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Seventeen-year-old Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day!High school is hard enough; imagine rapidly aging from seventeen to seventy in a matter of weeks, with no logical explanation, and with prom, graduation, and the state championship basketball game all on the horizon. That’s what happens to Cameron, a popular pretSeventeen-year-old Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day!High school is hard enough; imagine rapidly aging from seventeen to seventy in a matter of weeks, with no logical explanation, and with prom, graduation, and the state championship basketball game all on the horizon. That’s what happens to Cameron, a popular pretty boy who's never had to face a day looking anything but perfect.All Cameron wants to do is go back to normal, but no one, not even the best doctors, can diagnose his condition. When he finds love with a mysterious young woman, however, he realizes his only hope for survival might be with the one person who started his condition in the first place......

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  • Kayla
    2019-06-04 00:12

    After the first few pages of Happy Birthday to Me, I was sucked into the story. Cameron is such a great character to read about; not quite a bad person, not fully good. His worst faults are selfishness, vanity, and arrogance. Though all three are not uncommon among boys today, they were portrayed in ways that subtly hinted he could be a better person if he actually tried.Then, of course, he’s cursed to age a year with every day that passes. With that, his life is forever changed.I loved the writing style of this novel. It was simple diction yet not dull for that, and the plot moved along so quickly I never wanted to stop reading! There were moments when I despised Cameron, moments when I rooted for him, and hilarious times when I wanted to laugh out loud. If a writer can pull you through all of those emotions in a smooth, effortless way, I’m destined to love that book.And I did fall in love with Happy Birthday to Me. The story was unique as well as interesting-I liked seeing the little changes that came with each passing day. By the end, I was putting aside every other thing I had to do just so I could read the conclusion. This is a fantastically fun read that I immensely enjoyed and am sad to see finished. The different elements meshed together in a seamless fashion to form a great young adult novel. It’s definitely one of the better books I’ve read lately. I highly recommend Happy Birthday to Me, and give it 5/5 stars.

  • Claudia
    2019-06-02 07:28

    I'll be honest. I picked up Happy Birthday to Me because it was free. Now that I've said that...I would have paid full price for it. And if I could have given it 10 stars, I would have.Brian Rowe has the ability to suck you into his story, to the point you ignore everything else around you. It is one of the best YA paranormal books I've read this year (and we're already in December folks)!I cried the last 25% of the book and absolutely bawled my eyes out at one of the final scenes. I was so vested in his main character, Cameron Martin, that I cared. I cared so much I cried like a fool. Not knowing what direction the book was going to take by the end, I took everything Cameron experienced to heart.After looking up the author's blog, I am happy to find out that this book is actually part of a trilogy...guess what I'll be reading the rest of this weekend?To conclude: buy Happy Birthday To Me, invest in some tissues, and be prepared to read for the next couple of days.

  • Jamie
    2019-05-29 02:35

    I received this e-book for review. This did not in any way affect my review.When I first received the request to review this I was like what? Then I read the description and thought well this could be interesting. It blew me away. It was one of the most emotional books I have ever read.The story starts off with Cameron in the hospital as an old man. Then it takes us back to how his story started. Cameron is an all star basketball player with a beautiful girlfriend and lots of friends. He is also a cocky jerk who thinks he can get whatever he wants. One night while at his favorite pizza place with his friends he tells the waitress that it's his birthday (a joke he plays a lot to get free cakes). The next day his life changes. He starts aging an entire year every day. On the outside he grows older looking but he is still a 17 year old on the inside. Throughout the story he loses his girlfriend Charisma and most of his friends. The only one that stays by his side is his best friend Wesley. His dad was annoying throughout until the end and even then I don't know if he was being genuine. Some strange things happened as he aged that I found disturbing. I really liked Wesley and Liesel. We don't see much of Liesel, she just kinda pops up every once in awhile until the end. By the end of the book Cameron has become a completely different person not only on the outside but also on the inside. The part where Wesley did something for Cameron in the hospital (not going to spoil it), I had tears in my eyes. What a terrific best friend he is. To see what Cameron goes through and how people change toward him, it was very emotional. I loved the entire book but the ending was amazing. It is an wonderful story that I recommend everyone should read. It is not at all what I thought it was going to be, it was so much better. Truly unique and original, you will not want to put it down. I am looking forward to reading the next installment to this trilogy.

  • Savannah (Books With Bite)
    2019-05-30 06:25

    This book is so great! It is filled with great drama, lots of self-discovering and just plain freaking awesomeness. If anything you know about me, is that I like to get into the story. To feel the characters and be in their shoes. Mr. Rowe did just that. I was hook from the very first page. The storyline is good. I like the feel of it. The build up was just perfect and did not leave you hanging. As the reader follows the main character, Cameron, we see him change right before your eyes. Granted that he is ageing quickly, I like how his heart changed. While at first he was a big jerk and a big meany. As you get more in to the story, you see his heart get soft and you feel so sorry for him. I really wanted to just hug the guy. He learned a very valuable lesson in all that he went through.The way that his friends and parents treated him, made me want to scream. People are so insensitive! I mean, if this were to happen to anyone else, they would feel the same way. I like that Cameron kept his head on straight and high. He didn't let it hold him back. He wanted to be treated the same. But people were so mean...ugh! Even some of the things the teachers did made me sick!The way the love interest played out in this book, I just adored! I really like seeing Cameron open his eyes to a girl who he should of noticed. I even like seeing her seeing that what she did to him and try to take it back. I like how she saw the goodness in him, the real him. I like that in the end, they both learn something new.Mr. Rowe wrote a simply fantastic book that I could read again. Mr. Rowe really capture the voice of a struggling teenager dealing with stuff all teenagers deal with and more. Even characters that had minor roles played so much more.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-06-09 05:15

    Creative book, but it came across as a middle-grade fiction for twelve-year-olds rather than a YA novel. The main character was often very annoying, obnoxious and immature, too.

