle section where Anne and Race are determined to avoid each other drags a bit, but not too much. Just one annoying thing about Anne, who is otherwise a really delightful heroine - she slaps Race in the face several times - it just didn't feel right for the situations they were in, which she instigated, or for Anne as a character.

  • Gail
    2019-05-04 21:17

    This is a second reading, the first being several years ago, probably around the time it was first published. I liked it then and liked it again this time. Sufficient time passed between so there was only a vague feeling of familiarity. I remembered the trouble with de Vere's name, and that Lady Anne had been disappointed twice, but that was about it. It's a good story.

  • Amelia
    2019-05-05 22:08

    I have a shelf of old paperback Regencies that I've picked up randomly. This was one of them, and I'm not sure that I would have found and read it if it hadn't been already physically on my shelf. I liked the hero and heroine though the hero's staying away for the lady's own good did get a little wearying at times. Lady Anne makes some poor choices along the way, too. The characters are flawed in a way that walks the line between appealing and annoying, but generally lands on the more positive side. The story rambled, and had one really jarring moment when it jumped into the bedroom of a couple from an earlier book in this series (more than the usual range of romance-novel head-hopping, I think). As with the characters, I think that on the whole the rambling storyline was a plus.While I enjoyed this and will probably seek out the other books in the series, I don't think this will qualify as an all-time favorite.

  • Highland-dreamer
    2019-05-09 01:30

    I thought this book was.... different. Race wasn't exactly an "alpha"-type, (with no real ambition or occupation, and actually wanted his father to declare him a bastard) though in some instances/situations he was.. but Ann was definitely the pursuer. It surprised me that her character changed so dramatically from the one portrayed in the beginning- the shy, obedient daughter. Some change is expected, but she certainly got out of her comfort zone quickly!! I wasn't quite sure what Race's "mission" was where she was concerned. He was obviously sent to her by the Company of Rogues, but why-- exactly? What was his purpose? And why were her sisters so gung-ho on him? Why did they think he was such a good match for her? He certainly didn't seem so to me. I didn't like all the joking all the time, either- I felt as frustrated as Anne when he wouldn't be serious. What I liked about it is that Anne was more the seducer and the provider.. while Race wasn't really the bread-winner, and they would actually get to share in their life's passion of family history/research, and work together for their living.

  • María
    2019-05-13 19:24

    1.5 en realidad.La historia en sí era curiosa en algunos aspectos y no del todo desagradable. La historia de amor, un poco predecible pero tierna. Sin embargo, había comportamientos y descripciones que simplemente no cuadraban. Se expandía en cosas triviales y resumía lo esencial. Si a eso le sumamos una pésima traducción, el libro no me ha dejado muy buen sabor de boca.

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-05-19 02:32

    I have always loved Ms. Beverley's books, but I did struggle to like the heroine. At times, she came across a flighty and made many bad decisions. Fortunately, I loved DE Vere. He is a fantastic hero. I did take into account that Anne was very young. Happy reading!

  • Fran Alsaud
    2019-05-19 20:20


  • Beatriz Velez Jones
    2019-04-28 20:34

    Lo encontré en unas cabañas donde nos hospedamos. Lo disfrute muchísimo. Terminando de leer el final Hasta la madrugada para poder dejarlo en el lugar. vi que es uno de muchos de una serie, así que buscare los otros libros para leerlos. Lo bueno es que es parte de una serie pero es independiente.

  • Virginia
    2019-05-16 19:10


  • Dee Jay
    2019-05-04 20:19

    This did drag a bit in the middle but picked up at the end and finally had a resolution for Lady Anne and Race.

  • Cherry-Ann
    2019-05-06 21:15

    Slow, tedious and not one of Jo's best efforts I think. I felt as if I was in the middle of whirlpool with this story - out of sorts and confused.

