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A power-trippin’ bitch, a has-been, a skanky ex-model, a press-shy indie queen, and a British stage actress no one knows – that’s how the Best Actress hopefuls in this year’s too-close-to-call Oscar race cattily describe each other. Which of them will win the much-coveted gold statue and what price will they be forced to pay as they travel the red carpeted-path to HollywooA power-trippin’ bitch, a has-been, a skanky ex-model, a press-shy indie queen, and a British stage actress no one knows – that’s how the Best Actress hopefuls in this year’s too-close-to-call Oscar race cattily describe each other. Which of them will win the much-coveted gold statue and what price will they be forced to pay as they travel the red carpeted-path to Hollywood glory? Amidst all the press-schmoozing and angsting over which designer gown to wear, these Oscar contenders feud, commiserate, and face a succession of personal crises – scandalous secrets come to light, marriages implode, accidents land two nominees in the hospital while another receives news that could derail her career, all culminating on Tinsel Town’s biggest night when anything can happen, and does.BLAME IT ON THE FAME is the debut novel of author Tracie Banister whose writing is similar in tone (sexy, humorous) to the works of Lauren Weisberger and Candace Bushnell. This is a full-length novel that runs approximately 136,000 words.***AUTHOR’S NOTE*** The characters in BLAME IT ON THE FAME are a naughty bunch who live and work in the notoriously debaucherous film world, so you will find some colorful language and a few spicy love scenes in this book....

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blame it on the fame Reviews

  • Angela P.
    2019-05-12 01:03

    An absolute stunning book - a realistic look at HollywoodSo the scoop is this… I absolutely loved this book! Tracie Banister wrote a book that makes the characters jump off the page and straight into your heart. At one, point, I sent a direct message to Tracie on Twitter because I wanted to slap one of the characters. A true story. The writing is crisp, and the characters moving. The book has everything that a reader would want from a book – Lies, secrets, sex, fashion, humor, beauty, romance, betrayal and just damn good dialogue. It tells the stories of 5 different women, all nominated for Best Actress Oscar, their lives and campaigns to win the coveted award. One who is a bitch (my apologies but there is no other word I could use for her), one who has had a mental breakdown, one who is English and has had her heart broken, one who was a beautiful model, turned actress who is living life on full throttle (all that represents and then some) and one that who has a secret that will surprise all of the people around her. This author impressed me; She inter-mingled the fictional characters so well with everyday real life characters in entertainment. The author is very astute to the “goings on” behind the scene, revealing the motivations of the press and also well-versed in fashion and Hollywood.I whole-heartedly recommend this book. I will miss the characters, but at the end I was well-satisfied. Buy this book; it is worth the money.

  • Marlene
    2019-05-12 05:16

    “And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to …” There are five VERY different woman who are all anxiously awaiting the name at the end of that sentence, but not everyone wanting it to be their name called.There is Danielle Jamison, a two time Oscar nominated actress who is not the sweet Kansas girl that she portrays to the public. Instead, she’s a queen bee who bosses people around and only spends time with her kids when she knows the media will be around to see her. Then there’s British actress, Philippa Sutcliffe, who is a star of stage, screen and television. Her response to being nominated was less of excitement and more of disinterest. Philippa feels that the Oscar winners are based more on popularity than talent and could care less about her nomination and even less about winning.Anaya Reynolds is not your typical Oscar nominee. She is a pot smoking, tequila drinking model turned actress. If she wants any chance of winning this prestigious award, she better learn to keep her panties on and her bare bottom out of the paparazzi’s lens shot!Jordan Schaeffer, daughter to two well-known actors, definitely has the pedigree of an Oscar nominee. With all of her parents celebrity connections in Hollywood, one would think that she would be a shoo in to win the coveted golden statue. But just because your parents are the king and queen of Hollywood doesn’t mean that the trophy will automatically go to you.Laurel Hastings is no rookie to acting, but her mental health forced her to take a break from it. Thinking that it may fulfill her need for creativity, Laurel decided to start acting again. Had she known that she would be nominated for an Oscar, Laurel would’ve never even considered acting again.Go behind the scenes with the nominees as they smile for the press, talk trash behind each other’s backs and each go through their own personal struggles. Life in the lime light isn’t always fancy cars and shopping sprees. There are struggles that no one else sees, but you never want to blame it on yourself. Instead, it’s easier to Blame It On The Fame!Blame It On The Fame is Tracie Banister’s debut novel. I thought she did a great job giving the reader a behind the scenes look at the life of a celebrity. I enjoyed the uniqueness of each character and the parts they played in the story. I found myself rooting for certain celebrities to win and hoping others wouldn’t. Overall, I found this book to be very enjoyable and humorous. I felt that the author did a great job keeping me engaged and wanting to see what was going to happen next. I would definitely recommend this book to someone looking for a fun, entertaining and captivating read.