  • Scott-robert Shenkman
    2019-06-24 04:06

    Let me just say right up front: I will put spoilers in this review. All over the place. And I will spoil the end. I need to do that to be able to write the review I want to write.You have been warned.I have mixed feelings on this book. The fact is, I loved it. I raced through it, and it was a one-day read for me. However – I am discovering that the story this book is based on – Beauty and the Beast – a story I used to love – may not be all it’s cracked up to be. But let me state right up front, no criticism to the author, because he followed the fairytale story closely. But I’ll get to that.Now, I liked quite a few characters: Wes, Cameron’s best friend (who many people will mention did something beautiful at the end of the book and, hell yeah, he did), his parents (yes, I did a 180 on Cameron’s father, and if you read this you will see it too), Liesel (eventually) and even Mrs. Gordon the librarian, who alternated between terrifying and wickedly funny (yes ma’am, it still counts as attempted statutory rape even when the 17-year old looks 65). And then there were the characters you were supposed to hate: Charisma, the girlfriend, who was pretty much a witch (not an actual one, that honor belongs to someone else), the Coach (just a jerk – period), and especially Ryan, who, at least to me, was Evil Incarnate.And I liked Cameron. From the beginning to the end. There, I said it. I have read in so many reviews that Cameron is a jerk, arrogant, callous, shallow…and I just didn’t see that. He was 17, a star athlete, good looking, popular – of course he was cocky. A lot of teenagers who don’t have that are cocky. It’s called being a teenager. The “birthday” prank? All teens push boundaries. No one really got hurt by it. And I never saw him being cruel to anyone as you often see the “Beast” do before becoming The Beast. And one other thing: he did have character. His best friend was from the uncool crowd, and he didn’t take the easy way out with a basketball scholarship to college and become a doctor like his father wanted; rather he gave up the scholarship to have a chance to study architecture.And he didn’t deserve what was done to him.I have read many versions of Beauty and the Beast (though, thank God, I will never, ever have to listen to that song again) - I love the werewolf ones and the ones where the “Beast” is scarred somehow (so it isn’t really his fault that he’s the Beast). But this is the first version I have ever read where Beast could have died – and almost did (this is the first book of a trilogy about Cameron so it was pretty much a given that he would live – though if I had read this before the other two were published, I would have been concerned). The problem with Beauty and the Beast is that is a story about a grave injustice committed – against the Beast. But why? Beast is a bad person, mean to vulnerable people, and he needs to be taught a lesson to force him to change his attitude. And he and Belle always fall in love and live happily ever after. So what’s the problem?The problem is first: the witch has appointed herself judge, jury, and executioner for another human being. Essentially, she’s a vigilante. Well, we don’t allow that in our society. We leave it up to the law. Beast hasn’t even broken the law – he’s just been rude, cruel, obnoxious, whatever…annoying, but not illegal. So the witch has appointed herself as God and imposed a curse. Not cool. We should never think she’s doing him a favor even though it all works out for the best at the end, because it just wasn’t her right to do what she did.Here is the much bigger problem with the fairytale: The punishment far exceeds what the “crime” would call for. Now in most of the supernatural versions, the guy is cursed to be hideous and live all alone until someone falls in love with him. OK, I’ve fallen for that in the past. Sometimes, anyone near the Beast gets sucked into the curse (well there goes the movie and that freaking song again). Starting to get excessive. In one book, the guy who got cursed was cursed by accident (it was meant for his brother), and the witch is so psycho that she even tries to kill him and Belle when the curse is broken. That was over the top (“The Curse Girl” by Kate Avery Ellison– excellent book – psycho witches, werewolves and talking rosebushes). But here, it was a child (the law and any parent will tell you that a 17-year old is a child). And he could have died, his entire future stolen from him. And why? Because he didn’t pay attention to the witch and made her stay late one night at work. And he was with his girlfriend and she had a crush on him. Also, the “birthday” prank. OK, he didn’t know her, waiters and waitresses often have to work late, he had a girlfriend, and the cake didn’t cost her anything. She threw a tantrum and pretty much offed him – let’s not even talk about the grief she caused his family and his friend. They didn’t deserve that.This pissed me off. Again, I am not criticizing the author, because I loved the book, it was written very, very well. I loved it. But it made me realize that Beauty and the Beast isn’t such a sweet story anymore, and it’s Beast who is actually the victim. It’s Jean Valjean and the loaf of bread in “Les Miserables” – a horrible punishment for a lesser crime. A story of a forced redemption is not as powerful as a story where the protagonist finds it on their own. And Belle, who is “as beautiful on the inside as on the out”. Well, you know what? It’s a heck of a lot easier in a story and real life to be attracted to someone who is beautiful and kind than it is to be attracted to someone who is homely and kind. They catch our attention first. Now, once we get to know them, we may discover that they’re rather hideous on the inside and that attraction falls away. Perhaps Beast would never have opened his heart as much to her if she wasn’t pretty. Maybe he wouldn’t have seen her beyond friendship. You want to show real character development? Let Beast fall in love with someone he never would have given a second glance to in his former life, someone that would be considered plain (that has happened in a few books, though the model on the cover is usually gorgeous – so that we’ll be attracted to the book). That shows depth and growth.So those are my problems with the fable. Problems with the book? Besides the fact that he could have died, and that his classmates treated him like crap when he wasn’t “pretty” anymore (one would hope this would happen in real life, but unfortunately, it does) – that’s how the story was written - I actually have none. I will say that while I wasn’t expecting a screwball comedy, I wasn’t expecting some of the heart wrenching or heartbreaking moments that were in this book. My hat is off to Mr. Rowe - he made me get a little misty eyed with a book, something I normally only do when I’m reading a heartachingly beautiful ending (not that you may not see that here, of course). I intend to read it again at some point, and am now on my way to start the second in the series. It’s definitely worth your time. And speaking of time, I may bitch and moan that I’m 47 and not 21 anymore, but at least I got here by the year and not the day!

  • Vee ♔Under Mountain Books♔
    2019-06-11 03:29

    I'd seen this one around a lot a few months ago so when I got an opportunity to review it, I jumped at the chance. A story about someone who ages a year every day? Sounds fantastic! It was just as good as I hoped too – the narrative is simple but effective, the plot runs along smoothly and not too slowly (or too fast!) and the ending nearly made me cry. Nearly! I enjoyed watching the different characters develop and change throughout, which strangely enough doesn't happen that often in YA books. Cameron had the most development of course, mentally as well physically. He started off as a typical jock, pretending it was his birthday just to get free cake and as the story progressed went from one extreme to the other – learning the error of his ways and trying to make changes to getting violently drunk and crashing his Prom.The characters in this were all rather odd. Wes, Cameron's friend was about the most normal, as well as Ryan, Cameron's teammate, whereas the rest of them seem to get Cameron in some pretty bizarre situations. I feel the need to mention Cameron's father in particular here. Oh my gosh, what on Earth was going on with him? The things he tried to do to Cameron were unrealistic and highly unbelievable, yet all the rest of the story seemed believable (believe it or not), and that made him even weirder. Then there was THAT situation with Cameron's mother and I don't even want to get into a conversation about what happened with his teacher (Water For Elephants anyone?). Weird.One thing in particular I loved was the chapter headers, each telling you how old Cameron's age was at that time. So if it'd been a couple of days, you'd know pretty quickly. All in all this is a fantastically fun book and I can't wait to read the even more bizarre sounding sequel, Happy Birthday to Me Again – plus the third part, Happy Birthday to You is now available as of the 4th December!Blog | Facebook | Twitter

  • Jessica B
    2019-06-27 01:28

    This review was originally posted at my (now dead) book blog My current blog is thebillcosbysweater.wordpress.comHappy Birthday to Me was an ok read. Its length made it fast, but it definitely could've been better.Cameron was your stereotypical idiot jock boy with a stereotypical heartless popular girlfriend. Their high school could be any other tv or book high school. Basically, know going into this book that it's not entirely original.However, it flew by, and despite the minor issues I had with it I did end up enjoying it a decent amount, though I still didn't love it by any means. (Major pet peeve: Why, for instance, would Cameron's dad be mad at Cameron for wanting to be an architect? Are these rich people problems? I don't understand.) Overall, it was one of those books I ended up just being indifferent about.By the way, it's a dollar on Kindle, so it's not like you're losing much if you hate it.Plot: Pretty predictable and cliched.Characters: Alright but I didn't connect with any of them.Writing: Sometimes a bit awkward, but other than that ok.Ending: Saw it coming. There's a sequel that I don't think I'll be reading, but it'll definitely take the series in a different direction.Mature content: There was mentions of sex and swearing.Overall:Eh, it was ok. I'd probably put it down to talk to people without much regret.Happy Birthday to Me was not the best or worst book I've ever read, and it probably won't stand out in my mind. However, it was a decent way to spend a few hours.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-06 00:08

    Wow this book is such a fun journey! It is such a unique concept. It is crazy,sad, sweet, and funny all wrapped up in one. It is the first book in the Birthday trilogy and I am not quite sure what the other two books are going to be like because it seemed to come to a good conclusion, but I am really excited to find out! The changes that Cameron went through while aging were so funny! I can't even imagine what that must have been like to witness. If I went to school with him, I would be so freaked out! Heck, if I were him I would have been so much more freaked out. I thought he took it pretty well. I mean, how are you supposed to take the news that you are aging an entire year EACH DAY?! Talk about scary. At first I was excited that Cameron was going to get his just revenge for being such a jerk, but then as the story goes on and I got to know him a little better, I felt so bad for him. He really did change a lot and become a lot more mature. He never really was a jerk before- just immature like most high school guys. What I loved most about this book was that even while dealing with something as serious as dying, Happy Birthday to Me managed to be really, really funny. I can't even count the times something outrageous happened that had me laughing out loud. This book put me in a good mood. I can't wait to see what the second one is going to be like.

  • zapkode
    2019-06-07 03:26

    {my thoughts} - This book is about a seventeen year-old boy named Cameron Martin and a girl named Liesel Maupin. Cameron is a boy that likes to obtain free gifts for his birthday so he tells people on a daily basis that it is his birthday in order to get free things. One day he and his friends some of them know and some of them don't do this it's his birthday scam and the next day everything changes for him. Eventually through the worst of situations that force him to find himself, realize what a jerk he had been and who his real friends are he begins to find a will and a desire to do better in his life. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was different as in not something I had read before, and it was well written with a nice storyline and plot. I look forward to reading the second book in this series.{reason for reading} - It was a free download on Amazon and I figured why not, since it sounded interesting and even if it turned out I didn't like it I wasn't losing any money. It was worth the download.

