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Life sucks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey. Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the 'eighteen disease' with nothing but a hundred dollar check from the government and a pat on the back, they're forced to rely on a system that failed them miserably.So they sit. They sit inside Social Services, waiting for their social workers to call their names aLife sucks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey. Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the 'eighteen disease' with nothing but a hundred dollar check from the government and a pat on the back, they're forced to rely on a system that failed them miserably.So they sit. They sit inside Social Services, waiting for their social workers to call their names and offer them the miracle they know will never come but they sit anyway because they have nowhere else to go, no other options on their very literal and figurative empty plates.But as they sit, they notice the other. Although captivated, they each come to the conclusion that life is complicated enough without throwing in a boiling tension that can't ever be acted upon because they're both too busy thinking about where their next meal will come from but when their names are called and both are placed on a year long waiting list for permanent housing, suddenly relying on each other seems like a very viable plan B.And, oh, how lovely Plan B's can be. Well, except for the psycho from Harper's past that haunts her and, oh, yeah, there's the little issue that neither of them knows they're in love with the other.Needless to say, Callum & Harper's life just got a bit more complicated. “One day, you and I are gonna’ wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. One day. I promise you.” - Callum Tate...

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Callum & Harper Reviews

  • Shelly Crane
    2019-03-27 17:25

    Wow. Expect me to rave and gush about Fisher and all of her awesomeness!First line from the book:"I was sitting next to one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen in my entire life. She was so intriguing, I could actually feel the sweat dripping down the back of my neck at the effort it was taking to keep from staring at her."How can you not want to pick up this book after that!?This book....ah. I can't even begin to describe it. The pace and flow were perfect. It was so hard to put down. It was one of the sweetest books I've ever read in my life! It was also one of the saddest, gut-wrenching books ever. But that part of it was from circumstances around and happening to the characters, not the characters stupidity or messing up things. Callum & Harper were utterly real, adorable, sweet, feisty, caring, and two people I want to get to know for real. I want to invite them to Christmas dinner and kick some ace for them and tell everyone who keeps pushing them around to screw off! I loved them both to the point of giddyness, which is seriously rare for me. Callum was sweet and caring for everyone but super protective; my three favorite qualities in a yummy guy.The reason they danced around each other the whole book was the most heartbreaking of all. They'd been kicked to the curb by everyone their whole life, so why risk it with the one person, literally, in the whole world that loves you and needs you just as much as you need them? I totally got it and Fisher totally worked it to just the right amount.And when they finally did get together?? HOLY SMOKES!!! Fireworks. If you enjoy love stories, stories that tug that artery in your chest, stories that bring light to human situations, stories that show that love really is all that matters in the now and in the end, I would definitely recommend this clean, fresh, inspiring book to you. My favorite line in the book is from Callum :"Each time you sit next to me on the train, warm and folded into me, I have to force my hands to stay buckled at my side, to keep from seizing you. When we study on the sofa, your feet in my lap, it’s everything in me not to drag your body onto mine and kiss you senseless. Every time I’ve placed my lips on your neck, I’ve imagined guiding those lips up your soft skin until they reach your mouth and owning that mouth with my own, possessing you with my tongue, Harper."Go ahead. Fan yourself if needed! And then go and download this book, pronto! 5 solid, giddy inducing, cry my eyes out, smile like a fool and then want to slap a douche-bag named John, stars from me

  • Samia Ruponti
    2019-03-29 16:53

    I apologize to everyone who has given this book glorious reviews. I haven't any other book written by Ms. Amelie. I want to say that a lot of people loved this book, so maybe it's me who has the problem. For me, the book was, um, kind of boring(for the first page). No offense to emotional guys, but Callum sounded too much like a girl to me. I loved his optimism very much though. Harper was a typical girl too, trusting,sweet and pretty.Now, spoiler's begin! The opening scene, where Callum felt he was connecting with Harper, well, didn't feel connecting to me. I'll admit that I have put down this book a lot of time, even started and finished reading another book(which I never do)! The book picked up after Callum and Harper's marriage, and I thought, finally, something's happening.Well,my glee didn't last very long. I wanted to tear callum's hair out and tell him,"for god's sake, tell her you love her! You're married and she is obviously interested! have you ever heard of signs?" But I also understood Callum's unwillingness to trust.But the most frustrating thing was the John bell thing. It felt like I was watching "Criminal Minds" and a very bad episode of that. The whole stalker thing annoyed me a lot.I was also annoyed by Callum's denseness. When Harper told him that she can't live without him, he still didn't understand that she was in love with him? What, boy, signs??ever heard of 'em??"This book had some very good moments, and the writing was really good too! But for me, the annoyance far outweighed the pleasure.I'm really sorry to put a review like this, but I just didn't get what the plot summery promised.Edit:I want to add for the people out there that I completely forgot to add one part : THE CHARACTERS HAVE NO CHEMISTRY!!! Don't think even for a moment that any chemistry, physics or biology ever came up between the characters (actually, come to think about it, some biology did came up! they kissed....and...umm....had sex, maybe? so biology excused! :P)

  • Abbi Glines
    2019-03-27 09:34

    Adored Callum and Harper. Callum is so incredibly sweet. Love him <3 This will definitely be a reread for me. Loved it, loved it. Fisher you rocked this one girl.

  • Camille
    2019-04-15 14:34

    Wow. I couldn't even get through the Amazon sample of this. The writing is god-awful. Fisher cannot decide -- in the middle of sentences, of paragraphs, of pages, of speech, of inner monologues -- whether she wants to write in the past tense or in present tense. The two simplest tenses, really. I mean, we're not talking anything complicated like say, oooh, past perfect. I shudder to think of how this 'writer' would have handled that task. Seriously people, I am all for self-publishing. I champion giving the finger to big publishing houses and getting one's art out there. Self publishing has brought us such gems as "On The Island", "Beautiful Disaster", "Noah", "Neighbour From Hell 1 &2". Now while these are all far from perfect they were definitely 'readable' enough to enjoy the story. Callum & Harper is not.And it's not only the horrid grammar errors but the added fact that the story is flat, the characters are caricatures/stock characters at best, Callum's spoken and inner dialogue do not strike me as being that of a male at all (the voice is decidedly effeminate), the transitions are jerky and jarring and Fisher makes use of the worst romance cliches. There is, of course, the feel like I've known you for a lifetime, and the instant familiarity in behaviour. There is the mind-reading (which I can excuse in a Christine Feehan carpathian novel but in a contemporary book, not so much) and there is the white knight to the rescue. The reliance on the aforementioned of course means there is noooo character development and zero plot arc.I'd say the high reviews this work has received is resultant from unseasoned teens seeking a gritty, 'angsty' romance responding to this with unabashed enthusiasm. For those of us who know better, I'd suggest we do better and steer clear.

