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Who doesn't hunger for more sex and love? In I.J. Miller's stories everyone does ... A married man who is a king in cybersex chat rooms, a woman torn between her boring fiance and a hot anonymous affair, a professor fighting off seduction by a biker chick, a lonely man held hostage by a lascivious ex-lover, a housewife infatuated with her daughter's tennis pro, a straightWho doesn't hunger for more sex and love? In I.J. Miller's stories everyone does ... A married man who is a king in cybersex chat rooms, a woman torn between her boring fiance and a hot anonymous affair, a professor fighting off seduction by a biker chick, a lonely man held hostage by a lascivious ex-lover, a housewife infatuated with her daughter's tennis pro, a straight man tempted by a gay friend ... everybody in Sex and Love wants to burn a little hotter. Real people. Powerful writing. An intense, erotic ride that has the novel feel of one breathless journey....

Title : Sex and Love
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ISBN : 9781603814966
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 242 Pages
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Sex and Love Reviews

  • Nathan Burgoine
    2019-05-16 15:28

    I loved this collection.I reviewed this for Erotica Revealed - it'll be up in the October Reviews. The site is here:’m going to let the cat out of the bag right off and say that, with Sex and Love, I.J. Miller has written some of the best literary erotica I’ve yet to come across.For me, character and narrative are king (and queen) of my enjoyment of a short story. In Miller’s collection, almost every story has a captivating character (or two) and a narrative that takes you on a journey you look forward to completing. Opening with “Lonely Man” – where the action begins with a man in bed with a woman who has a knife at the ready – Miller immediately captures your attention, and then weaves a series of stories that move throughout the gamut of poignancy, sadness, strength, tenderness, and self-realization. The tales are very different from one another, though they loosely link with the title of the collection; these are all tales of men or women somehow struggling with love, sex, or the strange gray area between the two.As in any collection, there are standouts and stories that grab you more or less than others. Indeed, the opening tale, “Lonely Man” left me impressed with Miller’s writing style, but not so sold on the story itself – but luckily the next story up to the plate blew me away. “Cell” – narrated by a straight woman out with a friend is hit on by another woman who leaves her cell phone in the narrator’s purse – has a wonderful set up, a strong follow-through, and then twists “just so” at the end to leave you moved.“The Professor and the Biker Chick” is another strong tale, where the main character – a self-professed boring writing professor – is drawn into an attraction of a woman in his class for the first time. This story had my favourite “twist” of all the stories, and left me with a real smirk on my face at the clever move.“Single Woman,” a much longer story that almost tipped me into feeling I was reading a novella, was phenomenal. In it, a woman and her friend go out to celebrate their win-win: one is pregnant, the other (our heroine) has just turned thirty and has become engaged. A drunken egging-on leads the newly engaged woman to have a fling with a handsome man the two spy – and the course on which this leads her is superb. These characters lived and breathed for me, and I adored Miller’s dedication to making the fallout realistic and yet still providing me with a denouement I could truly enjoy.Other stories aren’t as impactful, but still please. “Tennis Pro” is a cuter tale with such a stereotypical set-up that you’re not sure it’s possible to make the story fresh, but Miller breathes enough character into the tale that you don’t mind. “Cyberslut” takes a few turns and twists before giving you an abrupt halt. “Husband and Wife” and “The Night of the Wedding” are two stories that deal with the endurance of love – and the potential fading of sex – and how the two intersect in a couple.I should also take a moment to mention that the erotic in this literary erotica is exactly that – Miller takes mostly average people and turns the eroticism up high (extra credit here for using these mostly typical people, though of course the perfect breast or the washboard abs do pop up from time to time). The steam is indeed steamy – but Miller weaves this within the wonderful narratives and characters I praised earlier.Last in the collection is “Longing.” I fell in love with this story, which so delicately spins a compassionate tale told by a straight man who had a gay friend in his youth, and the sense of unfinished fulfillment that has hung in the mind of the narrator ever since. Their connection is beautiful and loving without feeling forced or unreal, and it is a superb place to end the collection, which walks the fine line between the two things which all these souls are trying to navigate: love and sex. Miller completely charmed me, and I look forward to more of his work.