  • Rita
    2019-06-24 06:31

    I really liked this novel.I liked the premise of the story and the characters.Cameron was at the beginning that kind of jerk that somehow everyone still likes. At least on the outside. But when things start to change for him, Cameron starts to think about his behaviour. I really liked his character development. It was from mean/semi-nice to pretty cool.I also liked Wesley's and Liesel's character. Wesley because he was just such a good friend, although you wouldn't have thought so and also because of his artsy stuff. Liesel is just a character that we learn about pretty late in the book. I just loved her kindness, her warmth and most of all I thought she had such a cute name. Liesel, hah..The only reason this novel doesn't get a five-star-rating was that I knew pretty early how Cameron's disease took place.Other than that I cannot wait to read the sequel :)

  • Alexis
    2019-06-20 07:36

    Many thanks to Patchwork Press and NetGalley for the ARC!The premise is great, although it's pretty much a modernised Beauty and the Beast. Sure things are changed up here and there but the basic premise is the same. The first thing he asks for in the beginning is a mirror, and he's given one that apparently resembles a miniature tennis racquet. Y'know, sort of like this one;Yeah, that's the mirror from Beauty and the Beast. I have never seen anyone in real life use this sort of mirror, and I doubt that any hospital has such an oddly-shaped mirror there. I'm pretty sure that in a modern setting, Cameron would have ended up with a round pocket mirror borrowed from one of the nurses. I know your daddy is a plastic surgeon, Cameron, but hospitals are no places for vanity. They do not come stocked with ornate mirrors.Speaking of Cameron's dad... He's a jerk. I know people are giving Cameron a lot of flak for being an arrogant character, but come on guys, he's SUPPOSED to be a jerk. The whole book is based upon growth and character development. What the hell were you expecting? His dad, however, has no reason to be such a jackass.Case in point, when Cameron first begins to realise that he's ageing, he gets quite a bit of stomach flab. This is understandably freaking the poor guy out, but what does his daddy suggest? He interrogates him about his diet and then forces his 17 year old son to get liposuction. You'd think this is a temporary insanity, but when his kid really begins to age he also tries to force him to get a facelift. He goes on about how he wants his son to be perfect and even screams at him for eating a single slice of chocolate cake because sugar apparently destroys your body's physical perfection or whatever. The author clearly intends to make the father do this, since he has a major 180° turnaround later in the book, but that doesn't justify him being such a jerk. I was going to go on about how that's totally unrealistic, but really he's the kind of jackass parent who yells at his child for not living up to his convoluted expectations because he sees his child as another of his own achievements. What's the bet that his reaction would have been equally over-dramatic and condescending if Cameron had developed an eating disorder? I bet he'd probably have yelled at his son for making him guilty. Heaven knows he slapped his kid in the face for developing a disorder that could kill him in a few weeks.Urgh. For every kid out there that has a parent like this, words cannot express how much pity I feel for you. It sure as hell made me sympathise with Cameron.That scene with Cameron's mom? Yeah, freaked me out. The one with the librarian? That freaked me out too. I don't know if that was intentional but ICK.His mom and sister are pretty nice, if not bland, and his girlfriend is a (insert an expletive of your choice here). Wesley (one letter off being the prettiest boy alive) is a fantastic friend and he does something at one point that I can't talk about because SPOILERS but it's really very sweet. I wish I had the courage to support my friends the way he does. Cameron is lucky to have a friend like him.So, about that Cameron, eh? I liked him. Sure he's a jerk, but he learns to appreciate who he is. That's not why I like him though. I like him because his punishment doesn't fit his crime, and not once does he sit around moaning about it. Okay, sure, he acted like a jerk, but why should he die for it? He's a teenager! Not just any teenager either, but a top-notch basketballer who's extremely good-looking and dating the most popular girl in the year. Of course he's cocky! Seriously? Pro-tip for the villain in this story;Voldemort out, b*****s.Despite the fact that he's pretty much dying for being himself, Cameron chooses to spend what's left of his life making the most of the time he has left and showing the people around him just how much he appreciates them. Now that's maturity. How can you not like a guy who's inherently good but occasionally prone to a few weaknesses? It's why we're human to begin with, and I really thought that Cameron was pretty mature in dealing with the cards he was dealt considering he was an entitled jerkbag to begin with. I liked him, and I rooted for him, and I sympathised with him. That's good enough for me.Some things aren't explained enough (i.e. Liesel's powers), but since there are sequels I'm assuming that will be tackled in those books. The main problem, Cameron's ageing, is explained to the supporting characters as a unique type of Progeria (it's a disease that his father hasn't even heard of despite having gone through Med school which isn't very reassuring for his patients). It's well-explained and is a very believable explanation. Bravo to the writer for actually giving a method for how such an odd illness could be explained to other people.There are a few grammatical issues, but a lot less than expected considering it's self-published. This was a particular gem;"Liesel put her heads against my chest and started crying." Dude, is she a hydra?There was nothing that made it difficult to read, though. It's written very simply (hence why I got through all of it in one sitting) but it's coherent enough, and the author is perfectly capable of writing dialogue that not only sounds like something a real person would say but also sounds distinguishable from character to character. No small feat.I definitely do recommend this if you're looking for a quick read, but don't expect it to shake your world off its axis. It's fun, light and easy to get through, kind of like a well-made lemon meringue pie.So why not? Just don't use any candles.

  • Hanna
    2019-06-19 03:33

    I didn’t know what to expect when I start this book but finally it was a good read.In this book, Cameron who is the high school super star is getting one year older each day. So everything is changing for him and he has to deal with this.I found the story really original and interesting. Through the book, Cameron is growing up: he learns what is really important in life and which people really care about him.Even the people around him are changing, especially his dad who learns that the inside is more important than the outside. So, it was a good book event if it was a little bit predictable.