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-04-05 10:44

    4 stars (actually somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars lol)“One day, you and I are gonna’ wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. One day. I promise you.” - CallumCallum and Harper grew up in the foster care system and meet in a social services office after suffering from turning 18 yrs old. They are instantly attracted to each other but develop a friendship instead of a romantic relationship because they are each too scared of losing the other. And Harper is haunted by a creepy psycho guy from her past who will stop at nothing to get to her. Pretty much everything goes wrong for them but they persevere through everything and never give up on each other or life.Callum and Harper are adorable together. I loved watching their friendship develop. Callum is so wonderfully protective of her - right from pretty much the first moment he met her. I loved his always positive, can-do, nothing will bring us down, we'll get through anything together attitude - it was totally endearing :) “I loved her so much I could barely see straight. I wanted her so much I could barely breathe straight. I needed her so much I could barely think straight.” ~CallumThe book is written in alternating POVs (literally, like within one chapter, it'll go from his to her POV several times) but its not in the least bit confusing and is actually quite nice because it really helps you get into each of their head.I've read several books about kids in the foster system and its quite horrible but this book does a very good job at really showing just how damaged many kids who come out of that system can be and how flawed it is. Makes me want to take them all in even though I know I can't. Its quite heartbreaking :(The things that bugged me were that I felt it took C&H much too long to admit their love for each other. There were times when I really wanted to grab them and shake them and beg them to just admit their feelings out loud despite how cute their friendship was. They came so close sooooo many times lol but were always interrupted... and also, just on a personal level, I'm not super fond of psycho evil creepy bad guys having that much luck getting to one of the main characters. But all in all it was a wonderful read and the HEA is very cute :)Also, while this book isn't what I'd call a YA book, there are no graphic sex scenes. Its more about their feelings for each other.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-14 12:44

    Did Not Finish. Read 25%I have nothing against this book per se other than it's a little too young adultish for my tastes. While I liked the hero and heroine, the hero's voice came across, at times, more feminine than masculine. For me, that was a little disconcerting. With that said, if you're a fan of the young-adult genre this book will probably work for you.

  • Tough Critic Book Reviews
    2019-04-02 15:41

    Reviewed at http://toughcriticbookreviews.blogspo...A tall drink of WOW with a slice of awesome-cake. Callum & Harper is one you definitely need to move to the top of your TBR pile. Like right now!!! Seriously, I'll wait...Where was I? Oh yes Callum & Harper. To be honest, I didn't like the book at first. WHAT!?!? Yup, I thought the relationship was happening too quick. The whole instant attraction, I love you, your the one eventhough we just met is not my style. I really thought that was the direction Fisher Amelie was going here, but I was wrong. Big, fat jump to conclusiony (new word) WRONG! Since you're able to see both of their POV's, you do experience their instant attraction in kind of a love at first sight sort of way, but they don't jump into bed together or profess their undying love. They actually become friends first and stay that way allowing true love to actually develop.Callum is definitely Harper's knight in shining goodwill armor. From the second he meets her, his whole existence is dedicated to taking care of Harper, being there for her in every possibly way. They endure so much together. Seriously, these two could not catch a break. They were beaten beyond recognition by the misfortune stick! I kept expecting one of them to fall in a manhole (fun word) or have a piano drop out of the sky, but no matter what happened they got through it together.Now I'm going to jump on my soap box for just a second. Maybe not actually jump on it, but sit for a bit. Some reviewers are doing a little ranting about the fact that it's so unbelievable for these two to be in love, live together, and never confess those feelings or do the deed. Anyone who has ever had a best guy friend whom you've loved and eventually became in love with knows that it's totally and completely possible. You love someone so much that the insane fear of losing them by expressing your feelings keeps things hidden safely inside. You love them too much to risk losing them. How many couples do you know that where best friends for many years before dating or taking the next step. Hmmmmmm? I rest my case.I loved so much about this book, inparticularly the mixing of genres. I was reading along enjoying this great contemporary romance when all of the sudden the book jumped up and yelled, "Surprise!! I'm also a suspense/thriller." I admit that sometimes the plot did get a little too far out there, but it's fiction so its suppose to push the limits of realism. I also loved the alternating POV's which alot of authors can't pull off. In fact, I crown Fisher Amelie queen of the alternating POV except you don't get a crown; okay maybe a metaphorical one :-)I adore the romance in this book. Having the love of your life repeatedly come to your rescue never gets old. That scene towards the end when she just gets out of you know where and Callum had to help her with you know what; I died!! That scene melted my heart. It was so tender, romantic, and hell I'm going to have to go get a thesaurus because I've run out of words. Just go read it!!! Thank me later :-)

  • Heather Adkins
    2019-03-29 09:31

    Admittedly, I am not Fisher Amelie's target audience. I teach high school English, and so I read a lot of YA in order to recommend books to my students. That being said...I liked the premise of this book. The idea of two kids failed by the foster care system is both timely and important. I also liked Callum--who wouldn't?! I also thought Fisher did a good of creating suspense with the John Bell plot line.But that's about all I liked. Harper's actions and words didn't fit a kid with a rough past who got into fights. She was way too damsel in distress (which would be fine if her background and initial attitude supported it). And what eighteen year old New Yorker would say, "Bless my soul!"? The resolution to the conflict took six years. Really? These people would have to be blind to be together six years and not know the other's feelings. Also, the initial connection between Callum and Harper, being foster kids, was lost in the second half of the book. Certain things seemed not to fit, like the laptop and stereo they owned even though they were college kids on work study and no family support. It was like they went to college and all their money troubles subsided. Yeah, right. The dialogue was very choppy in places, with little transition from the narrative.But as a writer and a teacher, what really bothered me was the butchering of English. I could not find a publisher listed, so I can only assume this is self-published. With that comes a lack of professional editors. BUT, there is really no excuse for confusing words such as your/you're, accept/except, then/than and affect/effect in a piece of writing you put out there for the world to see. This may have been the first time I've ever seen you're used when your should have been! The tense shifts were also very distracting (especially in the first half of the book). That may seem like a picky English teacher's comment, but it was very distracting, and took away from the story.Oh, and one last complaint: what was with all the smelling of one another??