  • Sara
    2019-05-04 21:11

    The first chapter (chapters? The evening Race and Anne meet) is probably the sexiest thing ever written.... and the rest of the book doesn't really hold up. Still, when you talk about a Jo Beverley book not holding up, it's in comparison to the rest of her books, which are so magical as to be nigh indescribable.Both characters are likable enough to be forgiven for being occasionally dumb or petty; everyone is sometimes. I think the problem is that they're trying so hard to stay away from each other -- sensibly, I'd think, if their world were the real world -- that their characters don't develop as a cohesive couple very well. Like, we know that Race loves working with archives and we know that Anne loves working with archives, so we know as readers they'll be a great match, but they don't discuss it between themselves until nearly the end of the book after they've already committed to each other. It's not that it seems nonsensical -- their chemistry is quite clear -- but it seems like Jo Beverly missed some opportunities that could have taken this book to the next level.In the author's note for one of the previous books, Beverley describes the Company of Rogue books as "marriage books", which sounds a bit odd in the phrasing, but is an apt and rather interesting description -- i.e. they marry right near the beginning of the book, so the hero and heroine can actually form a real relationship and have real conversations throughout the book, and encounter and solve real problems, rather than being forced by society to diddle around hemming and hawing and sighing over each others' shapely wrists and sneaking off into the gardens before they can speak two normal sentences to each other. She also classified the old books as "historical romances", deliberately separating them from her more standard Regency romances.And that's what Hazard is missing. In the ensuing decade between the first Rogues book (published in 1991) and this book (2002, I think?), I wonder if the expectations for the genre became so set in stone that Beverly was forced more and more into the standard Regency niche. If I remember correctly, most of the Rogue books from here on out are courtship romances rather than marriage romances. It'll be interesting to see if the overarching story issues continue to follow that trend as well.

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-03 22:09

    What a wonderful heroine Beverley has created in Anne Peckworth. Here we have a proper, shy, crippled young lady who has been kilted twice (or almost) and suddenly decides to take her fate into her own hands and choose her husband.It is true that Lady Anne has a little help from the “madman” Race de Vere. He is the first man with whom she finds herself comfortable with and who awakens her feelings. It is quite refreshing the way Beverley built Anne’s character. She is decided and, if not totally self confident, she sees how differently people look at her once she decides to enter society and have a care with her appearance and social behaviour.She realises that she is not looked at with pity because of her club foot but that in fact several gentleman are pursuing her with the idea of marriage. Anne’s problem is that she cannot forget Race or the feelings he awoke in her. In fact everywhere she goes she looks for him and tries to engage him in conversation.Race is painfully aware that he is of very low standing in society’s eyes and staying away from Anne is the best thing for both of them. In fact he was first sent to her by the Rogues as Nicholas Delaney felt they were somewhat responsible for her as two of them had given her false hopes but not as a prospective bridegroom.It is quite funny and interesting to follow their verbal sparring even if it’s a bit sad to see how Race tries to avoid Anne. It is a very good thing though; that the author never lets them fall into misunderstanding territory or have Anne sulking and unhappy about what’s happening. She decides to look for another as husband when Race seemingly doesn’t want anything to do with her but she is back, decided to conquer him when the opportunity arises. Although Race is the character all the others love and stands out in a crowd, this is truly Anne’s story and she makes a wonderful main character – warm, nice, understanding and decided to finally get what she wants.As a side note, I think that after reading about St Raven’s part in bringing them together I’m really going to have to reread his story soon. Grade: 5/5