  • Vanessa
    2019-06-01 07:19

    Cameron è bello e popolare, ha una famiglia tranquilla e benestante, una fidanzata bellissima, è la star della squadra di basket e sogna un futuro come architetto. Cameron è perfetto. O forse no. In realtà sotto sotto è superficiale, egoista ed arrogante, non proprio cattivo, ma nemmeno perfetto come tutti credono. Ha anche una pessima abitudine: entra nei locali e facendo credere al personale che è il suo compleanno scrocca continuamente succulente fette di torta al cioccolato. Adora sentirsi al centro dell'attenzione e venire coccolato con regali e dolci. Cameron vorrebbe che ogni giorno fosse il suo compleanno. Incredibilmente viene accontentato. Da quel giorno inizia ad invecchiare di un anno ogni giorno. All'inizio tutto si riduce ad una barba troppo cresciuta e a qualche rotolino di ciccia apparso dal nulla, ma poi tutto il suo corpo inizia ad invecchiare e giorno dopo giorno Cameron vede apparire le prime rughe e i primi capelli bianchi con la consapevolezza di avere ancora poco tempo prima di giungere al capolinea. Nessun medico ha mai visto un caso simile. Non c'è cura. Non c'è speranza. O forse sì? Una storia davvero adorabile che mi ha fatto sorridere e mi ha commosso allo stesso tempo. Mentre Cameron scivola inesorabilmente verso la fine dei suoi giorni capisce i suoi errori, capisce ciò che ha sbagliato nella vita e inizia ad apprezzare ciò che invece ha dato per scontato. Anche se dentro rimane lo stesso adolescente di sempre, tutto questo lo cambia, non solo esteriormente, ma anche interiormente. Matura, capisce ciò che è davvero importante e si lascia alle spalle il ragazzino superficiale che era all'inizio. E' stato interessante anche vedere le reazioni delle persone intorno a lui perchè questo gli ha fatto capire chi gli vuole bene davvero e chi invece no. Di questa seconda categoria fa parte la sua fidanzata, Charisma, e sinceramente non ne sono rimasta affatto sorpesa. Cosa c'è di più superficiale di una fidanzata che vi vieta di fare l'amore con lei finchè non vi sarà cresciuta una virile barba da uomo? Sì, l'avrei presa a schiaffi fin dalla sua prima apparizione. Charisma è superficiale, arrogante, volubile ed egoista e non fa che pensare a se stessa e alla sua carriera di attrice ancora inesistente. Quasi non si accorge di Cameron, tranne quando si tratta di vantarsi di lui e di farlo surriscaldare con qualche focosa coccola solo per poi chiudergli la porta in faccia. Charisma è la prima ad abbandonarlo, tornando di corsa tra le braccia del suo ex, Ryan. Che fidanzata esemplare eh? Chi invece lo sorprende è Wesley, l'amico di sempre, che si dimostra più affezionato a lui di quanto avrebbe mai immaginato, rimanendogli accanto e dando vita ad alcune scene davvero toccanti. Quale amico ti rimane accanto anche dopo che gli hai distrutto per ben due volte la telecamera che ama come una figlia? Lui lo fa, e ciò che ho apprezzato di questo personaggio è il fatto che abbia continuato a trattare Cameron come il ragazzino di sempre, come l'amico che era sempre stato, scherzando e ridendo con lui anche nella drammaticità della situazione. Mi è piaciuta molto anche Kimber, la sorellina minore di Cameron. E' la classica ragazzina timida e silenziosa che venera il fratello maggiore e che spera sempre che lui abbia tempo per lei, per aiutarla o ascoltarla, che aspetta i suoi complimenti o il suo incoraggiamento, ma alla fine si ritrova sempre delusa perchè lui non fa altro che dimenticare le promesse e gli impegni. Il loro rapporto all'inizio è piuttosto superficiale perchè Cameron è troppo preso da se stesso e dalla sua vita per accorgersi di lei, ma l'esperienza che vive gli fa capire quanto sia legato a lei perchè una delle cose che rimpiangerebbe di più se morisse sarebbe non vederla crescere e non poterle stare accanto. Ci sono un paio di scene davvero toccanti che riguardano il loro rapporto in cui mi sono ritrovata con gli occhi pieni di lacrime. Anche i genitori sono dei personaggi molto positivi. All'inizio è difficile per loro vedere il figlio così, soprattutto per il padre che fa il chirurgo plastico e che quindi da molta importanza all'apparenza, ma poi riescono a concentrarsi sulle cose importanti della vita cercando di passare con lui più tempo in caso l'epilogo sia tragico. Non importa come appaia, lui è loro figlio e niente gli impedirà mai di amarlo. Chiudiamo il cerchio con Liesel, di cui non dirò molto perchè è molto importante ai fini della trama. Liesel è un'adorabile studentessa dalla chioma rossa che lavora come cameriera nel locale preferito di Cameron. Si sono incontrati lì molte volte, ma lui nella sua superficialità non l'ha mai degnata neppure di uno sguardo. Si avvicineranno solo più tardi, quando non sarà più un bel diciassettenne. Liesel è l'esatto opposto di Charisma: è dolce e adorabile come una piccola fata e la sua cotta segreta per Cameron non è scomparsa neppure dopo che il suo aspetto è cambiato. Liesel va olte l'aspetto fisico perchè lo guarda con gli occhi del cuore. Una storia davvero adorabile, piena di speranza e di dolcezza, il trionfo delle seconde possibilità. L'autore riesce a farci provare tristezza, rabbia, allegria, divertimento, orgoglio, amore attraverso sorrisi e lacrime e riesce anche a farci riflettere: mai dare per scontata la vita e le persone che ne fanno parte. Il finale è autoconclusivo, ma la storia proseguirà con altri due capitoli e da quello che ho sentito si prospetta una serie davvero adorabile e simpatica. Di sicuro proseguirò. Ve lo consiglio!

  • Brenna
    2019-06-14 03:32

    Originally posted to Esther's Ever AfterHappy Birthday to Me (Birthday Trilogy #1) by Brian RoweRelease Date: April 7, 20113/5 StarsGoodreads Synopsis:Seventeen-year-old Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day!High school is hard enough; imagine rapidly aging from seventeen to seventy in a matter of weeks, with no logical explanation, and with prom, graduation, and the state championship basketball game all on the horizon. That’s what happens to Cameron, a popular pretty boy who's never had to face a day looking anything but perfect.All Cameron wants to do is go back to normal, but no one, not even the best doctors, can diagnose his condition. When he finds love with a mysterious young woman, however, he realizes his only hope for survival might be with the one person who started his condition in the first place...After being unsure of what to expect from Happy Birthday to Me, but this is one of those books that proves to you that there are some gems of self-pub books out there. If you're looking for something a little bit outside of the box, and a well-written quick read then this is a good one to look into.Reasons to Read: "Beauty and the Beast" minus the Beauty:Cameron undergoes some serious growth and character development, which is totally endearing to watch unfold. And similar to the Beast, he needs to learn a very important lesson about himself and how he sees others. With a plot like that, it's completely reminiscent of Beauty & the Beast, even if there isn't any cute, book-loving girls in it (besides the ones actually reading Happy Birthday to Me).A distinctive story:If you've seen Benjamin Button, then it's the same idea but executed in a very different way. One thing I found particularly refreshing about this story was that it was told from the perspective of a completely ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances. But there really isn't anything that special about him... It's creative and stands out among a plethora of YA novels.I found Cam to be such an interesting character, and there were times when I really wasn't sure what to make of him. But he's definitely the kind that grows on you- and he's flawed, in a realistic kind of way which I appreciate.Brian Rowe writes well, and the amount of consideration and effort put into this book is evident. If anything, the ending was a bit rushed and the story lacking some overall depth, but thankfully this is the first of a series which will hopefully assist in these areas with further books. I would have loved to have seen a bit more complexity in both the plot and some of the secondary characters, which fell a bit flat, such as Charisma and Wesley. Cam and his parents, on the other hand, were some that were just jumping off the page with their fascinating actions.Review copy received from author in exchange for my honest review; no other compensation received.

  • Amber
    2019-06-10 01:35

    I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked up Happy Birthday To Me but what I got was something that sincerely surprised me. An authentic and likable male point of view, touching plot and vivid, clean writing were what awaited between the pages. Happy Birthday To Me is an easy read with just a pinch of magic.As someone always on the look out for likable and realistic male characters, I was very excited to meet Cameron. The combination of the humorous and sort of gross worked to make a well rounded male character that felt authentic. I always think that it's because it's a guy writing it but that's not necessarily the case. It's easy to mess up your own sex or the opposite so this is solely the writer. Cameron is a bit naive, or maybe he's singularly focused, at first which was frustrating because as a reader, I saw which way he needed to go while he was blind. That being said, I didn't actually mind this because it meant I cared for him right away and wanted better. In this case, Cameron really did get better with age. What I liked about his constant aging was that he still made mistakes like a seventeen-year-old kid.The authenticity of Cameron's voice throughout the novel was definitely it's strongest point. I did notice that as Cameron grew older, his voice sounded less and less young which I wish would have been a little more consistent, especially since he makes a point of telling us over and over that he's a kid trapped in a grown up body. I'm not sure if the change in voice during the much older years was supposed to signify how Cameron matured but his voice smoothed out again by the end.My favorite character for the beginning was Cameron's friend Wes. I guess I liked Wes because Cameron sort of came alive around the, You could tell their friendship was real and I enjoyed their witty banter back and forth. I guess I also felt that Wes showed Cameron's decent side in the beginning. Cameron's family on the other hand were horrible, particularly his dad. I thought it was a good thing to work through in the novel but the shallowness of his father and the fact that his mother just went along with it shocked me.I don't know why I wasn't wild for the idea of a guy aging one year every day. I guess, I wasn't sure what to make of it. That's why I was so surprised when Cameron's aging touched me. The older he got, the quicker I turned the pages because I was worried for him. There were so pretty touching scene towards the end of Cameron's years that really choked me up. I'm not wild about sports but I liked the basketball angle in this novel because of what it stood for.I also want to stress how smooth the writing was. I know people tend to be leery of self-published books because sometimes they are riddled with mistakes or don't read smooth. This is not one of these novel. Mr. Rowe's writing was at times funny, at times touching and always easy to read.Happy Birthday To Me is sort of like a cake. You can see what kind of frosting is on the outside but the inside is one giant surprise. I really loved Cameron's voice and the incredible growth his character goes through. If you're looking for a well written and realistic male point-of-view, look no further than Happy Birthday To Me.