  • Annie Brewer
    2019-04-10 15:24

    WOW, oh my Jesus. That shit was intense. Oh fuck me, this is another Chasing Nikki. I can't read this, it's too much. Oh shit, help me I can't stop sobbing my eyes are going to fall out!! DIE YOU SICK BASTARD!!!! When do they get a break?? You've got to be fucking kidding me!!!Those thoughts were all going through my head while reading this book. There was alot more soaring out of my mouth but alot was worse so I am trying to keep it clean, a little. My brain is still fogged and my eyes are still swollen since I cried the last half of this book. Actually I cried about every chapter but the last 100 pages or so were nonstop sobs and screaming. This was an intense and suspenseful story. So many emotions consume you at one time. It's a god damn rollercoaster that gets so out of control you feel like you're in the air ready to free fall. It was freaky. But nonetheless, it was a hell of a good story that taught me so much about life and the hands we are dealt with. It's a tragic turned love story that captivates you from start to finish. You're constantly at the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. I swear it took so much energy out of me from the time I started page one til the time I stopped reading just now. My head is literally spinning.Callum Tate and Harper Bailey were an unlucky pair since they were born. Callum was 4 years old when his real parents died and he happened to be in his car seat when it happened during the accident and was saved only by the seat belt keeping him in place. Since then he was taken into Social Services and hopped from family to family until he was 16 years old. He never had a real family. He never experienced any kind of love. No one wanted him. The only friend he ever did have in high school was killed by a stupid punk drug dealer, in front of him. His parents kicked him out and that's when he stopped trying to find a family. He knew he was doomed and would never be accepted into a loving family. *blows nose and wipes tears*Harper Bailey was left at the hospital the day she was born by her drug and alcoholic whore mother. She jumped from family to family, trying to fit in...somewhere. But eventually no one really wanted her because she became a trouble maker...doing questionable things that got her suspended from school. She was at a family who also fostered another child her age. She wanted to befriend him but realized what a sick piece of fucking shit he was when he tried to rape her in her room late at night. He practically beat her and threatened her life and she felt trapped and did what he said. Until she decided to lock her door at night and he would pound on her door waking the family up. Then when the foster parents realized he was a crazy lunatic, she left and never found another home.Callum and Harper are sitting at Social Services one day when they both notice each other. They can't help their attraction for one another, it's undeniable. After Harper puts her name on the waiting list for a permanent family she's told it could be a year before she gets anything. So she leaves and heads for a shelter, coincidentally leaving the building the same time Callum does. What are the odds? Well as they stand in line, he gathers up the nerve to talk to her and ask where she's going. She tells him and again, it's coincidence....he says that's where he's heading. He offers her a ride on his motorcycle. So they stand in line and wait...wait for a place to rest their head for some hours. Wait, for a place where they don't have to be on the streets. Then when waiting is over, they're told there are no more cots and the door is shut in their face. So Callum finds a pay phone at a gas station and phones a friend, where they stay for a few days. Overtime, Callum and Harper's friendship grows as they realize they are so much alike. They come from the same fucked up, sad and lonely lives. They only have each other to lean on and Callum becomes responsible...wanting to take care of Harper. He realizes his feelings for her are turning into something more. As does she. But neither of them act on it because, while they like each other....alot they also have built a foundation on a friendship so strong that no amount of scissors can cut through. (I know that sounds lame....I couldn't think of the analogy I wanted, I'm in a daze. Forgive me). So not wanting to ruin the only stable relationship they've really ever had in their lives, they don't want to ruin it. Eventually Callum and Tate become so close, it scares the shit out of them. They work together at a restaraunt that helps them keep a steady flow of cash. Harper becomes very aquainted with Callum's older generous band friends he met years before. They take them under their wing as Callum has taken Harper under his. His dream is to be a spite of all he went through in life, he never crushed or gave up on his dream. Even when he was nothing, had nothing...he never gave up hope. Afraid of being rejected, Harper told him she didn't want to go to school. The counselor pulled some strings and got her in. They made enough money to get an apartment and pay for the tuition. Then they got robbed on the subway, after hours and hours of hard labor, work, lack of sleep and time they put in to getting something under their belts. Oh then there was a fire...claiming everything they possessed and worked hard for. Talk about shitty luck. No matter where they turned, something was keeping them from having a decent life. Just when they were getting some where, their lives crumpled to the floor. But the worst thing was when that son of a bitch from Harper's past came barreling back into her life and put their lives in grave danger. He was a psycho path if I ever saw one, claiming that Harper was his. He ruined many lives to get to her. He was relentless and demented. He literally made me sick to my stomach at the things he did to her. I was practically dry heaving in some parts. I dare to say he was worse than Valentine Morgenstern, evil as can be. Needless to say, she almost lost her life. It was so close, I almost quit reading. I swear, it felt like it was headed in the direction of Chasing Nikki and after the shit they'd been through their entire lives I couldn't bear the thought of Callum losing her for good. I sobbed out loud and had to catch my breath numerous times. It felt more like a murder mystery than a love story. But I kept on reading and glad I did. I won't tell you what happens but I will say this book will make you think twice about bitching at the things you don't have and thank God for the things you do have. Because these two 18 year olds had nothing and they still believed that somehow they were going to be okay. Why? Because Callum said so. Okay, so let me say one thing first. This book was probably not edited fully because there were several grammar errors throughout. I found myself correcting sentences or doing a double take to make sure that was written that way or this way and not like I was imagining it or something. There were many errors that were pretty obvious I'll admit. But regardless of that, I continued to read because to me it's more about the story itself that matters. Yes, grammar matters too but I didn't let it disuede me from finding out what happened to these beloved characters. As a writer myself, I can say that people don't realize how much effort and work goes into telling a story. It's not easy in the slightest. Maybe with an editor, it's of course easier and a piece of cake. But it costs alot of money to get an editor. This was definitely a breath of fresh air. A new kind of hope and love story that was so remarkable as it was tragic. I've never thought about how homeless people live. It's the saddest thing ever. And seeing it written down in full view in vivid detail is so much worse. I felt so much sadness for these two characters that I truly wished I could reach into my nook, scoop them up and keep them safe with me. Oh my God, this was. It was just so heartbreaking.The storyline was different from anything I've ever read. And I've read in reviews that the "insta love" part was unrealistic. Uh, first off, there was somewhat of insta love but it was never acted on til like over halfway through. There were events that took place that just shattered your soul watching them go through it, was so real and devastating. There were few happy moments for Callum and Harper. They were being chased by some douche bag who was so demented and sick, he made Sebastian look sane. Well, sorta. Don't quote me on that but that's how I felt. That son of a bitch needed some serious psycho therapy or something. He put the EVIL in DEVIL. *cringes at thoughts of him* This story was so beautiful...yet tragic all at the same time. I literally could not sit down and read for too long. I was pacing around with my nook in hand punching my fist in the air and kicking my feet out, instinctively. It was the weirdest thing. I loved the characters in this book. First off, it alternates between Callum and Harper's pov which is freakin awesome! I loved Callum's head the most. He's the most sexy amazing guy in fiction. Dammit, Jace...I didn't mean that baby! You're still my #1!!! But really, he's made my top 10 because he's just nothing but amazing, caring, sexy, generous and just irresistable. Once you meet him, you instantly fall in love with him. So yea, this insta love crap people are doesn't quite work that way and let me tell you....I screamed for it to happen. I begged and pleaded hoping my nook would surprise me with something hot or sensual. Fucking A...I get kisses here and there and some flirting but nothing beyond that the first half of the book. I was ready to die. But really, it made their story much better. It made their story more personal and attracting. I found that it was fine that way. I got to see their side and I knew how each of them felt, so I was satisfied with how it worked out. This book is so recommended to everyone. I kid you not, it will change your life in more ways than one. Callum and Harper have a place in my heart so deep that no one can replace heart is running out of room, seeing as though many characters have a special place somewhere there. I think everyone should make an effort to read this. It will open your eyes to so many things you were once too blind to see. I still have a heavy heart right now, which is why I'm ending my review now because I can hardly think and I'm sure I'm missing some points I wanted to harp on but too tired and wore out from crying that I can't do it. But please, buy and read this, you will not regret it. I'm so glad I did.