  • _inbetween_
    2019-05-14 19:21

    Wanted to give it five stars for putting a smile on my face again towards the end, where most books flag. Am returning to sober four points, managing to find some fault - but that's mostly for wanting to know more about Race, needing more to see him, slim and delicately beautiful - soldier - librarian *g* I also once more wish for the woman not to be (suddenly, very) beautiful, but that is just the middle stretch. Otherwise this is exceptionally well-written, time and space given exactly to what and whom is needed - Heyer comparison this time justified - real obstacles, neither overdramatic nor ridiculous. Mainly though it's the couple, Anne with her crippled foot seducing him, compromising him - can a rare thing already be a trope? my trope? - and the being genuine fun and depth, even/especially in the (sigh, only) sex scene.I chose this because it was NOT featuring one of the rogues, but of course it's still littered with characters in past and future books *sigh* so I want all of them now, despite hating the crossreferences that always spoil characters for me - even though I approve of showing how non-friends and lovers see the heroes, the muddying that goes on puts me off, and them being rakes in one book and not at all in the next annoys me, but that's a subject better written up in an essay (and then burned, because I know it's all about mone). Maybe I just have a knack of choosing the one novel that I'm bound to like as a first read? Whatever it is - it's not that I now want to know more about Tris, but that I hope to read more about Race, even being widely read enough to know I'll only be disappointed *pokes author*The short "official" amazon review actually hit the nail on the head, saying there was a lack of emotional intensity between the characters (so it's not just me wanting another LoS), but an overall intelligence and well-drawn figures.If you ignored my text ... really good book, really good romance, emotional and intellectual and physical need of couple obvious, satisfying like most romances aren't (maybe I just wanted there to be more actual problems between H/H themselves, maybe).

  • Mackenzie
    2019-05-04 01:21

    This books takes a few characters and story plots from previous books and ties them up. Lady Anne has been jilted twice by members of the Company of Rogues. The last man, Lord Con Somerford, asks his secretary/friend to make sure that Anne is going to get past this. To do this, Race de Vere becomes close with Anne's brother, Uffham. The night they meet, Anne's sister goes into labor. To pass the time during the birthing, Race dares Anne to join the men in a game of Hazard. After being jilted twice, Anne realizes she doesn't want to be a fifth wheel to her family. She contemplates her future and if she remains a spinster, she doesn't like what she sees. With Race tantalizing her, she decides she needs to come out of her shell and find herself a husband. Going to London, with the help of her married sister, she puts herself out there on the marriage mart. With her sister on one side of her and her close friend, the Duke of St. Raven, Trys as an escort, she takes the ton by storm. Yet, she can't find the spark with anyone like she had with Race. This book's main theme is the inner searching of what one truly wants, and what one is willing to do to change the outcome to one's liking. Race was not exactly the pursuer of this relationship. It was Anne who sought him out, even pushed him into kissing her. She acted quite unlike a kind, gentle, daughter of a duke in Regency England should act. The switch of typical roles was rather nice for a change.

  • Cathy
    2019-04-29 23:08

    The jilted girl mentioned all throughout The Dragon's Bride and a previous book I didn't read finally gets her own book, and she's good and pissed off and not going to be jilted anymore! (You go, girl! It's about time!) She's always been polite, demure, and self-conscious due to a physical disability, but now she's bound and determined to take London by storm and get married before the season ends. (Er... okay, yeah, that's pretty typical for the time period and social class, but it wouldn't be my first choice.)And who should teach her about men and romance but the secretary from The Dragon's Bride? Yay, secretary! What a courteous teacher of seduction! He's completely unsuitable for a wealthy noblewoman though, so the heroine gets to try out kissing some other men as well (with no intimations that she's loose or amoral! a romance novel rarity!) as she sets herself to dazzling practically every man she comes into contact with, but her own foolishness and haste (with the addition of a bonus fake French highwayman) throw them back together. The French highwayman bit was just completely ridiculous and over-the-top jumping-the-shark, but I guess we had to get a resolution somehow! I'm also rather hoping he has his own book too.I thought this was fun, and I was really glad to see the heroine finally get a husband who genuinely wanted to marry her. It was also quite nice to see a woman with a physical disability still be regarded as a desirable, sexual being.