  • Nichole
    2019-05-15 06:15

    The moment I started reading, "Blame It on the Fame", I knew that it was my kind of book. As someone who is obsessed with anything involving Hollywood, celebrities and awards shows, I knew this would be the perfect book to curl up with on the couch to just get lost in the world of the five Best Actress nominees, especially with the actual Oscars coming up. Each of the actresses are so unique and different that they stand on their own two feet as women who could certainly exist in Hollywood, as well as woman who are going through things in their life that many of us can identify with in some way or another. One of the funnest parts was knowing who the author originally saw as the real-life actresses that could play each of these roles on the silver screen and then coming up with my own actresses that would fit into each of the roles. Each actress is written in such a thorough and thoughtful way that I really felt a connection to each one as they maneuvered each twist and turn that came from being nominated for an Oscar. Plus, who doesn't love a good love/hate relationship like the one we see with Miles and Phillipa? I couldn't wait to find out what happened to each one by Oscar night and who ultimately ended up taking the statue home was quite a surprised since I had expected someone else to win. This book is filled with tons of fun Hollywood tidbits that really made the book come alive, as well as relevant to the world of Hollywood today. Of course, I didn't want the book to end and when it did, I was pleasantly surprised to see that an Epilogue had been included to give the audience insight as to what happened in the lives of these five determined and successful women. It was refreshing to see that these women stayed true to who they were and didn't conform to what was expected by society in the end. This is one of the best books that I've read in a long, LONG time. I can't wait to read more from Tracie Banister in the future!

  • Susan Buchanan
    2019-05-24 02:04

    Lashings of glitz and fiery personalities. Chick lit at its best!What better setting for the perfect chick lit novel than the Oscars? I had already read Ms Banister's 2nd book, In Need of Therapy and loved it, also giving it 5 stars. But as I am not much of a glizt and glamour girl, I wasn't sure how much I would like this A list packed novel. Well, I needn't have worried. I almost had to take a cold shower at at least one of the scenes, which showed perfectly the hedonistic lifestyle that Anaya, one of the five Oscar nominees, lived. In many ways she was very selfish, but there was something still likeable about her.Ambitious Dani, I couldn't stand and would gladly throttle her if I met her in the street! Not sure how her husband put up with her.Overzealous pushy parents made an appearance and a mother who hogged the limelight at every possible opportunity. But even so, she had something positive about her which meant I didn't dislike her (much!)Laurel was possibly my favourite character, followed by Jordan, being very unlike the ambitious Dani and even Anaya. I could see myself hanging out with Laurel or Jordan. And as for Philippa, she won my vote, too. I loved the whole relationship debacle and on/off nature of it with her leading man.There were some serious themes in the book, too; nervous breakdowns, marital infidelity,drug abuse, sexuality choices to name a few.A very fun read, where the characters learn about themselves throughout- some improve themselves and learn from their mistakes, some don't. But your life will be improved by reading it, even if only for a few short hours. I read this over 3 days.