  • Kilikina
    2019-03-24 15:36

    This I have never read a book that was as real or raw as this one. Callum and Harper are the most deserving characters I've read about in a long time, if not ever. The relationship between Callum and Harper made my heart ache. They are the definition of the perfect couple. Literally. Their love wasn't an insta-love or something fake- it was so real and so full of passion. I want to have a relationship like theirs. And that's something I've never said about any other couple before. Both of the character's backgrounds were so devastating...especially Harper's past. They've been through the worst of the worse and you can't not root for them. I got so attached to Callum and Harper. I smiled when they smiled, cried when they cried, and laughed when they laughed. This book really does take the meaning of love, loss, and triumph to a whole new caliber.After reading this, I have a new perspective on life. It's easy to forget just how good I have it and everything that I'm blessed with. But this book changed me and made me think about my life. I have a whole new appreciation for the people and things in it. *happy sigh* This book really touched me on an emotional level; I can safely say it is now one of my favorites.

  • Dani
    2019-04-02 10:27

    4.5/5 starsNow eighteen and no longer a viable meal ticket for her current foster family, Harper Bailey finds herself suddenly homeless and uncertain of what her future holds. Callum Tate, also a product of the system, is no stranger to fending for himself on the harsh streets of New York City. When he and Harper meet by chance at their social workers’ office after they both being told they have nowhere to go, Callum determines to look after this girl who tugs on his heartstrings, kick-starting a friendship and a love that gives them both courage and a home. But will they have the courage to admit how ridiculously head-over-heels in love they are with each other?Whew. This novel is intense. Callum & Harper’s story completely sucked me right in and held me captive until their story came to an end. These two characters are just so likeable and believable that I couldn’t help falling in love with them through their struggles and through their victories. Both Callum & Harper matriculated from the school of hard knocks, both afraid to invest emotionally in others, both afraid their feelings won’t be reciprocated in kind. Yet they recognize in each other a kindred soul – someone who can empathize with and understand the emotional trauma and loss of youthful innocence that mark their own experiences. The connection they begin to form, starts a little bit quickly for my personal preference, but I can appreciate their attachment in light of their respective backgrounds. And while I don’t necessarily believe in love at first sight, I think that people can form connections to each other rather quickly – that one soul can recognize a like soul. And both Callum & Harper are wonderful souls.The romance that begins to develop between Callum & Harper is the real draw of this novel. While the time line for how their relationship progresses is the teensiest bit on the unbelievable side, it is one that builds at a lovely simmer and just begs you to keep turning the page. Fisher does a wonderful job with the pacing and creating a consistently building intensity, both romantic and otherwise, throughout this novel right to its explosive ending.Harper Bailey. She’s endearing, and it’s easy to see why Callum is drawn to her. She’s mouthy, tough and a little rebellious, but at the same time those rougher qualities are balanced by a wonderful vulnerability and a compassion for others. Being given up by a mother who was too strung out to care for her and having been passed around to foster home after foster home, Harper’s careful not to let people in emotionally. Getting too attached to someone only means heartache when they eventually leave you. She’s a girl who’s lived a tough life before her chance encounter with Callum, and while it doesn’t necessarily get any easier after meeting him, she now has someone with whom to weather life’s storms. Callum is different. He understands.While Callum’s experiences differ somewhat, his life has also been no picnic. However, from an early age Callum determines from an early age to make something of himself, to define his own worth. So he buries himself in the pursuit of academic excellence, hoping that his efforts will result in college acceptance and a scholarship. Callum’s charm is in his confidence, in his never-ending resourcefulness, in his loyalty and his overall “it’s-going-to-be-ok” attitude. His protectiveness of Harper is incredibly endearing and I love his maturity. But more than anything I love that Callum refuses to be a victim of his circumstance.As a sidenote, shamefully, I’ve never given much thought to what happens to those kids who make it through the system unclaimed – those kids who survive to adulthood parentless and friendless. I mean I’ve been surrounded by those who’ve been adopted throughout my life, members of my family and friends with huge hearts, who’ve adopted or cared for foster children. So it’s not like I’m removed from the issue, I’ve just never been exposed to the reality of these adults, who are little more than kids, who suddenly find themselves all alone in the world. So thank you Fisher, for making me more aware.Overall, with heart-wrenching twists and turns and spine-tingling romance, Fisher Amelie has created a heartwarming story of love, perseverance, hope and the people we make family.

  • majo
    2019-04-03 16:48

    I don't know what to think of this book: Either i like it a lot, or i hate it, and not knowing is frustrating.At some point i was so close to not finishing it, (i understand why people do it, the story is hard-to-get-through) 'cause i wanted to enter into the book and hit Callum and Harper, equally. They both love each other, (it's so obvious) but none of them told that to the other, and it is SO, SO, SO fucking frustrating. (view spoiler)[(they get married without telling it, i mean, WHAT. THE. HELL) (hide spoiler)] Many situations in the book could have been avoided if they only speak to each other and tell the truth about their feelings...but, it never is THAT easy, is it? UGH.As you can tell, i was passionate-reading it, because this book became an obsession to me. I had some very bad issues with it, but at some point it captured me completely, i swear, and i couldn't stop reading it.Still, i like the writting of Fisher Amelie, and i think i'm gonna read other book of her in the near future, but i hope it doesn't make me wanna punch somebody while i'm on it, thank you very much.