  • Logan
    2019-06-23 05:23

    First impressions: Cameron is really engaging with a powerful voice. I felt like I knew him right away. The book opens with Cameron on death's door, rapidly aging on the outside despite being only 17 on the inside. I just had to know more!Lasting impressions: Not enough conflict for my tastes and the supporting characters seemed not to serve much purpose. But I loved Cameron's voice and I thought the prose was well written.Conflicting impressions: I wanted there to be some kind of external conflict. This book was all about Cameron's struggle with this aging process, and for too long we don't have any idea how he can overcome it. I ended up just assuming he couldn't, so there wasn't a whole lot driving me through the pages. We don't find out what's going on until the very end of the book, which ultimately left me feeling unsatisfied.Overall impressions: The beginning and end of this book really pulled me in. Cameron is a cocky athlete with a pretty girlfriend who doesn't seem to care about him all that much. His best friend, Wesley, is a wannabe film auteur - he reminded me of a hippie grunge Dawson, but in a good way. Cameron is a basketball star, and the son of a successful plastic surgeon. He's got pretty much everything going for him.Then Cameron starts to age rapidly, and the stage is set for this ticking time bomb of a deadline. Cameron is aging one whole year per day, and soon his time will be up. As he gets older, his friends and family go through various stages of shock, and life gets pretty lonely. His mom is weepy, his dad is horrified and distant, his sister keeps bugging him to come to her music recital, and his friend Wesley wants to make a film about him. His girlfriend flakes, the weird girl from the pizza parlor keeps showing up, and the librarian incessantly harasses him. Oh, and the basketball team wants him to quit pretending his aging body can keep up.Somewhere in the jumble of all of these extraneous characters, the story got lost for me. I didn't know what Cameron was supposed to be learning. Cameron has no idea what's happening, there's no medical explanation, and so ultimately he just keeps living his life, one miserable day after another. I was dying for him to figure out who was holding all of the secrets, and wished that had happened way before it did. My focus was too scattered between the relationship with his dad, the upcoming state basketball championship, the film Wesley is directing, the girlfriend who leaves him, and the librarian who ends up in the most bizarre scenario with him that really left me confused. I think the main reason I didn't enjoy this as much as I could have is that the motivations of the characters seemed off somehow, and the story didn't seem to go anywhere for long chunks of time. Still, I have to say again that Cameron has a really great voice and it's fun to be in his head. The story is unique and interesting, and I think Brian Rowe is a gifted writer. I found this book to be a breath of fresh air in a market flooded with paranormal romances; I just wish it had kept my interest a little better.

  • Michellenovelsontherun
    2019-06-07 01:29

    RATING : 4 BIRTHDAY STARS!!!Brian has written quite an original tale that had me laughing at his sense of humour, but, at the same time there is an underlying message that is woven in to the story.Cameron Martin, basketball player and athlete , he has the looks and he has the popular girl. He is a bit of a stirrer and that is where this story takes its direction.Cameron finds himself aging one year per day .The start of the book has Cameron at age eighty and in hospital......I am intrigued already.The thoughts that came to mind when reading this book, were, the movie 17 Again with Zac Efron....but in reverse, and Beastly with Alex Pettyfer, that whole moral of the girl that teaches the popular guy a lesson.Brian gives us chapters in ages and you ‘feel’ for Cameron and how people treat him. On the inside he is seventeen on the outside every 24 hours he gets a year older. The once selfish teen is starting to get a speedy view of growing older and body issues. There are funny moments throughout this book, but there is the serious issue of a boy rapidly aging, and getting closer to death every day.One minute he has his whole life ahead of him at seventeen, but then, that could be over in less than three months. A hard thing for a family to watch happen.I did shake my head at Cameron’s father. I am not sure if I would have had him up on charges for one thing he did...yowzer. His father just did not cope well with what was happening to Cameron. The impact his rapid aging had on the people around Cameron was interesting, and yes, with Mrs Gordon...... errr that was creepy to watch, ha!When your mum mistakes you for your father, cause you look like him, well that could make for a rather...oh dear...momentJ..hehe!Charisma , Cameron’s girlfriend, the aspiring actress....not that she has a lot of charisma, takes Cameron on a bit of a donkey chase , promising him sex when he grows facial hair. Well, little did Cameron know it would only take a couple days from that night at Uncle Tony’s to get his wish.Be careful what you wish for.Wesley Craven...haha!!..get it Wes Craven...see Brian has humour, he is Cameron’s best mate, an aspiring film maker. There is a side story going on with Cameron’s story. I liked Wes, he means well, but he does think like a guy sometimes.And then there is the mysterious Liesel..........I would have loved the cover of this book to have had a blurb that separates it from looking like a birthday book with a blurb that shows the reader some ‘when you age one year a day, the motto, life is too short, really does take on a whole new meaning’..yeah I know..I was tryingJBut you get what I mean. I love the titles of these books as they really do have meaning to the story. I think they just need a blurb that peaks more interest...just sayingJ..could be wrong, most probably am.I gave this 4 stars as I was entertained, I laughed, it was an easy read with an interesting idea that made me stop and think a bit about my life and what would I do with my time if I was aging one year per day.What would you do?

  • Novels On The Run
    2019-06-15 07:13

    MICHELLE'S REVIEW:RATING : 4 BIRTHDAY STARS!!!Brian has written quite an original tale that had me laughing at his sense of humour, but, at the same time there is an underlying message that is woven in to the story.Cameron Martin, basketball player and athlete , he has the looks and he has the popular girl. He is a bit of a stirrer and that is where this story takes its direction.Cameron finds himself aging one year per day .The start of the book has Cameron at age eighty and in hospital......I am intrigued already.The thoughts that came to mind when reading this book, were, the movie 17 Again with Zac Efron....but in reverse, and Beastly with Alex Pettyfer, that whole moral of the girl that teaches the popular guy a lesson.Brian gives us chapters in ages and you ‘feel’ for Cameron and how people treat him. On the inside he is seventeen on the outside every 24 hours he gets a year older. The once selfish teen is starting to get a speedy view of growing older and body issues. There are funny moments throughout this book, but there is the serious issue of a boy rapidly aging, and getting closer to death every day.One minute he has his whole life ahead of him at seventeen, but then, that could be over in less than three months. A hard thing for a family to watch happen.I did shake my head at Cameron’s father. I am not sure if I would have had him up on charges for one thing he did...yowzer. His father just did not cope well with what was happening to Cameron. The impact his rapid aging had on the people around Cameron was interesting, and yes, with Mrs Gordon...... errr that was creepy to watch, ha!When your mum mistakes you for your father, cause you look like him, well that could make for a rather...oh dear...momentJ..hehe!Charisma , Cameron’s girlfriend, the aspiring actress....not that she has a lot of charisma, takes Cameron on a bit of a donkey chase , promising him sex when he grows facial hair. Well, little did Cameron know it would only take a couple days from that night at Uncle Tony’s to get his wish.Be careful what you wish for.Wesley Craven...haha!!..get it Wes Craven...see Brian has humour, he is Cameron’s best mate, an aspiring film maker. There is a side story going on with Cameron’s story. I liked Wes, he means well, but he does think like a guy sometimes.And then there is the mysterious Liesel..........I would have loved the cover of this book to have had a blurb that separates it from looking like a birthday book with a blurb that shows the reader some ‘when you age one year a day, the motto, life is too short, really does take on a whole new meaning’..yeah I know..I was tryingJBut you get what I mean. I love the titles of these books as they really do have meaning to the story. I think they just need a blurb that peaks more interest...just sayingJ..could be wrong, most probably am.I gave this 4 stars as I was entertained, I laughed, it was an easy read with an interesting idea that made me stop and think a bit about my life and what would I do with my time if I was aging one year per day.What would you do?