  • Judah Davis
    2019-05-19 04:09

    This book is red carpet royalty. It is one big guilty pleasure that I haven't been able to get my nose out of since I started it. Bannister's over-the-top celebrity characterizations were entertaining and hilarious. The sex scenes were sizzling. The sad scenes put a lump in my throat and left tears streaming down my face.I laughed throughout, cried at times, and was so surprised by the adultery scene that I let out a blood curdling scream. My husband quickly came running in, probably wondering if I had gas pains from the white chicken chili. I told him I was fine, that it was just "this book". He asked me what it was about, but I told him he'd just have to read it. Because if I told him the book was about movie stars, he might think it was shallow. Blame it on Fame was everything but shallow.The unruly Anaya Reynolds is my hero. The philandering Miles made me laugh constantly, but simultaneously managed to get on my last nerve. Danielle needed to be locked in a car and driven off a cliff. When she didn't get her way, I thought her head was going to explode like a Fem-bot.I won't say names and spoil the story, but the adulterers completely infuriated me. After their betrayal I engrossed myself completely in the story, and perched on the edge of my seat as I waited to see Bannister enact some badly needed author karma on these two offenders. She did, and revenge was SWEET.Blame it on Fame is officially one of my favorite books of all times. I will recommend this to all of my friends, and I can't wait to read more from this author. Five Stars!

  • Brea Brown
    2019-05-19 00:09

    I don't like admitting that I care about the private lives of celebrities (especially actors), but since I couldn't read this book fast enough, I guess it's time to face up to the facts. I want to know!!! And I loved that I got a fix with these imaginary actors, whose lives and personalities were so wonderfully imagined and developed by the talented Tracie Banister. The characters didn't get equal time (or word count) in the book, but that was fine. Some of their stories didn't require as much, and their storylines may have become dull if Banister had tried to stretch them for the sake of balance. I love that she recognized that brevity was best for some stories and wasn't obsessed with symmetry. That's not to say the backstories weren't equally intricate for each Oscar nominee. It was obvious that Banister knew everything about each character and only shared with the reader what was necessary to move the story. That takes admirable discipline. I especially liked that by the climax of the book (Oscar night, of course... what could be more dramatic?), I definitely had a favorite actress who I was hoping to win. My favorite didn't win, but you know what? I was still happy for the one who did, because Banister did such a great job of giving each character, no matter how unlikable, some redeeming qualities and some insight into her motivations. Brava, Ms. Banister!

  • Michelle
    2019-05-17 04:26

    Tracie Banister delivers one of the best books I have read in a while with her fabulous tale of five women and their rocky road to the Academy Awards. Full of fresh new characters thrust into intriguing situations, this book was hard to put down once you started reading it.Diva antics abound as you get an inside peek at the life of a celebrity. Has-Been actress, Laurel Hastings, thrust back in the spotlight with her nomination suffers humilation as her marriage and privacy explode in public. Ex-Model, Anaya Reynolds, lives the fast life with plenty of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Second generation actress, Jordan Schaeffer, deals with a meddling mother intent on ruling her daughter's life even if Jordan is content as an Indie darling. Fame hungry Danielle Jamison paints the perfect picture for the public of a loving family but her claws are out when the cameras are off. British stage actress, Philippa Sutcliffe, is dealing with lingering feelings for her one time flame,a bad boy co-star. The back-stories are woven expertly in with the current story so you feel that you know these five women by the end of the book.This is the debut novel for Tracie Banister and is an excellent start to a very promising career. Five stars without a doubt and a book that needs to be on your must read list.

  • Natalie Aaron
    2019-05-06 02:17

    This is one of my favorite books of 2012!Based on the book blurb alone I knew "Blame it on the Fame" was right up my alley. Five actresses vying for the Oscar? Count me in. I devoured this book – I was absolutely hooked from page one and I didn't want it to end. Banister expertly weaves the stories together in a way that left me begging for more at the end of every chapter. Sure I had my favorites (Ahem, Miles is swoon-worthy) but I was constantly surprised by how much I loved reading the perspective of every actress (even the ones I wanted to smack a little.) I was also impressed by the detail that went into this book – it read like it was written by a real Hollywood Insider (or even a former Oscar contender.) "Blame it on the Fame" has everything I want in a great read – laugh out loud moments, relatable characters (not so relatable characters – that's where the fun comes in!) and a sexy/smart romance that rivals many that I've seen on the Silver Screen. I can't wait to see more from Tracie Banister! Also…can someone please turn this book into a movie? NOW!