  • Shasha
    2019-05-16 18:25

    Lady Anne Peckworth has always been gentle mannered. But having been jilted--twice--she's determined not to be hurt or humiliated again. Especially not by the most reckless, irresponsible, irresistible man she's ever met, Racecombe de Vere.Race has been sent by one of Anne's former suitors to make sure she isn't devastated by the rejection. Yet instead of a meek, quiet girl, he encounters a woman whose wit and passion match his own. He invades Anne's orderly world like a pirate, tempting her to the edge--and beyond. with a roll of the dice, he leads her into dangerous realms of love. (from the book jacket)I really enjoyed this novel. The dialogue and thoughts are engaging, smart, and entertaining. I especially liked that the heroine has a club foot and the hero is described as slender with fine-boned features. What a different pair of main characters! The emotions are real and the bit of drama at the end didn't glorify impetuous behavior. (view spoiler)[ They do anticipate their vows. The heroine says it was her idea to compromise him! (hide spoiler)] They fight for a happy ending, including the feelings of their families.

  • Viridiana Ivashkov
    2019-05-21 18:32

    Lo bueno es que solo me costó 30 pesos ¬¬ y ahora entiendo porque había varios de Jo tan baratos. Sinceramente no fue de mi agrado ni la historia ni el estilo de narración de la autora. Tenemos a una protagonista bipolar, ALERTA SPOILER: a Lady Anne se le ocurre mendigar un beso a un amigo del hermano con la excusa que le enseñe a coquetear, un recurso bastante gastado en este género. Luego cuando el caballero en cuestión la besa como se debe lo abofetea por su atrevimiento WTF osea no entendí.Fue un estira y afloja entre ambos protagonistas además de personajes secundarios tan flojos. El misterio que envolvía a Race no lo esperaba pero tampoco es una tragedia.A eso le sumamos los tediosos diálogos y las bromas patéticas, Jo Beverly no tiene ni una pizca de humor, los comentarios de sus personajes que intentó que sonaran ingeniosos pasaron desapercibidos. Con flirteos mediocres en verdad es una pérdida de tiempo.Definitivo las reinas del género romántico histórico son Lisa Kleypas y Julia Qhinn.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-05-23 00:31

    YOU'VE NEVER MET A HEROINE LIKE LADY ANNE PECKWORTH. The sheltered daughter of a duke, she has always been a perfect lady, even when jilted. Twice. Now, however, she's angry, and she's angry at the single most reckless, most irresponsible, most irresistible man she's ever known ....YOU'VE NEVER MET A HERO LIKE RACE DE VEREFar below Anne's station in life, he has invaded her orderly world like a pirate, tempting her to the edge and beyond. He leads her into impropriety, into wickedness, and then into the most dangerous step of all -- the adventure that could win or lose her everything in one hazardous night....I've noticed that the synopsis for the books here at GR are getting skimpy. I hate that so I'm including a better synopsis here with my review. Anyway, that one had lots of potential and started out pretty good but fizzled quickly for me. It ended up being just fair for me.

  • Nancy Crayton
    2019-05-13 01:34

    This was so much fun to read. I love the character of Lady Anne Peckham. She came to life in this story even though she appeared in two earlier stories, she always came across as colorless and bland. I enjoyed the way she gradually took charge of her life and decided who she would marry rather than allow choices to be dictated to her by her parents, her rank, her position in society, etc. Race De Vere is a wonderful hero. He is quick, intelligent, bold, kind and brave. But he is in society's eyes a nobody. The idea that a Duke's daughter would consider marrying a nobody is the stuff of fantasy. Fortunately, that's what this story is. A marvelously told romantic fantasy complete with handsome titled gentlemen, disguises, threats of Gretna Green, and true love overcoming all challenges with help along the way. I enjoyed reading this and could not put it down once I began.