  • Cindy
    2019-06-11 05:16

    As soon as I read the summary, I knew I wanted to review Happy Birthday to Me. Not only was it something totally different and unique, but it sounded like it was going to be lots of fun. I expected the laugh out loud moments, but not the events that made me tear up a bit. I thought it was going only to be a little mysterious, with the paranormal aspects thrown in here and there, but I was surprised at the heartfelt moments that kept me glued to each page.Cameron has the perfect life. He's good looking, a star basketball player, has a beautiful girlfriend, and his family has money. His family life is a little less perfect with his father always working and his sister always practicing away on her violin, but Cameron is happy, confident and full of life. One day though, Cameron looks in the mirror and sees a man. Not the 17 year old boy that he is, but an older version of himself. He immediately freaks out and tries to find out what is wrong, but no doctor can tell him of a cure. Instead he must live each day carefully, and as he gets a year older with each passing day, Cameron finally begins to realize what really matters in life and how every moment that you spend with your loved ones is truly special.Like many others have said before me, I did not like Cameron. At first. He's your ordinary, popular and good-looking jock. He's a jerk with a gorgeous snobby girlfriend and he only worries about his looks and when he'll finally sleep with his girlfriend. I sort read the beginning slowly because I was having hard time connecting with him or anyone else. So when he first started aging, I thought "that's what you get, butthead..." But Cameron starts to change, and as I continued to read, I couldn't help but become a little attached to him and feel sympathetic because of what his condition had him going through.His family and friends, although at first a little odd in the way they treated Cameron, begin to change as they realize that Cameron isn't getting any younger and that he will quickly become an old man. Although they have a hard time accepting what's happening to him, they must face it and support him in any way they can. I enjoyed how each relationship blossomed as the days went by, and how their love became more apparent as Cameron became older. His changes in personality only helped each relationship grow stronger and that definitely helped in liking him more.I loved that I didn't know how it would all end, and I must admit that I was a bit surprised with how the story concluded. Actually, I was a lot surprised, and it left me with lots of questions. I know the second book in the trilogy will be released in just a few months, but I cannot wait to read what happens next. The authors writing was great, and the book held a combination of humor and seriousness, that keeps the reader flipping through the pages until the end. I definitely recommend this book to YA and paranormal lovers; this is a fun, unique read that I'm sure many will enjoy.

  • Lauren
    2019-06-03 00:12

    Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe is a book I hadn't heard too much about prior to reading it. However, the things I had heard were mostly good so I recently decided to dive right in and give it a try. How did it go? I ended up liking it quite a bit! It was certainly an interesting read, and while I do admit I had some qualms with it, it was overall an funny and quick read.Happy Birthday to Me begins the story of Cameron Martin, one of the most popular and talented jocks at his high school. Cameron has always been giving everything to him on a silver platter so when he's suddenly faced with an ageing disease, he doesn't know what to do! With every passing day, he ages another year, getting weaker and weaker as the days go and the clock ticks down. What's happening to him? Is there a cure to this horrible situation? Only time and more pages can tell!When Cameron was first introduced in the story, I wasn't his biggest fan. He was a bit too pompous and self centered to my liking. I especially didn't like the whole birthday gimmick he constantly pulled. However, as the novel progressed and he began to grow as a person, I started liking him a bit more. I was left with one little question, though, and that's if he wasn't faced with this horrible problem, would he have grown as a person? I wasn't too sure, and that bothered me in some ways. On the other hand, I really liked the secondary characters introduced in this such as Wesley, Cameron's best friend, as well as Liesel, the mysterious waitress. Both were funny as well as sweet and managed to teach Cameron a lessen or two throughout the novel.One of the things that originally drew me to this book was the plot. The idea of ageing a year with every day was intriguing as well as creepy, and the way Brian presented it managed to do much of the same. I especially enjoyed the way in which Brian split the novel up by day aka the year Cameron had reached, because it caused for much suspense as the time continued to tick down. The other plot lines in this such as Liesel's involvement as well as Wesley's film(s) also provided little fun twists and turns. However, there were two plot lines I didn't particularly enjoy. One was Cameron's relationship with Charisma, his self centered girl friend. It truly added nothing to the book, and it didn't help that I could barely stand the girl. The second was the little twist at the end with the librarian. It was just odd and really added nothing to the story as well.Lastly, I felt Brian Rowe's writing was pretty great overall. I thought he did a great job of building up the plot as well as presenting Cameron's problem in an emotional and intense way. While I would have loved a little more development here and there, I'm sure more will be done in the future additions.Fast paced and interesting, Happy Birthday to Me is a book I suggest to readers who enjoy a little paranormal with their contemporary. Grade: B

  • Remarkable Reads
    2019-05-29 00:19

    Read more Reviews and Extras in my Blog: http://remarkablereads-sandra.blogspo...Having your Birthday everyday is every kids dream come true but when you age a year of your life everyday the dream turns into a nightmare. Cameron is your typical 17 year old jock he's the star of his basketball team he's dating the hottest girl in school and he just might be going to Yale in the fall. Just when all his dreams look like they might be coming true Cameron is hit with some pretty shocking news. He is aging one year everyday of his life going from 17 to 80 in a matter of weeks. No one knows how or what caused this and if Cameron doesn't figure it out soon he is going to die.I am very happy that this book was brought to my attention, I have wanted to read something lighthearted and somewhat normal for a while and this book was the perfect solution. Happy Birthday to me is told from Cameron's perspective and is a fairly simple and easy read. Its always interesting to read a book from a guys perspective because its not all that common , usually its always a female and while I love reading about empowered heroines finding true love or what not its a nice change of pace to see a guys point of view every once in a while. Cameron is a likable guy he starts off a little snobby and self centered, but grows dramatically throughout the story. I love how sensitive and caring his character becomes, seeing his life flashing before his eyes makes him realize all the mistakes he made and the people he ignored that become the most important people in his life. He is a very determined and brave person, and handles his situation as maturely as possible which is not easy at all. I mean imagine waking up in the morning and looking like your dad's twin brother, and then looking like your great grandfather its freaky to say the least and Cameron deals with it as best he can and I commend him for it. The book is beautifully written I can't count the amount of times I found myself crying, I felt so bad for Cameron and wanted nothing more than to give him a big hug. I also found myself laughing hysterically half the time, Cameron gets himself into some pretty awkward, hilarious and not to mention traumatizing situations from his old high school librarian trying to seduce him (YUCK!) to going into a strip club for the first time. Needless to say he has quite the physical and emotional adventure. I think a lot of male audiences will enjoy this book not just because a guy is telling the story but because they can probably relate to Cameron in some way shape or form, and female audiences will absolutely love the story without question.Happy Birthday to me is a wonderfully inspiring and comedic tale that I'm sure many people will appreciate and I highly recommend it. I can't wait to read the next one and luckily for me I already have it :) and now I'm going to go read it and see what could possibly happen to poor Cameron next.

  • Jessica
    2019-06-21 05:34

    This book starts out with Cameron, the main character, in his hospital bed at the age of 80. He is really anxious to get out of the hospital to see "her". You can tell it is so important to him but you aren't sure who "she" is or why it's so important. From that moment, I was sucked into the book.Rewind 3 months to when Cameron was 17. Yes, you read that only took Cameron 3 months to age from 17 to 80! Cameron was a popular senior at school who had a lot going for him. He was good looking, the start basketball player and had the hottest girl as his girlfriend. He was "perfect". Well, except for his attitude. He was vain, selfish, arrogant and cocky. He picked on people and looked down on people. He was just an overall jerk!After winning an important basketball game, Cameron heads to the local pizza joint to celebrate. Cameron has a game he plays that he thinks is hysterical. He tells people it's his birthday to get free stuff, whether it be free tans or a free slice of cake. His mistake was playing this "game" with the same waitress twice in one week. Liesel obviously knows it isn't Cameron's birthday but brings him the cake and sings to him anyways. Cam thinks nothing of it...until a couple weeks later when he has aged one year for every day.The story takes you through Cameron's life as he progressively ages. He decides to still attend school and he gets to see how he has treated everyone from the little, nerdy guy, Paul to the Librarian and of course, Liesel. He gets to know how it feels to have his looks count more than his personality as his super popular girlfriend, Charisma, drops him like a hot potato and even his own father tries to change him.I hated Cameron and his father and Charisma until the middle of the story. Cameron's father is superficial and a complete jerk, trying to do plastic surgery on Cameron to make him "perfect". Charisma is just as superficial and will use anyone to get what she wants. However, towards the middle of the book I ended up liking Cam and his father a lot. Charisma....yeah, well, there has to be one character you never like right?I loved how Cameron grew through the story. He found out what was important to him and that it matters how you treat people. He finds new friends and in the end....well, you will just have to read it to find out what happens to Cameron. The one thing that kinda bothered me (and it wasn't really a huge deal) was that Charisma put SO much emphasis on Cameron getting facial hair. She says over and over again that she will not sleep with Cameron, who has yet to grow any facial hair, until his is a man, which to Charisma means until Cameron grows a beard. It was just silly to me. All in all, I think this book was very emotional and an excellent read! I would recommend it to teens over 16 due to some sexual content. **I received this book free from the author for an honest review**