  • Summer
    2019-03-30 17:43

    Disturbing, disgusting, sappy and cliché. This novel was not at all what I’d expected; I’d expected gut-wrenching romance and emotional honesty not some normal teen-angsty novel with loads of drama.All the bad things that happened should make the reader feel sad and sorry for the characters instead I just felt disgusted. I was never drawn into the story but kept reading anyway and wasting my time. Callum and Harper were both extremely flat characters: beautiful and handsome but without much substance. Their love also developed way too fast, sure I believe in love at first sight, and yet their romance never made me giggle or smile, I just kept rolling my eyes all the time. Oh, Callum and Harper also didn’t really have any special character traits apart from their selfless I’ll-die-for-you stuff, which would usually make me feel touched, but here it felt cliché. Their constant misunderstanding and inability to express/confess their feelings was also frustrating and felt like an unnecessary and ridiculous barrier – a more realistic problem between them should’ve been devised.This novel was a waste of time. Rating: 2 stars

  • Glass
    2019-04-08 09:23

    So... I expected one of those "hard" readings that leaves you with bitternes, broken heart, tears in the eyes and healty dose of the angst against the system. But, no. This is not that book. Callum and Harper is "true american fairy tale" - it's a sweet, naive story, you might even enjoy it. (Young girls will love it for sure!)Author has a talent when it comes to the art of written word, she knows how to crate the atmosphere and subtly express emotions. Only thing she needs to learn is that sometimes less is more, and "all is peachy in the peachyland no matter the fact that by all the logic in the world we shold be totally screwed up" isn't always the wright approach to the subject. I would, maybe, give this book four stars, but ending mede me change my mind - all that stuff with praying and miracles was way over the top. As I said - less is more. I do hope that her next book will be better - she is talented writer.

  • Smitten's Book Blog
    2019-04-23 14:52

    Oh-my-goodness-oh-my-goodness!! What a beautiful, emotional, romantic, - did I mention beautiful? - story!And for me to say that about a story with no sex in it is saying something! I like my reads steamy as hell but this was far from it... but it was completely breathtaking all the same!Plot - Fantastic! Original, daring, deep, gut wrenching, heart warming! A really lovely story!Characters - Ah, I can't tell you how much I love both Callum and Harper. I loved the alternate POVs! If I was being supremely picky I'd say that Callum was a little girly with his POV, but you can completely get over that and get sucked in to adoring these messed up, desperate, gorgeous characters!Steaminess - Not at all. There's a nice dose of sexual tension occasionally but this book is not a steamy read. It has so many other qualities that make up for that.Angst - Urgh, the frustration! The tears! The kindle throwing... ok, not quite, I wouldn't throw my beloved kindle... but you get the drift! It drove me to distraction, but in a deliciously moreish way!Ending - Ooooh, sooooo wonderful! There is a very cute epilogue but the actual ending was just perfect!Favourite Quotes -“Sincerity is one of those rare human qualities that feels a bit like discovering a lost treasure. It is a rare commodity but once found, it absolutely priceless. That was Callum, pretty much in a nutshell.” “Anything can hurt you, Harper. Even things you're supposed to be able to count on can hurt you.""These things you speak of, do they include how we're supposed to rely on mothers and fathers never to die or leave us alone?""Exactly, but that's life, Harper. Nothing is guaranteed.""You're right.""But I can promise you that I would never intentionally hurt you and, although a promise is not a guarantee, it is still a promise and you can ask anyone I know, I'm good on my word.""I don't know why but I believe you.” “And then you met me," I said."And then I met you," she said, smiling softly."And all was right with the world," I joked."Exactly," she said seriously.” “My heart tumbled in pieces at her feet as she chipped away at it with her wondrous ways, and it didn't form a whole again until half a year had passed and the end product was a living, beating organ in the palm of her hands.” “I'd say she is nothing short of a miracle, son.""I already knew that," I said, a small smile touching my lips.”

  • Sasha (seetheworldwithbooks)
    2019-04-01 09:31

    5++++++ 'You Are My Home' Stars!For all the things that are holy, this book is truly, utterly, completely blown me away! Not to mention, iam sobbing for few minutes because the story is just so breathtakingly beautiful! I love it so much it hurts my heart. I love itthatmuch.I'll summarize 6 stages of emotion of How-This-Book-Wreck-Me, because seriously, i am a mess right now because of it!1. It was me, giddy because i was finally in mood to read book with angst, and so i pick it.2. Around chapter 1 to 63. This was me finally realize that this book wasn't full of rainbows and sunshine. This book gonna breaks my heart.4. Oh, no that just didn't happen!5. Why? why why why why why why why why why why whyyy???6. I LOVE YOU BOOK!!!<33333333333This story tells us about survival and the real meaning of true love. It's also about the forever-kind-of-love, the i-don't-need-any-other-things-as-long-as-iam-with-you kind of love. This story tells us that love can happen when you least expect it. It could happen anywhere, anytime.And when you find that love--the kind of love who accept you for who you are, be there for you through better or worse,you'll never let it go, just like the truest kind of love Callum & Harper have. I can't describe how real the story felt for me and how intense Callum & Harper's relationship that i cheered them on since the moment they laid eyes on each other. They met on a lonely evening in New York City, in Social Services, after they were kicked out from their previous foster home. The moment they laid eyes on each other, you'll know there was a chemistry between them. They stared at each other.. and smiled.Callum'I was sitting to one of the most beautiful girls i'd ever seen in my entire life. If i were to guess, i'd have said she was about five foot, five inches. She had wicked long coppery hair and hazel eyes that looked more golden than green. Her eyes killed me. I believed i could peer into those eyes all day long.'Harper'The guy i'd been sitting next to me that entire time was bona fide swoon worthy. If i were to have guessed, he was probably six foot two or three. He had brown hair, piercing green eyes and a jaw line that screamed 'i might just let you kiss me here.'You'd think it was love at first sight, but you're wrong. Their story is not as shallow as that. Yes, they attracted to each other that's true, but that's only the beginning of every love story. Andthis love story? It's hella more complicated than that.Oke, next section. Shoot.Bad luck, Social Service said the houses were full, so they left with no place to go, no money except few bucks from the government, and no family at all. Harper went out ahead of him from the Social Services which rejected her. Callum was out a few minutes later. When he saw her leaving, he was a nervous wrecked because he was shy like that and he wanted to help her because it was written all over her face that she was rejected too, just like him. Bracing himself, he asked her name and they chitchat for few minutes. He found out that they would head to same destination--Hope House, a place for beggars like them to sleep. So he asked her to go together. One sentenced from Callum was what Harper really needed to hear that evening,'My name is Callum Tate, and i'm going to take care of you, Harper Bailey.'Again, they didn't have much luck. The Hope House was full and they had nowhere to go. But they had each other, it was kinda enough. Callum refused to leave the poor girl alone because she was really alone--no family, no friends, and it was New York City, afterall. Everything bad could happen to her. And she was only eighteen, for god's sake! So he made a decission. 'Come with me.' I said, quickly grabbing her hand, leading her through the dispersing crowd toward my motorcycle.'Where are we going?' she whispered.'Away from here.'It was the beginning of their love story. There were so many bad things happen to them, each one of it made my heart ached because their misery just never stop. When they finaly settled down and could catch a breath, there's always something bad happened to them again, and again they were left with nothing but each other. They only had one another. Callum & Harper realized that, as long as they're together, they could face everything because they're each other's home. No matter where they slept--streets, bench, park, studio or when they had no money at all in their pockets, they could survive because they had each other's back. It hurts my heart so many times, and in the same time, Callum stole my heart again and again. He's literally my new favorite hero that would last in my heart for a very long time. He never gave up on Harper, no matter what. Even when there's a schene which caused them a bad luck, Callum didn't make a big deal about it at all. If it were me, i would at least, pissed, but he just hugged her and said, “One day, you and I are gonna’ wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. One day. I promise you.”I was touched, i was swoon, and i was in love with Callum Tate. He's a true fighter. Even life threw shits at him, he fought back, harder than ever. And Harper, God, that chick was so awesome! She was not weak. She was strong. She didn't sit around and let Callum did everything for them. No, she helped, she fought back, and she never gave up either, no matter how hard their life was. "i'm so sorry. He took our home, Callum."I forced her back into my chest. "No! He didn't takemy home, Harper! Becausemyhome is right here, in my arms."But what they didn't expect was a psycopath who obsessed over Harper from her past. That psyco really threatened their life. In order to fight back, they needed to face the risk. And the risk was: Losing each other forever.It's a romance story set in New York City about two teenagers who found each other and their struggle to stick together to face their daily hard lives. They only wanted to be happy. They didn't need palace, or cars, or phones. They just wanted money to feed their stomach, a roof to sleep for, and each other's arms. They loved each other. Their love grew stronger and stronger over time, but there was so many bad luck happened to them that confessing their love to one another was not as easy and simple as it seemed. What i didn't like was their miscommunication. But i think i understand. They both tried to protect their heart. They had nothing, and they couldn't risk their heart too. But with how everything turned out in the end, i wouldn't change a single thing. I was happy with the ending Fishe Amelie chose us. This story will always forever stay in my heart. I love this so much and would happily recommend it to anyone who wants to read a true romance that would last a lifetime. I love you both Callum & Harper, and i love you too Fisher Amelie! Thanks for writing such a masterpiece! 'Iam in love with you, Harper, gut-wrenchingly in love with you. You know me, probably better than i know myself. You read me like no one ever has. You are my best friend in this entire world and i will never have the friendship i have with you with anyone else. Remember this. You are everything that is important to me and yet you don't belong to me, you never really did. I'm sorry, more than you could possibly imagine'***

