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It's a bedtime story and a children's story for all of us. Shep, an unwanted puppy with a big head and long teeth, is rejected by his owners for accidentally bumping into things, including them.All he wants is a good and loving home. Instead, he finds himself out on his own in a dangerous world. His goal of finding someone who will accept him as he is, lands him in the homIt's a bedtime story and a children's story for all of us. Shep, an unwanted puppy with a big head and long teeth, is rejected by his owners for accidentally bumping into things, including them.All he wants is a good and loving home. Instead, he finds himself out on his own in a dangerous world. His goal of finding someone who will accept him as he is, lands him in the home of the Lonely Man.Together, the two experience the joys of friendship. As Shep grows into his big head and teeth, he saves the day by using his natural gifts against an intruder.A feel good story for any age, perfect for an inspiring bedtime read for young kids.1,222 words....

Title : shep dreams of home a bedtime story
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ISBN : 12489395
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shep dreams of home a bedtime story Reviews

  • Julia
    2018-11-15 01:00

    This was an interesting retelling of an event in the author's life on how he came to get Shep although retold by the viewpoint of Shep himself. Given to the goal of making this book one for children the usage of language reflects on very easy and somewhat childish in its usage so the adult reader may not feel too comfortably in their reading. As for children the writing is easy enough to follow and understand so the story won't be too difficult to consume. They may have a bit of a problem understanding the hitting of the dog's head and teeth since that just seems a weird way of putting things altogether to begin with. Definitely an interesting take of point but one that I wouldn't think about reading to my children, especially before bed since who wants to dream about not being wanted and being thrown out in the snow. Although the end turns out to be good it just doesn't seem bedtimish for me.

  • Susan Molloy
    2018-12-10 04:15

    This is a very good, well-written little bedtime — or anytime — story for kids and grownups, too. It subtly gives a little lesson on treating one another well and the happiness that envelops all when we do that. The little pictures of Shep in the book are cute.

  • Nancy Silk
    2018-11-30 01:59

    "A Great Bedtime Story for Kids"This is a good bedtime story to read to children. It's very short, but just the right length for small children. Puppy Shep's first owners were Angry People -- angry with themselves and angry with Shep who always bumped his large head into them. They pushed Shep outside even at night in stormy weather. Where was the warm bed and loving master? The dog down the street, Ruby Girl, has a great home with Nice People. The Nice People, however, can only have one dog, but they did find a home for Shep with a Lonely Man who likes dogs. Living with Lonely Man, Shep has a warm bed, goes on long mountain walks, plays Frisbee, and even visits Ruby Girl. Soon, Lonely Man becomes Happy Man. Both Shep and Ruby Girl grow into large dogs and are well mannered. There is one good deed that Shep does that makes the Angry People wish they had kept him. This is a very short story, but read it to your children ... because, it's also a true story! As an added bonus, the author has a website where children can draw pictures of the characters and dogs of this story - He also provides several chapters from his remarkable book, "The Little Universe" which is very interesting as to the creativity of a universe, evolution vs creation, and alien contact. Of course ... this is for adults with expandable thoughts.

  • Carolyn Injoy
    2018-12-09 01:55

    I received a free kindle copy of Shep Dreams of Home by Jason Matthews from Amazon for fair review. This is a simple but hopeful, bedtime story. Every one (dogs included) want a home. I gave it four stars.Shep was a clumsy puppy & had a big head with long teeth. He lived with the Angry People who didn't like it when he bumped them. They put him outside in the dark cold night.He wanders down the street & meets Ruby. They become friends. He tries to fit in with Ruby's family & not bump them with his big head, but they can have only one dog. They introduce him to The Lonely Man. They befriend each other & Shep even gets to sleep in the warm bed with the Lonely Man. After Shep came to live with him, the Lonely Man became the Happy Man.He & Ruby catch a Food Burglar at Ruby's home where they were having a party. The people realize the man is just hungry & invites him in to eat with them. This is a feel good story & Link to purchase:

  • Angela Lambkin
    2018-12-05 23:00

    What a great ebook sharing Shep ' s beginning in life and from bad to a swell home!I enjoyed this story of Shep ' s life from a bad home as a puppy to a wonderful and happy home life, no more angry people in his life and now a contented dog with a not so lonely puppy to a grown up dog now. So, for these reasons and a great short story, here is my honest review in return for a free ebook copy. That I wish to recommend for kids ages 3-10 &+ for anyone who enjoys sweet short but very good storyline. Super job Jason! By Angela L .