  • Avery
    2019-06-26 02:06

    ***May contain spoilers*** I found the premise of this story to be a bit too similar to Alex Flinn’s “Beastly” for my liking. We have an arrogant/ overly cocky popular boy who is obsessed with his looks (however his father is even more so obsessed with his son’s looks). We have a somewhat unusual female character who places a curse upon said cocky boy when he is a complete jerk-face to her. We see boy outraged at said curse, though with time we see him come to terms with the fact that he was previously a jerk-face and do a complete 180 and become a humble and understanding person and we see boy fall in love with a somewhat unpopular/ wallflower girl (a girl with red curly hair). I also thought that this quote from the book, “Mr. Martin… You should look on the outside like you do on the inside. On the inside you are a stupid, selfish little man incapable of feeling or thinking anything worth a damn”, was way too similar to the lines from the “Beastly” novel and film, “You are as aggressively unattractive on the outside as you are in the inside”, and “You are ugly now, on the inside, where it matters most and if you ever lost your good looks, I bet you wouldn’t be smart enough to get them back. You are beastly.” (However, if you have yet to read "Beastly"- or see the movie I suppose- I doubt you will know of such similarities and therefore you will not be bothered by this fact at all.)Furthermore, I felt that at times, especially towards the end of the book, that there was way too much going on (ie. instant undying love, witchcraft, etc.) and that there was way TMI expressed/ unnecessary events in the plotline (ie. projectile vomit, Cameron and his mother's bedroom scene, Cameron and his crazy school's librarian bedroom scene, and this quote, "... the water was brown and had a funny odor that smelled not of kitten p*ss but of fecal matter from a large dog with irritable bowel syndrome" and others like it). However, this book was actually able to engage me in ways that "Beastly" was unable to. In "Beastly" I didn't really care what happened to the main character Kyle (let's be honest, I only read it because I wanted to watch the movie-> solely for the purpose of seeing Alex Pettyfer on the screen for a couple of hours), but in this book I definitely was concerned about Cameron's fate. Cameron was quite a dynamic character and while he definitely had his jerk-face moments (more so in the beginning of the book), he did have some pretty "Awwwww!" moments (more so towards the end of the book) that made you fall for him. All in all, I do think that despite the book not being the most original story ever it is quite a light and fun read. I think that YA occupying the lower end of the spectrum (14-17 year olds) will more so enjoy this book than those occupying the upper end of the spectrum (18-24 year olds).

  • Holly
    2019-06-12 23:33

    Reviewed for In-InterestHappy Birthday takes you through Cameron's life — from 17 to 80. Yeah, it just may be the weirdest few months of his life. Cameron had everything: the "perfect" girlfriend, known as the best basketball player and is one of the most popular people at school. The only worry in his life is trying to grow a beard; that is until a drunken night which sees Cameron pull the 'it's my birthday' trick at a restaurant in order to gain a free cake and make a mockery out of the waiter, Liesel; aware of his scam she teaches him a lesson. Struggling to gain facial hair? Not anymore! I'm such a fan of this book, read it in a few hours. The basis was so intriguing I felt myself wanting to know what was going to happen next - I couldn't read fast enough. The emotional changes was so interesting and well the physical were just kinda funny because he has been so used to having it "all." At first glance, I thought this book was strange — to be honest, I still think it is; Strange is definitely a good thing in HBTM's case. I wasn't a fan of Cameron at first, by the end I loved him! I do have to warn ye that there are some weird/verging-on-disgusting scenes,in my opinion, those were the best. I'm not even going to mention when his mother mistakes him for his father :x. Opps, just did. The mind boggles. The book is 'straight to the point,' I absolutely just that about it. Mr Brian Rowe he doesn't fancy around anything, rather he just writes it down and lets the reader make of it what they will. There was one particular scene involving a librarian and lingerie — it was a kind of almost sex scene. It was shocking, but funny at the same time because how ludicrous it was. The writing style is very simple, yet effective, that complements the overall tone of the book. There are many characters in the book, two or three I did not care for much. I wasn't a fan of Cameron's plastic surgeon father as he put too much emphasis on being "perfect." I wasn't a fan of Charisma because she is just 'blugh.' It's okay, I'm not sure she is meant to be liked. Let's not forgot the amazing characters, like Liesel - the waitress. I admire how she takes whatever that is thrown at her and continues on — it doesn't appear to faze her. Well,at the end we realize just how much it did bother her and realizes she has been silly and tries her best to rectify it. If you're a fan of Beastly, you'll love this. If you're a fan of Beastly AND humor, you'd actually adore this! I may have to recommend this book to more mature YA readers; I don't mean 18 or so but maybe around 15/16 - I'm 16 and thought this book was great and not-at-all disturbing. If you have a few hours spare I highly recommend this book, it's so good. I literally cannot wait to read the next in the series.

  • Ambur
    2019-06-26 04:08

    When I first read the blurb for Happy Birthday To Me and read the excerpt on Brian's website, I immediately thought of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Of course, now that I've read it, I can tell everyone that the two, while both involving people who go through some weird aging process, are completely different. But I did I thoroughly enjoy them both. :)Happy Birthday To Me was funny, it was definitely one of those books that had me laughing like crazy, and I loved that! At the same time, this book also brought me to tears. Now I'm not saying that everyone will cry, I will admit that when I'm reading or watching TV or watching a movie, I can be rather sensitive. I get pretty absorbed into the story. That being said, the fact that this book brought me to tears is a pretty good indication that I thought this book was amazing, after all, you don't get that attached to books that you don't like. :PNow that you all know that this book had me laughing and crying, I just have to tell you about a little bit about the story in general and a bit about the characters. Cameron, or Cam, is the main character, and he starts aging a year every single day, so in a week he ages 7 years. He goes to the doctor and they don't know what to do about his rare condition, so Cam basically just tries to live as normally as he can and enjoy the time that he has left, after all, if you age a year every day you won't exactly have the longest life span...will you? :(At the beginning of Happy Birthday To Me, Cam is pretty much a self-centered jerk. He's dating the hottest girl in school, he's the star of the basketball team, and he treats everyone like crap. He does this thing where he goes to restaurants where he tells them that it's his birthday just to get free birthday cake, and of course, he also gets some attention. Even though he was a jerk at first, I thought he was a fantastic character. He was interesting and I couldn't help but be intrigued by his thought processes. As the story continued and Cam started aging, he changed. He became less self-involved and started to actually think about people other than himself. His growth was amazing, and I loved his transformation. He went through some of the craziest scenarios ever, and I laughed all the way through them. That being said, he also went through some heartbreaking moments, and they made me so sad for Cam. I could tell that his character was growing on me by how sad I found his situation, and I just have to give Brian mad props for making me care about his main character so much. I absolutely loved Cam's character by the end of the book, and I can't wait to read more about him in Happy Birthday To Me's sequel, Happy Birthday To Me Again! :DHappy Birthday To Me was a fantastic book, and I absolutely loved reading it! I encourage everyone to read it, and I hope you love it as much as I did! :D