  • Kelly
    2019-05-05 19:17

    My initial impression is that these short stories remind me a little bit of Joan Didion, as though these are the stories she would have written if she were a man, lost and a little forlorn at the apex of middle age, and wrote about sex instead of shopping malls or migraines or political campaigns. Instead of her classic neurosis, there is a wry humor, slightly self-deprecating, that is just as endearing to me. These are not bad first impressions to have.Update: the proper reviewI’ll start with the bottom line: I loved this short story collection. Taken together, the collection seemed like a kind of Metamorphosis that hinges on sex. That is not to say that sex is the point of these stories, but sex is the fulcrum that allows the characters to change (for better or worse).Some of the individual stories, particularly “Lonely Man” and “Things We Shouldn’t Do,” reminded me of Jerzy Kosinski’s writing. There is a bleakness to some of the characters, a sense that they are present but not fully aware, not completely animated, that is deliciously creepy in its realism. I felt like the worst (and best) kind of voyeur jumping into these characters’ minds, shouldering up to their flaws, bathing in their hopes and dreams and inevitable failures.It’s difficult for me to say which stories are my favorites, because there is an excellent diversity in the type of stories offered in this collection. ”Husband and Wife” is a lovely tale of the intricacies and compromises of marriage. ”Attraction” is a little bit creepy and a lot compelling. ”Lonely Man” is bleak and dark and funny and heartbreaking but also beautiful. I highly recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys short stories and would enjoy a literary view of the world through a slightly cracked lens.

  • Marsha
    2019-05-16 14:28

    Okay, first I have to reveal that I won this book through First Reads. I entered the contest on a whim. I usually only sign up for books in the genre that I typically read. But, I decided to start signing up for things that piqued my interest, but were not the type of thing that I normally read. Thus - Sex and Love. I have never read anything quite like this book. A few other novels with fairly graphic erotic scenes in them, but nothing that was written with that as the main topic. I was a little afraid I was going to read something that was outside of my little 'box' of typical books. But, I truly enjoyed it for what it was. It was fun, quick to read and truly erotic and quite steamy. I enjoyed the different stories - some were a little over the top, some were more funny than others, and some were far more engaging than I had anticipated from this type of book. I'm glad I pushed the envelope of what I am reading (I often read Urban Fantasy and Paranormal books with some romance and sex thrown in) - this just took some of that one step further minus the vampires and witches. I would definitely recommend this to others who enjoy erotic anthologies.

  • Melana
    2019-05-03 20:30

    I won a copy of Love and Sex through First Reads. I enjoy short stories and entered the giveaway based on the description of the book.I found some of the stories to be interesting and some not so much so. The characters are average people in everyday situations, the stories fairly simple and the erotic scenes are just right. (No hooking up of the living and undead, human and shape shifters in the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance that so many of my friends are reading.) It was a fairly quick read and enjoyable for what it is. I will be recommending it to my friends who like this genre.

  • Diane
    2019-05-16 15:20

    Won this via firstreads. Description sounded interesting but unfortunately most of the book didn't interest ME that much. Guess its just not my kind of genre. Now i know.. I found a few of the stories & characters were well constructed & even surprisingly funny at times. I also appreciated the psychology the writer exhibited behind many of the characters. It's for this reason that I gave the book 3 stars.

  • Sandra
    2019-05-04 22:12

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  • Jessica
    2019-04-26 17:14

    This book has a bunch of great open minded short stories!!

  • I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
    2019-05-23 15:21

    ✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

  • Global
    2019-05-22 19:30

    Each section becomes more alluring than the previous one.... and just plain tantilizing.. this is the one

  • Joanne
    2019-04-30 20:11

    I enjoyed these short story's of Sex and Love. Different people from all walks of life and how they live, love and encounter sex partners.

  • Trish
    2019-05-11 14:33

    These short stories are great. Funny, sexy, risque. Easy to read a story in one sitting. This is the first book I have won and I had a great time reading it. Thanks

  • Kasia Hubbard
    2019-05-03 18:07

    I won this on Goodreads. I received my copy on October 5.

  • Xee
    2019-05-04 14:13