  • Heather
    2019-04-02 12:24

    I never heard of this book and probably wouldn't have read it if I wasn't doing a challenge that needed "Foster Kids". I didn't know what to read but someone else had this book and I went with it. I'm SO happy I did! I'm in love with everything about it. This is the story of Harper and Callum both being kicked out of foster care because they caught "Eighteen Disease". They run into each other and stay together because they have no other options. I enjoy YA but its usually the fantasy kind. I guess because I like my relationships a bit naughtier than YA gives me. But I found something extremely sweet and flirty and at times sexier in Callum and Harper's "almost kisses " and "hands barely brushing together" than in some Adult novels. It's really a beautiful story about two people with absolutely nothing, but making the best out of everything. In this book I've found some of the most amazing secondary characters EVER! Cherry, Charlie and everyone else were just lovely. I even enjoyed the mini "horror story" this book has. I honestly can't say enough wonderful things. I loved it. I've never read anything by Fisher Amelie before but have been interested in reading Vain for quite awhile now. I'm definitely going to get to it sooner! I HIGHLY recommend this....and I did what I was told and looked up the lyrics. You were right. They're perfect.(view spoiler)[ The Longest TimeBy Billy JoelOh, oh, ohFor the longest timeOh, oh, ohFor the longestIf you said goodbye to me tonightThere would still be music left to writeWhat else could I doI'm so inspired by youThat hasn't happened for the longest timeOnce I thought my innocence was goneNow I know that happiness goes onThat's where you found meWhen you put your arms around meI haven't been there for the longest timeOh, oh, ohFor the longest timeOh, oh, ohFor the longestI'm that voice you're hearing in the hallAnd the greatest miracle of allIs how I need youAnd how you needed me tooThat hasn't happened for the longest timeMaybe this won't last very longBut you feel so rightAnd I could be wrongMaybe I've been hoping too hardBut I've gone this farAnd it's more than I hoped forWho knows how much further we'll go onMaybe I'll be sorry when you're goneI'll take my chancesI forgot how nice romance isI haven't been there for the longest timeI had second thoughts at the startI said to myselfHold on to your heartNow I know the woman that you areYou're wonderful so farAnd it's more than I hoped forI don't care what consequence it bringsI have been a fool for lesser thingsI want you so badI think you ought to know thatI intend to hold you for the longest time (hide spoiler)]

  • Katrina
    2019-04-21 13:38

    Oh. My. God. One of the most amazing books I've ever read in my entire life. It literally has me speechless. Why did I not read this sooner!? This was one of the most heart warming, gut wrenching, and mind blowing stories I've ever read. I cried, I yelled, I laughed, and I prayed throughout this entire story. Callum & Harper just might be the two most deserving characters I've ever encountered. They remind you what real humanity is. the way they love each other is unlike any other romance out there. Their love is so pure, and so perfect it will literally make your heart feel light as a feather. This will definitely be a re-read for me. As a matter of fact I'm just gonna start all over again right now. The only complaint I have is that it ended and I want to know if the human alarm clock is a baby. I hate cryptic sentences like that...

  • Liz
    2019-04-12 10:39

    Fabulous Read!! First, I love the names of these characters, Callum Tate and Harper Bailey! Loved the writing. The connection between these two were like no other connection between two human beings (A little frustrated with acknowledging their feelings towards each other - the ending made up for it though). True chemistry and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Next on my list is Thomas & January!!

  • A.
    2019-03-25 11:30

    . . . . BARCELONA, PLEASE DON'T GOCallum & Harper is a story of two lost souls find solace in each other in a world where the only people they could count on were themselves. The novel follows these two kindred spirits struggling to make ends meet but always find a safe harbor in each other when they were dumped by the foster system for their "eighteen disease". You watch them go through trial after trial; searching for a bed for the night, long hour shifts, love, heartbreak, friendship, regret, guilt.. Callum Tate is so honorable, kind, generous, and breathtakingly the most genuine guy you'd ever (wish) to come across. He's had so many hardships in his life but he never let it make him cynical or jaded but gave him more of a reason to cherish the good things that come his way. Such as Harper. Harper is one strong chick. She's had just as many obstacles in her life as Callum and it changed her as well but not in the same way. She's tough, takes things as they come and whilst she gets scared just like any other young woman would, she deals with it in her own way and pushes forward. Callum and Harper are a match made in heaven. You know from the first page the magnetism they have towards each other and it's just a feel of what's to come in the book. But I admit there were some times in the book I wanted to throw a tantrum over those two refusing to tell the other they were in love with them. Grr! Let me tell you, if you're looking for some sweet summer beach read about a naive chick falling for the exchange student douche, you are seriously in the wrong place. Callum & Harper gruelingly exposes what some unfortunate orphans the system has failed have gone through. As well as the later chapters about their struggle for survival in a completely different sense. But what I think one of the main points the book was trying to put out was that life was too fucking short to live on regrets and what ifs; like never taking opportunities, never looking for love or friendship, .... never telling the person you love how you feel about them before it's too late. (hint hint). Basically this book will make you bawl like a colicky babe. I highly suggest reading it private so your parents don't walk in catching you blubbering like a whale and subtly suggest therapy over dinner. But it's still one of my favorite books so I recommend it to all sappy romance readers out there! :)BUY IT! YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED.

