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Only a matter of urgent Bravo family business could bring Prince Rule to America. And he wasn't leaving until he met Sydney O'Shea......who happened to be the mother of Rule's toddler son. Rule didn't expect the firestorm of desire the regal Texas attorney stirred in him. With Montedori law decreeing that he wed or lose everything, the captivated prince came up with the peOnly a matter of urgent Bravo family business could bring Prince Rule to America. And he wasn't leaving until he met Sydney O'Shea......……who happened to be the mother of Rule's toddler son. Rule didn't expect the firestorm of desire the regal Texas attorney stirred in him. With Montedori law decreeing that he wed or lose everything, the captivated prince came up with the perfect solution. Propose marriage, now. There would be time enough later to tell all…...wouldn't there?...

Title : The Prince's Secret Baby
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ISBN : 9780373656622
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 288 Pages
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The Prince's Secret Baby Reviews

  • Saly
    2019-04-16 08:35

    I was not that impressed with the book, the first meeting between the h/H didn't gel for me because I am kind of a paranoid person and he just walks up to her and she goes to lunch with him. Within 48 hours of meeting they are hitched. He needs to get married before he turns 33, she is a great lawyer has had two failed relationships and used a donor to have a kid and feels he is the one, doesn't matter that she has to move and that she has a child.The kid is the hero's and the reason he contacted her. Of course he doesn't tell her that since that may have been the reason for seeking her out(he's known about her since she conceived) but once he met her that changed. Then there is also the Princess who adores him and wishes to marry him and he hasn't ever encouraged her but done nothing to discourage her as well and she calls him on it.They do have problems since they don't know each other well and he is kind of a proudy guy. Once the truth comes out, the heroine is mature enough to ask for space.I kinda didn't really like the book much coz instant love doesn't work much for me and these two didn't really know other that much before getting married.. I would continue to read about the other siblings though.

  • Melody Cox
    2019-04-12 07:39

    ***4.5 Star Rating***Prince Rule of Montedori has come to America to meet Sydney O'Shea, the mother of his toddler son that was conceived by IVF. Just a look was all he thought he needed, confirmation that his young son and his mother were doing well, but he got way more than he bargained for. Sydney had no idea the Prince was her son's sperm donor and once the prince saw her, it wasn't enough. He had to do whatever it took to get to know her. And once he began to know her, he had to have her and his son. The Prince was under Montedori law decreeing that he marry by his 33rd birthday or lose his title and wealth and his birthday was fast approaching. After two days together he convinced her to marry him and follow him to his home in Montedori where his mother ruled.As time passes and he ponders the secret he has kept from her, he decides to keep it to himself because he is terrified of losing her. Only problem is, the young toddler is the image of his father and what happens when everyone around them, even the paparazzi, begin to take notice?I loved this book and I highly recommend it. I thought the story was sweet and lovely and I am excited to start on the second book in the Royale series this afternoon.

  • Susan
    2019-04-13 02:32

    Very good book. I liked Rule, even though he was keeping the secret of his fatherhood from Sydney. When he met Sydney he was only intending to check up on her son, then leave her alone. He never expected that he and Sydney would be so intensely attracted to each other. He saw this as fate, so went ahead and proposed marriage. Sydney was leery at first, since she had had two relationships that had failed due to the men being untrustworthy. She occasionally got the impression that Rule was hiding something from her, but thought she might be imagining it. When the truth came out, she was devastated by the knowledge that he had lied to her. I loved the fact that, though she made her displeasure known, she didn't pack up and leave him. The way they addressed the problem was wonderful. I'm really looking forward to the next one.

  • Tia
    2019-03-25 05:44

    This novel was amazingly well written and a complete joy to read. The characters were well thought out and had incredible background information. The hero donated his sperm three years ago and the heroine got pregnant via sperm bank. After three years the hero needed to see that his child was well off and cared for but he fell deeply in love with the heroine and lied to her, not admitting that her son was indeed his son as well. Quickly their relationship progressed and they were married. When a tabloid magazine guesses a way too similar story the hero knows he is in trouble and must confess it all, even if he loses her.

  • Megan
    2019-04-04 02:26

    I liked this but it wasn't perfect.I feel like instead of the author telling us he is her child's relation they instead hint around why he was really interested in her and i felt a bit like just get on with it?! That being said I did enjoy the romance of it all.

  • Nicole Michele
    2019-04-19 04:39

    I need light and Fluffy after Turtles all the Way Down. This hit the spot. I love the Bravo books.