  • Monkeyface
    2019-04-28 00:13

    Listened to Hazard Company of Rogues, Bk 10 by Jo Beverley. YOU'VE NEVER MET A HEROINE LIKE LADY ANNE PECKWORTH. The sheltered daughter of a duke, she has always been a perfect lady, even when jilted. Twice. Now, however, she's angry, and she's angry at the single most reckless, most irresponsible, most *irresistible* man she's ever known.... — YOU'VE NEVER MET A HERO LIKE RACE de VERE. Far below Anne's station in life, he has invaded her orderly world like a pirate, tempting her to the edge and beyond. He leads her into impropriety, into wickedness, and then into the most dangerous step of all -- the adventure that could win or lose her everything in one hazardous night. I give this book 3 stars and a 4. An ok read but dumb.

  • Delacey
    2019-05-17 20:17

    So I started to read this book and lost interest in it after a couple of chapters. Put it down for a couple of weeks to read Christmas themed books (tis the Season). Picked it up and flipped through and started reading where Con (Rogue from a previous book) comes in and did finish the book. Overall, I think this book was the weakest of the C of R world. Race was ok, but it didn't feel like he lived up to his character that we saw in Dragon's Bride. And Lady Anne, was just a train wreak of bad decisions. The only highlight of this book was that I saw a little more of Con and Van, and I enjoyed St Raven. Now I may have missed something from the 100 or so pages I skipped, but if you can't keep me interested through the whole book a 2 star is what I evaluate this book at.

  • Melissa Blanchard
    2019-05-20 18:24

    Excellent story with narrator Anne Flosnik. Very well done both in how the characters were written and read. I enjoyed Ann, the heroine in the story, and how she had a mind of her own. She took time to find the right suitor and when she knew she had the right one for her she worked very had to be sure her family would accept him too. I like stories with strong women that stand up for what they want and need. The narrator, Anne Flosnik, brought a depth to the characters that is hard to duplicate with imagination alone. I checked out this audiobook from Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis MN in conjunction with OneClickDigital that I could play back on my iPhone.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-12 02:26

    I seem to be in the minority, given how other people rated this novel, but this is one of my favorite Jo Beverley novels. I love the hero character of Race De Vere. I like his inability to be serious (except about Lady Anne), complete accepting of his own faults and what he is good at, and his acceptance of his less-than-perfect history. Lady Anne was interesting as well, the kind of person who needs to be teased but most people are afraid to tease her. This is Jo Beverley at her best--managing to be a light and slightly frothy tale while not forgetting that love can cause actual, serious problems.

  • Fangirl Musings
    2019-04-25 22:29

    Anna: "Lady Anne Peckworth, previously spurned by two of our heroes from the Company of Rogues, gets her man in this book. It was a fun book--Lady Anne is a duke's daughter with a large dowry but has a handicap--a deformed foot from birth causes her to limp. She has no shortage of suitors, but has no feelings of attraction for them until she meets her brother's companion Race de Vere, a former Army officer of unknown connections and low birth. Hardly suitable for a duke's daughter but . . . as the quote goes, the heart has it reasons, of which reason knows nothing."

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-05-12 02:27

    I read a bit and it seemed so pretentious, asking her if she wanted a drink and of course that would lead one to the obvious story of a god/goddess. I tried finding it so I could quote it. This book is just jabs or smart comments back and forth with Anne calling Race all sort of names and him feeling sorry for her because of her limp. I was getting really, really bored and put the book down for a couple of weeks. Then it's due in 5 days and I thought I better pick it back up, but no, thinking of reading it made me want to clean the house. So, it's a could-not-finish.

  • shrug city
    2019-05-23 00:06

    I really liked both these protags: Lady Anne is a woman of forbearance, an introvert with a limp whose intelligence and strength goes unappreciated by the two suitors who dumped her. Race is one degree below gentleman, a secretary and toad-eater who is very good at managing people. I really liked the uncommon virtues Hazard celebrates: Race smooths everything over and makes everyone comfortable, and that is treated as not only an admirable but also an attractive trait. Nice. I didn't like the neatness of the conclusion, but the characters were tops.