  • Orchid
    2019-05-30 00:09

    review from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid ForsythiaFirst Sentence:The nightmare was real.Happy Birthday to Me was a good read, but it had some points which drove me crazy while reading, which I have covered further down in my review, but regardless of a few...character flaws I found this to be a quite enjoyable read.One of the things I liked best about Happy Birthday to Me was the pacing. The writing was quick and snappy and the story just rolled on from pretty much page one. The fact that the story had a quick pace definitely made it hard to put down because with each finished chapter I was left wondering what would happen to Cameron.As for the actual plot, how and why Cameron is rapidly aging, I found it to be intriguing and fascinating as to how it came to be. I think the author, Mr. Rowe, did an excellent job with the unraveling of the mystery to Cameron's condition, even though I was able to guess pretty early on what happened to Cameron.I think the creepiest thing about this book would have to have been Cameron's dad and his obsession with looking perfect. It completely gave me the creeps...especially with what he did to Cameron after he started rapidly aging. I want say anymore about it, so you'll just have to read it for yourself to see what I'm talking about.Cameron, gosh, I could not stand him in the book for the longest time (don't worry, he's not so bad by time the book ends). He came across as a humongous, callous jerk through out the first bit of the book (when he was still normal). His lack of moral fiber and decency made him a hard character to tolerate, so I admit I was glad when he was no longer the "golden boy" and started to fall from grace. Luckily, the trials in which he found himself seem to been the swift kick he need towards being a better person. The thing that sticks out most in my mind about Happy Birthday to Me (or what I liked best in this book), was that by the time I finished reading it Cameron had grown so much as a character. He went from one I could barely stand to being a fairly decent human being.What I didn't like about Happy Birthday to Me, in short, was all the swearing and how (for the majority of the book) Cameron was always trying to pressure his girlfriend into sleeping with him. These two things very nearly made me want to put the book down and call it quits, but in the end I'm glad I didn't.Final Verdict: All in all, Happy Birthday to Me is unique read filled with plenty of plot twists. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where the story goes and what will befall the characters in the next book.Happy Birthday to Me earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.

  • Wee Shubba's World
    2019-06-15 23:36

    Original Post: http://lovefantasyscifinovels.blogspo...Happy Birthday to Me was one of those books that truely suprised. I was asked to review this novel by the author and after I read the description nothing really did stand out and scream at me "read me" but it still sounded a pleasant read so I decided to review it. And I am really glad I read. I devoured this book in just over a day. I was addicted to it.This book follows the unique story of Cameron. It starts with him in hospital an old mad at seventeen and its him telling us his story up to that point. Cameron was a popular seventeen year old basketball player. He has everything he wanted. Until one fateful day he wakes up and starts aging. He is growing older by a whole year everyday and no one knows why.HBTM really was a suprise to me. I never really thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. I never thought Id feel for the characters as much as I did either. Before Cameron started aging I have to admit I didn't like him. However, I don't think you are meant to. He is self centred and an ass. Once he starts aging we see a totally different side of him, he goes on a personal journey to self discovery and you just can't help but like him in the end. He does a complete 180. He goes through so much through this story and it would be hard for anyone not to like him in the end.The secondary characters are also very important to the story line. Wesley is Cameron's best friend even though they are in different social circles they still make time to spend time together. Wes was the character that had me in tears near the end (cant say much without spoiling it) what he does for Cameron was just beautiful. He really stuck by Cameron even when others didn't. Cameron's family got on my nerves a little. Mainly his dad. Who is a complete jerk throughout the story until near the end. There is one more character, Liesel. I really like her. We don't see alot of her in the story but she plays a big part especially near the end. I hope we see more of her in the next book.Happy Birthday to Me, was the kinda of story that just flowed without a hitch. There wasn't much suspense as you already knew what was going to happen before it happen. But it was still an addictive read. Im not entirely sure where the author can take this story next. The ending was a fantastic ending that wrapped up the story nicely. However, I look forward to see what happens next in this trilogy.Thank Brian for providing me with this copy for review. I look forward to the next installment and urge those who like paranormal stories to check this out. Its a nice quick read with a great plot and wonderfully written characters.

  • Andrea
    2019-06-15 23:21

    I was excited to receive a copy of Happy Birthday To Me by Brian Rowe for review!Cameron Martin is a good-looking, seventeen-year-old all-star basketball player, with a hot girlfriend, popularity, and a bright future. Life is pretty good. So good that he's always testing the boundaries of his popularity, including telling restaurants that it's his birthday to see if they'll believe him and reward him with free cake. They always do.Cameron Martin is selfish, vain, and kind of a jerk.One night, while celebrating with friends at a favorite hangout, he pushes the birthday scam too far and ticks off a waitress.The next morning, things start to change. Cameron feels older. In fact, he's starting to look older, too. And this trend continues every day. For no explicable reason, Cameron begins to age one year for every day of his life.His metabolism is slowing down. He's gaining weight. His body aches. His hair is thinning and turning gray. His face is looking a little too wrinkly. He doesn't look like Mr. Popularity anymore, which has people talking. And running in the other direction.His girlfriend dumps him. His basketball coach and teammates want him off the court and out of the locker room. His plastic surgeon father goes crazy with worry and wants to fix him--literally. The only positive attention he's getting is from the high school's usually surly librarian. She used to hate Cameron. Now she wants to seduce him. Gulp!Cameron wants his life back. He wants to look in the mirror and recognize his own face. But he has no idea how to get there. Doctors can't even properly diagnose his condition, much less cure it. While his classmates are planning futures filled with college and exciting careers, Cameron might not live to see graduation.At first, I disliked Cameron. I mean, really, really disliked him. But as the story progressed, I started to feel bad for him and all the suffering he was forced to endure. I felt his aches and pains. I became more and more nervous with each chapter title announcing how much older Cameron had become and didn't want him to die.What an interesting idea for a book! I knew when I read the synopsis that I'd enjoy it. Brian Rowe definitely did not disappoint with this fast-moving, startling reminder to cherish each day, never take anything for granted, treat people with kindness, and look beyond the surface.I hope Cameron holds on to the lessons he learned. I know I won't forget the them. Or him, for that matter. I look forward to finding out what happens next in the trilogy (Happy Birthday To Me Again is scheduled for publication in the fall).

  • Britta
    2019-06-19 03:11

    Mmmmh.... I don't really know where to start with this one. I have so many mixed feelings about this one...Happy Birthday To Me is the story of the egotistical, popular, somewhat obnoxious Cameron Martin. When his behavior pissed off a girl with witchy abilities, lets just say he got himself in one heck of a mess... He seems to be aging one year of his life every day. That means he just has a few short weeks to live. Unless nothing short of a miracle happens...Lets start with what I didn't like so that I can end this review on a happy note. So, I really didn't like the characters. Well most of them anyway. I wanted to smack the dad upside the head numerous times during the course of the novel. He is a plastic surgeon and obsessed with looks and nothing else. He was just a huge jerk. Now Cameron... Well, for starters, he even comments on how he hates his father's superficial attitude but then he keeps commenting on how handsome looks and how hot girls look. That is what I would call a hypocrite. His girlfriend, Charisma, and his best friend, Wesley, were also not my favorite characters... BUT (yes there is a but, there is always a but), I did like Cameron's mom and younger sister. They were nice, and realistic in the development of their emotions. I also liked Lisel, though I don't quite understand how she got away with what she did with almost no consequences... There was one other thing that really got me mad. It was the inconsistency of the writing style. Sometimes there would be passages that were quite beautiful and insightful, but than other passages wouldn't even sound like they were written by the same person. It was slightly confusing. Also, I didn't like how way too many questions ended with a "!" instead of an "?", and the letters would be in all caps, like this - WHY IS EVERYTHING IN CAPS! I understand that what you are trying to say is supposed to have emphasis, but it sort of started to lose its meaning when everything was written this way.Okay, now that I started with the bad, lets move on to the good. I enjoyed the plot. It was interesting, and different (even thought it vaguely reminded me of how people describe Beastly). There was good development story-wise, and I felt that the ending effectively wrapped everything up. Actually, the ending was quite good. Which is why I don't quite see how this is only book one of a trilogy... Maybe it will be switching stories? I don't know...So there was some bad, and there was some good, very rarely does a book not follow this pattern. If you aren't bothered by the sorts of things I listed, go ahead and try this. If you are, well, this book just might not be for you.