  • Mia Asher
    2019-04-09 14:33

    One of the few books I have lately read that take place in NYC... The writer really captured the city well. I love the love story because it has friendship, trust, intense chemistry and a very sweet Happy ending.

  • Carla
    2019-04-08 11:35

    Ohmygod I can't. UGHH! All these feelings. I can't calm down. Here goes my review: (contains spoilers. Don't read the review if you haven't read the book yet. It will kill you, I swear.)I love the book! I loved how they love each other even if they haven't known each other for so long. I love how they both can't admit it to one another. I love how they take care of each other.Most of the time, I seriously wanted to scream "I knew it!". Like when a man tripped over her bag. I knew at once that he stole their money. It is a famous modus operandi (search the term if you don't know) in crimes. It really broke my heart when they found out that they lost the money.Also, when she got that note from Detective Carson, saying "Call me ASAP". Few pages before that, she kept seeing John Bell, but she thought it was just her imagination. I knew at once that he escaped. It was so obvious. My theory was confirmed when even in the airport, she could see him. When he sat next to her on the plane, I really wanted to scream "I knew it!" but my mother (who's in the same room) would think I've gone bonkers.When Harper was brought to the hospital, I was like, "Keep this together. Don't cry.". I was successful, until ...I studied the clothing on top of the pile, spotting a folder piece of paper tucked into the inside of her bra. I picked it up and unfolded it.Callum, I love you more than you could possibly know."Oh, God!" I bellowed, crushing the note to my chest. She hadn't thought she was going to make it.I couldn't take it. Ugh. It doesn't help that I couldn't cry, because my mom was in the same room and she might think I'm crying over my boyfriend or something (which is something I'm not allowed to have yet :P) Anyway, I still shed a few tears silently. That's all I did. :/Inside, I was crying. No, I mean seriously. It's the first time I've ever experienced what people feel when they say that they're "crying inside". I've only experienced pure sadness, but in this book, I REALLY experienced crying inside.You know that feeling you experience just before you cry? It's like that, but you don't cry. You're breathing is like when you're crying, but like I said, you're not... This is hard to explain so I won't even try anymore. I wouldn't make this review any longer. I love it, I recommend it to everyone, and I will read this over and over. <35 stars! Well-deserved. <3He loves me? Loves me? Of all the stupid, idiotic, ridiculous misunderstandings O have ever known... this has to be the most glorious of all."

  • Melanie
    2019-03-29 10:41

    Fisher Amelie has done it again! I even love that she has a (shameless) plug for her book The Understorey carefully tucked within the pages of Callum & Harper. This woman knows how to write a love story and how to capture the nuances of relationships between people, romantic or otherwise. Plus, she knows how to showcase that meeting your true love eclipses everything you've ever felt for anyone else and it's worth fighting for. From the moment I started reading, I could not stop until I was finished. Also, you may want to keep tissue handy, there are definite tear jerking moments. Of course, it is not all happy. There are also some real horrors lurking in this book. There are things I could never imagine actually happening to someone and if it were to happen, I can't imagine that person would survive. Emotionally, physically, etc. It's not just the love and happy things that Fisher Amelie captures but the bad also. (PS, she has great taste in music. If you want a good playlist, pay attention to the songs brought up in her books and on her Facebook fan page. Seriously.)Growing up, I had a friend named Callum. His mom chose the name because it means "Dove" and in her spirituality, the dove is pure but ultimately stands for patience and love. She always said her baby boy was her spiritual regeneration and gave her a new start in life. In the end, the Callum in this story gives Harper a new lease on life and a new reason to really live. By meeting Callum, Harper experiences love as she never has before. His friends become her friends and ultimately, they stand by the couple as a family.The story itself is just amazing because the relationship just feels real. Yes, there are aspects to their relationship that may not seem realistic to certain readers but you have to look at the big picture. Two kids who are desperate for company and fighting to survive are going to go to lengths that a "normal" person might not have to consider. I think that their unique situation gives them the ability to grow up, mature, and really fall in love. They also fight like hell for each other and endure some scary situations.I want a Callum and Harper in my real life. I also really want a Cherry and Charlie. I even feel the need to have Tie Dye Tom in my closet. You know, in case I have an emergency flower situation.

  • Morgan
    2019-04-06 13:31

    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFI am OBSESSED with Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie. It’s one of the best non-paranormal books that I’ve read in a long time. This book was an inch away from being a 5 STAR novel (a rating that I don’t hand out frequently), but I couldn’t bump it up because the majority of the conflict in this novel is based on lack of communication. Honestly, I understand why they held their feelings back from one another- Callum and Harper spent their entire lives being rejected. However, the lack of communication went on for way too long, in my opinion. Aside from that, this novel was perfection! It is one of my new favorite novels! Callum & Harper is about two eighteen year olds who become homeless when they are kicked out of their foster homes when they turn eighteen. Their “families” no longer want them because they cannot make a profit off of them any more. Callum and Harper meet inside of Social Services while they are waiting to see what life has in store for them next- home or homeless. I am in LOVE with Callum & Harper- both the novel and the characters. Their pasts were challenging and heartbreaking, their initial situation was mindboggling and tragic, their friendship was extraordinary and unwavering, their strength was surprising and inspiring, their positivity was unexpected and moving, and their relationship was innocent, heartwarming, unique, and irreplaceable. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever read about two characters that were more perfect for one another. They depended on one another for everything – strength, shelter, love, safety, and support. Callum & Harper was a moving tale that touched my heart and made me think about all of the real people in Callum and Harper's situation. Their emotional journey highlighted a lot of our government’s shortcomings without being too opinionated or too in your face. I gave Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie 4 STARS (4.5 STARS). I strongly encourage young adults to add this novel to the top of their to-read list. It’s an emotional and uplifting romance that deserves to be read. -XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING

  • Nicola
    2019-03-24 11:48

    Callum & Harper was an interesting read, to say the least. I've wanted to try it out for ages now. I adored the cover and the Kindle sample really had me hooked and eager for more. Callum and Harper's story really did end up grabbing me from the moment I met them until the moment I finished the last page. While I wouldn't say it was a perfect novel or that it would be everyone's kind of thing, I personally enjoyed it and I'm so glad I took the time out to read it. It was definitely unique and will stand out in my mind for a long time.This novel revolves around two orphans, Callum and Harper. They've both been thrown out of their foster homes for no reason other than they've turned 18. Callum and Harper find common ground because of this and start to take care of each since they're now both homeless. At first, I was worried because it seemed like some major insta-love was in store but I was wrong! They fall for each other quickly but their journey is slow, bumpy and full of misunderstandings. This is no sweet, predictable love story. It is so much more than that.For a while, Callum & Harper felt like a regular contemporary romance novel, albeit with some heavier themes than usual. However, the first half of the book has a totally different feel to the second half. It takes such a big turn in mood and tone. At parts of it, I actually felt like I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds or something. It gets really creepy and terrifying and a few bits were actually hard to read! It was way more intense and scary than I was expecting it to be and is certainly not all about romance at all!My only issue was with the unpolished writing. The first half contained some typing errors and a wrong name was used once. The actual writing itself was gorgeous though and I loved how all the characters spoke and interacted. All of Callum's friends are very different people but they all love and look out for each other. Harper fits in really well with all of them. Harper and Callum make some crazy decisions but I can see why they made them. They are struggling to get by and are just trying their best to secure a future for themselves. Overall, I really liked this book and will be rushing to buy anything else Fisher Amelie publishes!

  • Leea
    2019-04-15 17:47

    4.5/5 stars.We meet Harper Bailey and Callum Tate outside the social services office in New York City. They both have ‘timed out’ of the foster care system and have nowhere to else to go. Harper’s mother left her at a hospital when she was a baby, she never knew her biological father and was bounced around one foster home after another till she turned 18 and now one wanted her. Callum was born of love to parents who doted on him, unfortunately when they die in a car accident he was left an orphan and a ward of the state. Both are damaged. Both have no one to lean on. Both have nowhere to go. Somehow they find each other at just the right time.Callum & Harper can best be described as a ‘slow burn’ there is no easy escape here, no quick fix, this is a long heart wrenching journey to oblivion. It’s a testament to a great writer that they can evoke strong emotions in you while reading their book. I cried, laughed and cried again while reading Callum & Harper. I wanted to throw my Nook into the wall because they were being so stubborn (but I love my Nook way too much for that :). Parts were over the top and way too perfect and cute for words. Life does not work that way, or at least I haven’t found it so. In the end we read books to escape reality, to live in a world where love and friendship should be above everything else. This is my first book by Fisher Amelie and I enjoyed her writing style. It’s clean, crisp and to the point. She writes Callum & Harper from both of their point of view and that’s the beauty and heartbreak in there journey. You’re the only one that knows the level of their love and they’re too damaged to realize what they have.

  • Jannat Bhat
    2019-03-25 12:41

    Words are not enough for me to describe how this story left me feeling in the end. I didnt expect to love this story as much as I do now. The way Harper needs Callum, and the way Callum needs her to need him is so sweet… I felt my heart break a little with each page. But,in that“Oh my GOD, I’m dying because this is so sweet…” way. This LOVE right here is what life is about. It's about taking leap of faith and being patient. It's about standing by one another in a loyal friendship, never letting the other fall down. And when they do, you take turns holding each other up. THAT is love right there! You will fall in love with Callum & Harper from the VERY first PAGE. I know I did. You just know they are going to make it in the end. Through every single heartache,disappointment, and horrific things that happens to them- they have each other. Fisher Amelie MAKES you believe in them, they WILL make it because they just HAVE TO. I also specially loved Barcelona's song Please Dont Go's placement in the book. For example during The Ivories concert how this song is dedicated to Harper by Callum is just too sweet.Callum & Harper is TRUE love story. This is the kind of love truly worth waiting for! :)

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-03-27 16:51

    Sometimes you have those stories, those characters that you instantly connect with and love. Other times you have to struggle to feel for them and connect, sadly, this is one of those times.With all the hype for this when it first came out, i thought I would fall easily into the story and instantly love the characters but I didn't. I liked them but I never fell in love with them. While some of the lines between Callum and Harper were super sweet, most of them were also super cheese and sometimes cheese is good, heavenly even, and other times, it is just too much and there were times it was just too much and unbelievable. I didn't hate this story, not by a long shot but it was the kick to the feels that I was hoping it would be either but that was okay, it let me escape for a few hours and get caught up in someone else's stuff if nothing else and that's all we can really ask for after all isn't it?

  • Courtney Cole
    2019-04-20 10:53

    Callum & Harper was a breath of fresh air. It was a departure from the stacks of paranormal books that I've been reading lately, planting me firmly in the reality of Callum and Harper. They've had some hard times, but they get thrown together by similiar circumstances and they click from the beginning. I love their characters- I was absorbed from the first page. Fisher Amelie has a beautiful, flowing way of writing that sucks you right in- to the very end. I highly recommend Callum & Harper. Read it- you'll be happy you did!

  • Pam Godwin
    2019-03-31 17:43

    I have a love/hate relationship with this story. FA's novel, Vain, sits happily on my favorite shelf and I picked up this book expecting the same quality. These are the reasons I wanted to rate this one star and stop reading a dozen times: This is a first draft manuscript. Has to be. The editing problems are distracting, the writing is sloppy, and narrative tense is inconsistent throughout. Then there's the contrived drama. The H/h are interrupted Every. Single. Time they attempt a kiss or some semblence of communication. They live together for two years, joined at the hip, yet neither bother to voice their love for the other, and--Holy Unbelievable Batman--they are both virgins and do not have sex??? They're 18-20 years old and hot as hell for each other, and they do not have sex? That's...that's...uh, no. You might be able to believe that two orphan 18-year-olds living on the streets are able to hang on to their v-cards--in a fictional world maybe--if you're given a plausible reason, but hot and horny Callum just wants to hold his virginity close to his heart. Really? This is only one of many examples of how Callum does not behave or think like a man/boy. In fact, his character is so underdeveloped, it blends into Harper's. Often, they could be the same person. This is made worse because both POVs are written in first person.These are the reasons I finished the book: The body of beliefs and social conflicts that characterize the storyline are compelling and have so much damn potential. Two homeless orphans--tragic individually--are devasting together. The unfortunate external events that happen to them throughout the story are enough to make their romance and friendship beautifully heartwrenching. Why they had to ruin it with their non-communicative passive stupidity is beyond me. But it's the external circumstances that might have you relishing the final 20% of the book. The HEA is wholly satisfying. If the editing problems were resolved, I'd probably rate this 4 star for the ending alone.