  • Kathryn Blake
    2019-05-02 00:09

    I actually worked in Hollywood for two years--right next to Paramount Studios. During my time there, I got to know at least one Oscar winner personally and I have to say that Tracie Banister's "Blame It on the Fame" took me right back. I purchased this book because of an intriguing entry she had in Six Sentence Sunday. I didn't know at the time I'd be getting to know 5 actresses up for a Best Actress Oscar. This book isn't a romance, and Ms. Banister lets you see the shallowness, insecurity and occasional bitchiness of her characters "warts and all." Though you do get a behind the scenes look at some of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and quite a few names dropped here and there which is to be expected, what is most intriguing about these characters are the portraits of their home lives.This is a fictional, but nonetheless realistic, Hollywood expose filled with characters you like, characters you admire, and other characters that you just love to hate.Great book, Tracie Banister. Well done!

  • Heather McCoubrey
    2019-05-14 23:16

    I loved the premise for this book! I started reading this book at 10pm at night thinking I'd read a chapter or two and go to bed. Nope, I was reeled in! I forced myself to go to sleep around 4am, but it was a struggle. When I finally did finish the book, I was pleased - for the most part - with the outcome. I felt the writing was strong, the character development was amazing (5 main characters and each with their own subplots!) and the main plot was fun. It was a nice treat to escape into the glamorous and catty world of Hollywood and I absolutely loved the author's use of real characters and places. I felt her knowledge of Hollywood and the life of an actor were spot on (and if not, she did a hell of a job faking it!) and it added quite a bit of authenticity to the story. She really made you care about the characters, well except for one, and I know this is a book I'll recommend to my friends who love ChickLit.

  • Libby Mercer
    2019-05-22 23:06

    I really hope Tracie Banister is planning a sequel. She did such an amazing job of creating five multi-layered protagonists, and I was pulled in deep to each and every one of their stories. This is no small feat! Despite the fact that I cared and was interested in what happened to all five, I must admit: Danielle, the power-trippin' b!tch was my favorite. She was so outrageous, it was particularly fascinating to read her parts (for me). I kept wondering if she'd get her comeuppance. I thought she might... I don't want to spoil anything here, so let me just say I loved how Tracie handled Danielle in the end.All in all, a fun, fabulous read with plenty of LOL moments and quite a few oh-no-she-didn't moments too. Even the ending is hilarious. The last line made me laugh. Two final points I have to make: 1) This book is dying for a screen adaptation. I really hope someone in Hollywood gets a hold of it and 2) I can't wait to read her next one - In Need of Therapy.

  • Glynis Astie
    2019-05-07 04:07

    Blame It on the Fame is a definitive page turner! From the very beginning, I was fascinated with the voices of five very different women following their unique paths to success in Hollywood. No matter your requirements for a leading lady, you will find one of these five to be a winner. Their stories are passionate, engaging and artfully executed. Tracie Banister takes you on a thrill ride that will cause raucous laughter, bittersweet empathy and genuine interest in the fate of her characters. This book is a highly enjoyable read from the first page to the last!