  • Peacegal
    2018-11-30 03:15

    I was very happy that Shep, a mixed-breed puppy, found a home with a caring man instead of the family that mistreated and ignored him, in this true story.However, I was a little concerned about Shep's rather obese state in the cover photo. Obesity can be just as dangerous to pets' health as humans'.

  • Julio Leal
    2018-12-02 04:10

    Fue muy lindo y dulce. Me imaginaba a mi mismo o a alguien mas leyendoselo a unos niños e incluso haciendo diferentes voces. Estaria muy bien para un picture-book o un corto animado.Por cierto me encanto que estuviera "inspirado" en hechos reales aunque siento algo extraño sabiendo que Shep puede que ya no este vivo :/

  • Yani Daniele
    2018-11-12 06:09

    Un cuento extremadamente corto, de solo unas pocas páginas pero cargado de ternura y de una verdad absoluta: Los animales son compañía, son amor y rescatados son lo más agradecido que hay. Me ha encantado esta historia y más aún cuando leí la biografía del autor, solo le tengo una pequeña crítica: fue muy corto!!!!! me hubiera gustado alguna aventura más de Shep.

  • Carol
    2018-11-13 00:06

    ok I'm confused. The words are too big for a first reader, but it's written in an annoying simplistic style. A couple of scary things for a bedtime story, too! Funny typo: "The Happy Man took Shep home and made him a very special desert."

  • Robin Conley
    2018-11-22 23:11

    This was an okay story. Definitely meant to be a kids tale, I think. It wasn't terribly original, but it was cute. Not sure I'd recommend it, but if you like animals and kids stories, go for it. It's not bad, just not for me.

  • montana
    2018-11-15 00:59

    ShortI chose this rating because I think this book was very short and I usually like to read longer books. I like this book but like I said very short.

  • Lindsay
    2018-12-07 05:22

    i don't really like how this story was a tell tell tell kind of story...

  • Wade Corbeil
    2018-11-16 04:21

    Very simplistic children's story. The writing style seems rushed and reads more like a reminiscent thought rather than a actual story.

  • Natalie Nollette rossiter
    2018-11-26 04:11

    sweetWhat a wonderful story. For all animal lovers this is a must read to your children. Especially those in the rescue communities.

  • Jason Willis
    2018-12-06 03:13

    I love your book

  • Victoria
    2018-11-14 00:18

    WowWowI think your kids Wil love this bedtime story. The author and Shep this is a true story and they still live together.

  • Cheryl
    2018-12-06 22:12

    I liked the premise of the story (all but one of my pets have been rescues) but it was very wordy.

  • Jen
    2018-11-19 04:08

    I love this book, but it made me bawl my eyes out!:(:)

  • Rev.
    2018-12-05 21:59

    Cute short sweet bedtime story for animal lovers.

  • Daniela Pinos
    2018-11-22 23:15

    Ay! tantos animalitos botados que sueñan con un hogar :( deberían hacer justicia contra esa gente que los tira a la calle

  • Tamsen Malcarney
    2018-12-08 02:17

    Awesome It is a great kids book adorable and heart wrenching. I have to say it could not been cuter it was, perfect

  • Cindy Mejia
    2018-11-25 05:23

    Muy buenoEs un cuento corto y agradable para leer a niños y perfecto para enseñar moraleja. Al menos a mi si me sirvió.

  • Emily Wetherell
    2018-12-13 04:56

    IT WAS AN AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!-It was sad at the beginning but it got happier as I read through the book but I still loved the book it was awesoe

  • Savannah Fisher
    2018-12-11 23:04

    The bestI have a 5 year old and I have a dog named Shepard and we call him Shepard, so I read it to my kid and she loved it!

  • Jenae (Jeni)
    2018-11-12 23:19

    Cute short story. Took about 5 minutes to read so I'm glad it was free but worth that 5 minutes if your an animal lover.

  • Gita Sturtevant
    2018-12-02 22:19

    LovingFor all dog lovers a uplifting insightful book. Don't miss it makes you feel happy. I love animals and he has a handle on their feelings.