  • HarlequinRomanceReviews
    2019-04-19 08:53

    Rule is the prince of a small European country, and a while back, he donated to a sperm bank. He found out who used the donation and had a baby, and he's only intending to check in on his child. He tracks down Sydney O'Shea, who gave birth to his child, at the mall.Sydney is leery of men after two failed relationships. The only guy in her life is her baby boy Trevor, and she's perfectly fine with that. But when a handsome prince tracks her down at the mall and proposes marriage to her because he will lose his royal status if he doesn't marry before turning thirty-three, she can't believe her luck...Maybe it was just my sense of practicality, but I could not deal with this book. At all. Sydney is a strong heroine, and that's about the only characteristic I like. She's really uptight, and I suppose she has a reason to be, but her internal conflict is really cliched. And what a whirlwind romance! Within two days, they meet each other, marry each other, make love, and Rule becomes best of friends with Trevor. Whoa? Where is all the plot conception, all the development of characters? I felt like I was watching a movie speeded up, except it was the most unrealistic movie I've ever seen.I understand that in order for the conflict to fully take place, Rule has to seduce Sydney quickly for the book to get moving. But I hated how they fell in love so quickly! While conflict is a big slice of the pie in a romance novel, falling in love is the priority of the characters. And that's how the actual romance was treated.Of course, in the end, there's one big, gushy ending with all of Rule's royal family falling in love with both Trev and Sydney, and Rule promises never to deceive Sydney again, and Sydney accepts his apology, and Trev happily smiles at his newfound father. Blech. Obviously, romances have to have happy endings. But a cliched, overused, sickly sweet one like this? I don't think so.The only reason this book got one star because a) Trev was simply adorable, and b) there was a bonus story in the back of the book that I actually enjoyed more than the novel. Trev was probably the most fleshed-out, relatable character in this whole book. He actually acts like a baby, not like a robot, and cries and smiles when he needs to. I think I fell in love with Trev more than his slick, sexy, seducing father. The story in the back of the book was called The Thanksgiving Party, or something along the lines of that. I really enjoyed it--it wasn't a complete romance developing, but in the restrictions of about thirty pages, the authors managed to create a very tangible conflict and resolve it in an unpredictable and satisfying way. However, I really don't recommend this book. If you pick it up, maybe you could just read the parts where Trev is acting cute, or enjoy the story in the back. Because the novel really isn't worth the read.

  • Laura
    2019-04-06 08:52

    I'm a sucker for romance novels featuring babies, and Christine Rimmer seems to have a little niche for this subject. I've enjoyed a couple of her books now, and was not disappointed by this one. A pleasant story with likable characters - the plot line seemed to be pushing the envelope of plausibility a bit (even for a romance novel!), but with some suspension of reality, I enjoyed it. The cover annoyed me - something about the proportions of the baby to the prince and the way he held him made it look really strange. I kept a post-it over it so I wouldn't have to look at it every time I picked up the book! Luckily, although I will pick up a book because I love the cover, I can move past one I don't like! :)

  • Jane
    2019-04-01 04:28

    I love it! I love it! I love it! Best I can say. Sydney meets her Prince. Excitement, secrets, Trev meets his Dad, and lots and lots of love. A baby born through sperm bank added.A fairy tale weedding but a story like none other. Intriguing birth of Trevor and his Mom and then comes the Prince. The story holds lots of surprises. But true love wins through all the hardships.Love can truly overcome issues that are hard to deal with. Struggles as husband and wife are common and yes, even a Prince has them. I believe in love at first sight as that is my story with my husband. I can hardly wait to read Lili and Alex story.

  • Cupcakemummy
    2019-03-31 08:51

    A nice book goal bump.Such an easy and sweet read. A little twist there with the whole baby daddy thing but how adorable is Rule. Nice to see a powerful and successful woman as the lead for a change even if she did fall in love with him in a heartbeat. Well written and easy to read.

  • Gail
    2019-04-06 08:28

    Nice story. Rimmer tends to write extremely squishy stories, and this is one of the squishier. She seems to prefer writing glitz to angst, and I'd rather read the angst.

  • Allison
    2019-03-20 02:24

    A pretty decent quick read when I needed one. Not a lot of character development but then you never get much in a little novella.

  • Lisa stephenson
    2019-04-17 01:51

    Loved the story and the characters. Was a great romance book!

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-03-26 08:33

    Miniseries: The Bravo RoyalesCategory: Heart & Home

  • Nicole Hurley-Moore
    2019-04-19 05:26

    Not my cup of tea at all - sorry.