  • Simona
    2019-05-16 23:31

    This book is Tracie’s debut novel actually. I read In Need Of Thearpy first though and I enjoyed it so much, that downloaded this one instantly and I don’t regret it at all.Firstly, I think is great and fits perfectly with the cover. This novel is very different in the style from Tracie’s other book.Here we read about five successful actresses who are nominated for the Academy Award.I really enjoyed getting to know them all. All the fives ladies had something special and Tracie beautifully managed to make them unique and create their own story.We get an inside of how these ladies experience the pre-Oscar weeks and of course also who gets the Oscar in the end.Philippa Sutcliffe is the British actress, she is beautiful and full of energy. When she is angry you better stay away from her. Miles, her former co-star and ex-boyfriend, has to experience that over and over again. He’s a man-whore, but in the story he realises that he is really in love with Philippa and I love how he is fighting for her and it was great reading about the two of them. There were a lot of ups and downs in their relationship and some very interesting and enjoyable scenes. Miles had such a cute and wowing surprise at the Oscar night! I was always guessing something like that could happen and when it did, I was so happy. These two were my favourites in this book.Actress #2 was Jordan Schaeffer. I liked her from the beginning, she had something sweet and genuine about herself. She had to put up with her famous parents, who were both really successful in their earlier days. There is a secret she’s hiding until the Oscar night and I loved the way all this turned out in the end. A lovely character with a great personality and Tracie managed to include an important message in the book through this character.Then there was Laurel. She’d already won an Oscar 15 years ago and really struggled after that and she never really recovered. The Oscar nomination only makes it harder. She has a great family, but her husband was hiding something, which totally broke her and brought her to a low point again. I felt so bad for her and hoped everything would turn out to be okay, I loved how her kids were caring for her and Tracie found a great way to makes us feel Laurels feelings and emotions.Next was Danielle Jamison, oh she was a real bitch, I’m sorry. The way she treated her husband and kids was so not human and it made her so dislikeable. I always hoped for her husband Logan to stand up to her. Well, that took a while. The scenes between them for written from a great perspective though and I really enjoyed that.Last but not least we had Anaya Reynolds, an ex-model, who is acting now. With her it was all about party, alcohol, sex, drugs and rock’n roll. All she wanted to do is having fun, she didn’t care about anything until her accident. I enjoyed seeing her change and realising her real feelings.There were also scenes where these very different women interacted and that was just such a pleasure to read and there was something new to discover on every page. As a reader you also get an inside of what fame can do to a person and who different people behave when they’re famous. A great story with lots of depth and meaning. It makes you see life in a total different way.The Oscar night took this story on a whole other level again. I was so impressed how Tracie managed to include all these five women and their feelings without leaving one of them out and I like the Oscar winners (also male, not only female) and some action going on on stage.The reason why this book is only a 4.5 for me and not a 5: I didn’t like the epilogue very much. Of course it was great to get information about their future and what happened with them after this big Oscar night. I felt as though some of these things were a bit unreal and just written down for us to know. I still enjoyed it though and the very last scene was brilliant. A must read!!!Rating: 4.5

  • Wendy Janes
    2019-05-09 05:18

    Meet the five women who are up for the Best Actress Oscar. There’s ambitious Danielle, party-loving Anaya, English stage actress Philippa, established film actress Laurel, and talented but shy Jordan. Against a glamorous backdrop of dazzling designer clothing and a clamouring press, each woman faces her own personal drama in the build-up to Oscar night.I was thoroughly entertained by both the Hollywood glitz and by the individual stories of the women. Even though I was exasperated by many of Danielle and Anaya’s antics, I still thought they were vivid characters. However, I was more naturally drawn to the other three women.The love-hate relationship between Philippa and Miles is excellent. Often these types of relationships can be really irritating, but I think this one works because the author gives Miles just the right combination of charm, roguishness, selfishness, and a genuine love for Philippa. Their sparky dialogue just zings off the page.I love how the author brings out the comedy in Jordan’s mother’s natural ability to steal a scene, on and off screen, but at the same time shows how Jordan uses this to her advantage. Her mother is a glittery bauble that takes the spotlight off Jordan who pursues her own career with dignity and poise. I also like the fact that despite being born into the upper echelons of show business Jordan has her talented feet firmly on the ground. I think the author gives Laurel the most difficult journey of all the characters. Outwardly Laurel has it all – a loving husband, healthy children, a flourishing career. But inside she’s struggling with demons brought on by her film success decades earlier. Not knowing whether she’ll cope or not creates an enthralling tension. Just like Jordan, Laurel has a secret she wants to keep from the gossip-hungry press and public, and the way the author handles this aspect of their stories is really impressive. I had great fun trying to guess who the author was going to choose to win the Oscar, and deciding for myself who I wanted to win. I hope my review hasn’t given away any clues or spoilers.

  • Samantha March
    2019-05-15 06:12

    I was so excited to read Blame it on the Fame from my fellow author friend Tracie Banister. You got celebrities, award shows, glitz and glamour, backstabbing, romance, frenemies – and a bit of love and true friendship underneath it all. From the moment I started reading I could not put it down. This is one of the best chick lit books I’ve read this year, and a new addition to my Favorites list!The story follows the lives of the five women nominated in the Best Actress category for the Oscars. You have the sweet-as-pie from the outside seasoned actress who is the biggest bitch behind closed doors, an ex-model turned actress who can’t stay away from the drugs and alcohol – or keep her pants on, an indie queen who tends to stay away from the limelight, a has-been making a comeback, and the outsider from the UK who no one knows in America. This insane cast of characters, along with some delectable supporting characters – make up Blame it on the Fame and make this an irresistible read! The book moves at a fast pace, starting with the day the Oscar nominees are announced and give readers a glimpse into each of their lives. The peek into Hollywood made this book read like a juicy, juicy celebrity tell-all book, and I was actually holding my breath when it came down to announcing the winner. I loved the wrap-up at the end on what happened after that Oscar night to the leading ladies, and some stories had me laughing out loud. It got just a tad unbelievable at the end, as I’ve never really seen a celebrity drop bombs like what happened on the Oscar stage, but hey – could happen, right? Still a 5 star novel in my opinion!

