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  • Kevin
    2019-04-30 02:24

    The strength of this book is that it covers the broad spectrum of what Marxism is and why it is important in a way that is accessible for new activists. Clear examples in a non-academic and accessible language made this a very enjoyable read and some of my first "a-ha" moments where some concepts went from abstract to crystal clear.One of my favourite examples was from the importance of going "a mile further" to show solidarity with the oppressed is a timeless example which is relevant in any national context. Excerpt:"To achieve unity between white and black workers the white workers must move toward the black workers and go a mile further. To achieve unity between male and female workers, the male worker must go out of his way to prove that he is not part of the oppressors. Lenin put it very simply in 1902. He wrote that when workers go on strike for higher wages they are simply trade unionists. Only when they go on strike against the beating of Jews or of students are they really socialists.A strike involving black and white workers helps to undermine racism. A strike strengthens solidarity, and therefore has an impact beyond the immediate issue. The spiritual changes in workers is the most precious result of the strike."The book is full of such examples and contains a contagious enthusiasm which should resonate with both first time activists and veterans..

  • Shady
    2019-05-21 18:08

    اعتقدت ان الكتاب هيحاول يعمل محاكاه لمفهوم الثورة الماركسيه فى العصر الحديث و لكن كنت مخطاً الكتاب اتكلم عن الثورة الماركسيه عاماًو عن تاريخ بعض الثورات و الاشخاص و ده شئ كويس و لكن اسم الكتاب غير مضمونه لكن فى المجمل كتاب كويس

  • Mahmoud Abuanber
    2019-05-09 21:13

    الكتاب جيد جدا للمهتمين بهذا النوع من الفلسفة و تلك النظرة للوجود الانسانى على الارضالكتاب به اسقاطات قد تكون مفيدة بعض الشىء بالنسبة للثورة المصرية الترجمة رديئة بعض الشىء و بها أخطاء مؤثرة فى السياق العام لكنى احكم على الكتاب من حيث المضمون وهو جيد جدا

  • Basel Mo
    2019-05-05 19:31

    رغم صغره لا انصح به منلا يعرف شئ عن الماركسية