  • Juliette Sobanet
    2019-05-05 04:07

    This book had me hooked from the start! Who doesn't love a little red carpet drama and behind-the-scenes Hollywood gossip? In "Blame It on the Fame," we follow five best actress hopefuls in the weeks leading up to The Oscars, and in the process, we get a glimpse into their exciting, scandalous, and sometimes disastrous lives. I was amazed at how well Banister developed all five leading ladies and their stories--so much so that I couldn't help but envision this story on the big screen. The dialogue was fresh and funny, the romance was steamy, and the scenes were jam-packed with emotion, making it difficult to put down! I especially loved the scenes with Philippa and Miles--two British actors who have an explosive on-again/off-again romance, and I adored how the author tied it all up in the end at the big ceremony. I can't tell you who wins or how it ends though . . . you will just have to read it yourself! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well-written, fast read as well as anyone hoping for a fabulous, juicy escape from daily life. Can't wait to read Ms. Banister's next book!

  • Meredith Schorr
    2019-05-13 04:28

    Have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes at the Oscars? Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the life of a celebrity? Do you tear through the pages of gossip magazines? Do you love to watch your favorite actors and actresses walk the red carpet? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you MUST read "Blame it on the Fame" by Tracie Banister. As an author, I know how challenging it is to create even one main character who will engage and entertain my readers. Well, Tracie Bannister created 5 female characters, all nominated for the Academy award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, whose stories drew me in and had me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to scream out loud and I might have done a few fist pumps. I don't think I will ever look at the Oscars the same way again! (And that Miles, Yowza, I wished to be Philippa several times during this book.)Trust me, Tracie Bannister is an author to watch. If her talent is any indication, she is going places.

  • Monique Blake
    2019-04-30 23:06

    *Possible Spoiler*Blame It On the Fame is a fun and sexy glimpse into the lives of five actresses vying to win the coveted Academy Award. It shows what might go on behind the scenes of the glitz, glamour, and hype of the Oscars - the plotting to ensure victory, the burden of being in the limelight, and the struggle to live up to unattainable expectations. Although the book is very funny and entertaining, it deals with some real issues that many women can relate to – infidelity, substance abuse, mental illness, the fear of being one’s authentic self, and the struggle to balance career and family. The five main characters are strong, intelligent, and feisty women; who are beautifully human, and very relatable. This book was entertaining, inspiring, and laugh out loud funny. My only complaint is that the most unlikeable character in the book managed to get a happy ending. But the last few paragraphs of the book totally made up for that. This book is definitely worth a read.

  • Jackie Bouchard
    2019-05-14 23:07

    What a fun read! But this book is not JUST a fun read - this book is so well written you'll find yourself pulled into the story of each character (some of whom you'll love, some of whom you'll hate!), you'll visualize every scene, and you'll swear the author was hiding behind the red velvet curtains at the Oscars. The story follows 5 women nominated for Best Actress and the variety of these 5 characters is fantastic; each with their own very unique backstory. The author weaves their stories in with real-world Hollywood celebrities, making this a great read for anyone who's a fan of movies/the Oscars.As a writer myself, I can't say enough about this author's ability to develop 5 strong, fully developed characters, not to mention a host of interesting supporting characters. If this book were a movie, it would win an award for Best Ensemble Cast! I look forward to more from this author.

  • Cat Lavoie
    2019-05-13 06:24

    I've always been a fan of the Oscars and, every year, I love seeing the beautiful gowns and hearing the emotional speeches… and, of course, placing friendly bets on who will take home the Big Prize. In Tracie Banister's BLAME IT ON THE FAME, we go behind the scenes of the Oscar race and into the lives of the five actresses who are up for Best Actress. I enjoyed this book so much that I found myself wishing these actresses (and one particularly charming Scottish actor) actually existed and that their movies were available on DVD. Funny, racy, charming… this book had me guessing until the very end. I'm looking forward to Tracie Banister's next book and, having already read her awesome sophomore novel, In Need of Therapy, I know it will deliver another highly entertaining story!

  • Sophie Moss
    2019-04-24 03:28

    What a fun read! Blame It on the Fame is true escapism at its best. Banister's writing is clear and sharp. The dialogue is witty and intelligent. The characters are well-developed and a joy to get to know. I especially enjoyed Anaya and laughed out loud numerous times at her crazy, I-don't-care-what-anyone-thinks-of-me attitude and wild, over-indulgent lifestyle. I felt deep sympathy for quiet and caring Laurel and was rooting for practical, hard-working Jordan from the start. Miles and Phillipa's love/hate, on-again/off-again relationship was full of sizzling sparks and sexy chemistry and I love how Banister tied it up in the end. I would definitly read another book by this promising debut author.

  • Sandy
    2019-05-19 06:01

    I really enjoyed Blame It On the Fame. It was nice to read a "chick lit" book that wasn't all about sex for a change!The main characters are five women, each of whom is nominated for the Best Actress in a Movie Oscar the same year, so in a sense they are all competitors. The book is about their lives, and, of course, their love lives -- which is really the main plotline of the book. All of the five women are very different and their personalities are well-thought out -- as a reader, you really get a strong sense of who each of them is and what issues she is dealing with -- what makes her tick -- as well as the people around her. I could have lived without the epilogue but I know some readers will enjoy it. I highly recommend this book and will look for more books from Tracie Banister.

  • S.T. Bende
    2019-05-06 03:20

    Two thumbs WAY up for Tracie Banister's scandalously spectacular BLAME IT ON THE FAME. If you sneak peeks at supermarket tabloids, live for, and secretly wish you, too, could live the life of a movie star, this book is for you. Ms. Banister did an amazing job of creating five complicated, realistic women, each with a unique voice and a riveting backstory. And though I enjoyed all of the nominees' stories, I must admit I found myself partial to the classically trained, Kenneth Branagh-loving Philippa. I can't wait to read IN NEED OF THERAPY, Ms. Banister's next book!

  • Gail Olmsted
    2019-05-20 00:07

    And The Winner IsAnd The Winner IsThis was a totally enjoyable and thoroughly engaging story. The talented author managed to create 5 truly distinctive female characters that I alternately cheered for and booed at. I have already enjoyed Ms. Banister's 2nd novel In Need of Therapy so I will be anxiously awaiting her 3rd book. Don't miss Blame It On The Fame!!

  • Kathryn Biel
    2019-05-23 23:08

    An entertaining look at the behind the scenes lives of the five Oscar nominees. This light read has laughable moments, and the moments where you want to cry for the characters. An excellent construction of the five characters. You cannot help but get invested in their lives. By the end, you too will be biting your nails waiting to find out who the winner is!

  • Linda
    2019-05-15 03:03

    I really enjoyed this book which offers a behind-the-scenes look at five actresses competing to win the coveted Oscar for Best Actress. In the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards, Banister takes readers into the lives of the five women. There's glamour, laughter, tears, A-list stars, and an incredibly well-written story. I will definitely be reading all of Banister's future books.

  • Becky Monson
    2019-05-02 03:24

    This book was so well written. The characters were well formed (and there are many of them, so that is a difficult task) and the story line moved at a quick pace. Fantastic author, will be reading more from her.

  • Susie Schnall
    2019-05-07 04:11

    This was a great read! The characters were well-developed and believable. Definitely kept me turning the pages!

  • Kirsty Wenn
    2019-05-19 03:25

    I loved this book! I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen. A page turner for sure!

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-05-04 05:31

    My fourth chick lit book (or at least the fourth that I purposely read after knowing people had shoved it into the chick lit category), and second by this author. Including this book, my last four books I’ve read have been in that genre. Not sure what that’s about.There are about 800 characters in this book. Okay, actually, the major characters consist of Philippa Sutcliffe (the stage actress) & Miles McCrae (the action star from Scotland; with the side character of Nigel the agent), Laurel Hastings (the older star making her come-back; & Patrick Laurel’s husband, Ginny her BFF, Aaron, Liv, and Sean – Laurel’s children), Danielle Jamison (the bitch with the all-American family girl reputation; with Logan and the two children as side characters), Anaya Reynolds (the Harlem girl scooped up by an agent, and all around party girl) & Robert Garza (the agent/manager), Jordan Schaeffer (and the side character of Zoe) & Lisa Schaeffer (with the side character Jake – the husband). And all of those people are main characters. Philippa, Laurel, Danielle, Anaya, and Jordan have been nominated for Best Actress Oscars. Miles McCrae has been nominated for Best Actor Oscar and is the on-again off-again lover of Philippa (and co-star on the movie both are nominated for). Robert Garza, of all the managers, agents, etc. in the book, is the only one who is a main character – he spotted Anaya in Harlem when she was 16 and offered to represent her. Then he became her manager. Lisa Schaeffer is Jordan’s mother, is also an actress, and is an Oscar winner (the father, Jake, is also an Oscar winner, but has more of a cameo role).Despite having about a billion characters, there actually is some rather good work done on providing full characterization for the main characters. For the most part. We, the readers, probably know the least about Robert though he has a lot of lines. Ah, let me lift something from the book page – “A power-trippin’ bitch, a has-been, a skanky ex-model, a press-shy indie queen, and a British stage actress no one knows – that’s how the Best Actress hopefuls in this year’s too-close-to-call Oscar race cattily describe each other.” Hmm. I don’t recall anyone using those exact words. Right. So, ‘power-trippin’ bitch’ would be Danielle. The has-been would be Laurel. The ‘skanky ex-model’ would be Anaya. The ‘press-shy indie queen’ would be Jordan. And the ‘British stage actress’ would be Philippa.The author did a pretty good job shoving all these characters and stories all together into one book, though it probably would have been ‘better’ if it had followed on or another person/couple. There’s enough material in the book, and mentioned, to have the book follow Philippa and Miles, with the others diminished to cameos. Though, because of the type of relationship, and the kind of activities they get up to, it might be tedious to just follow them. Actually, there’s probably enough material, implied or in the book, to follow any of the nominees as the main character, but most have quirks and flaws that are digestible in this bite sized way, but might not be if they were the sole focus of the book. It’s interesting to how close I came to reading a chick-lit book whose main character was a lesbian. Since I’ve only read four of them, I’m not actually sure how abnormal that might be. The mixing of two different genres I mean, lesbian romance and chick-lit. I don’t know, maybe every other chick-lit book actually follows a lesbian. At the moment I’m at roughly 25%. Well. No. That would be if this specific book had solely followed the lesbian, then 1 of 4 chick-lit books I’d read would be lesbian. But that isn’t what happened here. So. *does math* 20% of one book is lesbian. What is that, 5% of the chick-lit books I’ve read . . . no, that doesn’t work. So, back to 25% of the chick-lit books I’ve read involve lesbians as main characters. 50% if you include side characters (though Tommy in Twin Piques was a rather small role). Ah, I know – 1 of the nine main characters (5 here, 1 each in the two first books I read, 2 in Twin Piques), so that’s 11% of the main characters I’ve read in the chick-lit genre have been lesbians. I got majorly side-tracked there.For the most part, I liked the five different stories that were followed in this book (1 story line for each actress nominated, then a possible additional sub-story). I didn’t specifically like all the characters, but they were readable. There are a lot of stories being juggled here, and the author did a pretty good job of it. Though some stories got a little short-changed. It might not actually be the case, but Danielle and Jordan’s story seemed to be smaller than others. Possibly. Smaller as in less time spent on them. Though they both, individually, had interesting stories to tell. For various reasons, I’m not too disappointed that I didn’t have more Danielle to ‘watch’, and am vaguely disappointed I didn’t have more Jordan to ‘watch’. It is possible, though, that all five had roughly the same amount of ‘time on the screen/page’, though some certainly felt like they had larger roles.